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NANDO'S Buy 1 Portuguese Paella, Get Another One FREE


Dr Phil may be in Australia, but you don't have to go to his Aussie shows to get your Phil! Just try Nando's new Portuguese Paella, because up until Sunday 16th August, when you buy a Portuguese Paella, you'll get another one FREE with the voucher available here (http://www.nandos.com.au/getyourphil.pdf). Just print it, and take it with you to your local Nando's restaurant to "get your Phil!" By the way, the real Dr Phil does not endorse Nando's because it would sound really dumb in his accent…

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  • -1

    Any1 tried this rice? doesnt look too appetising

  • how much does this menu item cost anyway?

  • Any nutritional info on this? Is it very greasy/oily?

  • hmmm. Wonder how it'll taste. True paella takes a good 20+ minutes to cook.

  • Whats the price of the actual Paella?

  • It cost $9.95 in wa, not sure bout other state. I've tried it, its really nice, esp when u mix them up first. Haven't try the real paella, but this one is good enough for me :)

  • A real Paella has seafood in it, but I'm still voting +

  • nice find mate

  • can someone try it first? last printed voucher I brought in they didn't accept at 1 underneath Myer in Sydney CBD… although a diff. voucher worked before - thought they may have changed the policy.

    • +1

      well its directly from nandos, if they refuse to honour it.
      raise a complaint with Headoffice. They send a manager to that branch and they send you free meal vouchers as a thank you for reporting a naughty branch.

      • -1

        Negative vote if they don't want to honour their own promotion.

  • +1

    I just had this for lunch. The printed voucher worked at Bourke St store in Melbourne. Confirm the price was $9.95.

    The serving wasn't very big. I suggest ordering some sides to go with it.
    It's not a real Paella. It's kinda like some fried rice with grilled chicken pieces. Quite tasty nevertheless.

    WaywardOne: wasn't oily/greasy at all.

  • Paella is a delicious dish but the one from Nando's is farrrrr from the real Paella, like minski said it's just fried rice with chicken pieces.

  • sells for $10.95 in sydney - pretty small box and they don't mix it up for you. personally not to my liking and definitely not worth it if you're just buying 1 for $10.95.
    wasn't on their menu yet, there was just a promo sign at the counter:
    it says "With PERi-PERi chicken, rice, capsicum and onions…"

  • +1

    had it as my lunchtime portugasm, portions were tiny for $9.95…. but tasty nevertheless :)

  • +2

    I just grabbed 2 take away and already ate one.
    portion is not large but not small either.
    But Personally I wouldn't pay 10.95 for it. Fair value is around 8$.
    Taste is awesome. try it out guys, you will love it.
    however the Hot one was like extra-Hot. still tasty but my mouth is like fire right now.

  • +1

    Had it for lunch today as well, got 1 for dine in and 1 for takeaway

    Takeaway pack was small like above comments but dine in bowl was huge

    great find i think its a bargain

    • You are right, the take away portion is wayyy tooooo smalllllll, won't buy the take away again.
      And its just their standard yellow rice mixed with the chicken pieces and capsicums..

  • so its better to dine in instead? hmm
    good enough for me if its able to dine and takeway

  • +7

    Coupon works but I gotta say… Nando's sydney central was a bit deceptive but about this promo. We went for lunch today - and we got 2 paella dishes. So we were eating it. The guy next to us ordered one without the coupon and had double the amount of chicken in it. So yeah. Dodge. Half the chicken? The rice is the cheap stuff.

  • what an awful joke, id vote negative (which i wont) just on the back of that!

  • awesome, true about the bigger serve dining in though. still a great deal, very tasty.

  • +2

    eating one now, and this is pretty plain and defiantly not worth ten bux for 1 if there using less chicken in the 1/2 price ones they are defiantly ruining the point of a promotion.

    wont be getting any more of these, just tasteless. might as well get a noodle box with rice, would taste better cost less and contain more.

    10 bux for two +
    small, not overly tasty -
    so neutral all up.

  • I personally like it, not mind blowing but still tasty. I might try dine in next time to see portion size but definitely not takeaway as its way to small.

  • I've tried their rice and its really good! will definately try the paella. Thanks for the post!

  • +1 because of ur play on words! ^_^

  • Went all the way to Nando with the misses and she was not impressed. Not actually paella just rice with chicken on top.
    As mentioned previously another customer who sat closed by paid $10 and his had more chicken.

    No bargain if they have made the conscience decision to not give as much as full paying customers.

  • had it today in WA, was pretty ordinary tasting as many have said. chicken was bout 12 square cubes.

  • at $5 a pop, can you really complain?

    • +1


  • just got mine as take away just now.
    i was kinda disappointed to how small the takeaway box was!
    goodness gracious , if i weere to pay 10 aud for that single meal, no way!
    yea the chicken was nice but other than that, the rice aint that super.
    i guess it will be my first and last time buying this meal from nandos
    but then again great offer

  • loved it….. well done /nandos

  • Is it only my browser (safari), I cant see anything on the screen when I click on download voucher, I even did the email to a friend (to my self of course) and got nothing. Anyone else ???????

    • ok for me (firefox)
      tis a pdf file

  • +1

    I had today - the portion I got for eating in the restaurant was large, to the point that I was full by the time I'd finished eating. I went with someone else, who wasn't even able to finish the whole thing.
    Word of caution - the hot is HOT!
    Overall, really nice taste, and considering all the other fast-food options out there, this is leaps and bounds ahead as far as being semi-healthy.