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Armani Acqua Di Gio for Men 200ml Eau De Toilette Spray $99.99 @ Chemist Warehouse


Went into chemist warehouse today to buy my usual 100ml bottle as I just ran out. And they have the 200ml bottle for $99 same as the 100ml. This was at the Bondi branch in NSW.

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Chemist Warehouse
Chemist Warehouse

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  • Wow great timing as I'm about to run out as well.

    Usually you can get the 100ml for about $70'ish, so 200ml for $99 is a good price. Although the link to the site suggests $99.99.

    I'd grab it in store anyway to get the ING 5% rebate :D

  • expensive as toilet spray..

  • Great deal but please check the manufacture date because some times old batches get through and stink after a few months.


    • Geez didn't know this site existed!

      We always purchase these types of products online.

      Thanks for the heads up, be sure to pass onto the misses so she can check her products.

    • Chemist Warehouse (and most of the other shops that sell them cheap) generally sell these old batches as their fragrance never last that long.

  • Cheers!!

  • I know it's a big bottle, but it's still a little pricey for a fragrance that's been around for so long now!

    • So to follow that logic should old spice cost 8cents by now?

      • To put it back on you… Does anyone actually still buy Old Spice???

        But to reply to your line of questioning, Yes!
        We know that when a new fragrance is released we are obviously paying for manufacturing, packaging and related expenses etc. But initially you're also paying a much higher price to try recoup the costs of R&D and to a much greater extent… Marketing!!! When they've recouped the few million dollars they've spent from using someone like George Clooney and the 20 tv and multiple magazine ads he appears in, they can then more effectively price the product on the actual ongoing cost of production!

  • Just checked the manufacture dates for mine. I got a production date of July 2013.
    I only wore this fragrance in the UK and it never was on offer ever!

  • Make sure you try before buy. Just in case of bad smell from a bad batch.

  • They have these 200ml bottles of most aftershaves in Macys in the US. Couldn't believe it the first time I saw them last year especially as they were priced between $70-$100 US.

  • Anyone know if this offer is still on?

  • $115 at my local