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Plex for Android - Google Play - Price Drop A$2.12


After the iOS Deal was posted I kept looking for an Android deal. Looks like it has come up.

Plex organizes all of your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on any device. With Plex, you can easily stream your videos, music, photos and home movies to your Android phone or tablet from your home computer running Plex Media Server (available for free at https://www.plex.tv).

  • Plex makes your media beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, and other metadata.
  • Plex automatically converts your media on-the-fly to play on any device.
  • Easily share your media with friends and family.
  • Browse, fling and control your media on any Plex-enabled device, including the Google Chromecast
  • Sync media to your phone or tablet for offline viewing (Plex Pass)
  • Sync media to your favorite cloud provider including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, so you can stream media even when your server is offline (Plex Pass)
  • Access a wide range of online channels such as TED, Revision3, and TWiT.
  • Queue online videos from sites like Vimeo and YouTube and watch them later on any device.

With Plex, your media universe is constantly expanding. Getting up and running is easy, so start now!

★★★ NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A PLEX MEDIA SERVER (AVAILABLE FOR FREE AT https://plex.tv/downloads) INSTALLED AND RUNNING TO STREAM LOCAL MEDIA. VERSION OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED. DRM-protected content (such as video from the iTunes store), ISO disc images, and VIDEO_TS folders are not supported. ★★★

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  • Free a couple of weeks ago on Amazon but a great app and a good price nonetheless.

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/152765
    Is this not the same?
    I use iphone so dont know the stores difference.
    Edit: this is google play for android vs amazon for andriod in the last deal.

    • $0.07 cheaper on this deal.

    • I have never setup an Amazon account for the Android app purchases. I find deals on the Google play store easier to access.

      • +2 votes

        then you're missing out on some free apps…

      • I've never purchased from the Amazon App Store but I have installed quite a few free apps out of the hundreds that have been offered and have accumulated 2301 free coins if I do want to buy something.

  • Is this the same as the Amazon store one?

    Someone said once the Amazon store is an older version but once installed wont they upgrade to the latest release?

  • I'm struggling to work out what Plex for Android does. Are there any advantages to it above any other DLNA player/renderer combination (such as Bubble and MX Player)?

    Their website does a poor job of delineating between Plex Media Server, Plex Pass and Plex for Android.

    • Plex Media Server is a server that you run on a PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) or directly on a NAS which organizes all your media and downloads metadata including cover art/posters and fan art and makes everything generally automatically organized. Plex Media Server is a requirement to running Plex and basically acts as a back end. It also includes the Plex Web client, which lets you set things up and edit things, also lets you stream media to other PCs over the web.

      Plex Pass is a subscription service that adds a few additional features, and gives you early access to server upgrades.

      Plex for Android (and iOS) is a client that acts as a front end to the media server. Lets you select what you want to view, control other clients (such as Chromecast and Plex Home Theatre clients), and stream stuff from your server over the internet or your local network to your phone/tablet.

      The Plex client is also built in to a few smart TVs, like Samsung and LG TVs. Overall, properly set up Plex gives you an awesome consistent experience across your devices once it's set up properly.

      • Thanks for your help. I am currently using Plex Media Server, but I couldn't work out what Plex for Android does, especially compared to other media players. Most of the description on plex.tv seems to apply to Plex Media Server.

        PMS is pretty good so I may as well try Plex for Android. Eh, it's only $2.12.

        • Quite happy with bubble upnp working across all my devices. Can't see the point in wasting $2.12?

        • @quasims:

          I tried it this afternoon. I reckon it is not worth the $2.12. The only difference I can see is the slick UI and it displays more info about the music/movies.

          The really interesting features like offline viewing and syncing between devices require a Plex Pass subscription that costs $2.99/month to $74.99/lifetime.

    • Further to raistlin's excellent summary, the PMS creates a centralised media library that is accessible across your network. With nice pretty posters, TV shows arranged in series, etc. It also keeps track of what you have watched and has a convenient 'On deck' feature which lists the next unwatched show in the series you are watching for quick access. You can have multiple clients playing media from the library simultaneously. And you can also control other clients. For example, I have Plex Home Theater (the free Windows desktop client) running on the same PC as the PMS which is connected to my TV. I can browse the PMS library with the app on my phone and choose to watch the media directly on my phone or start playing it on my TV. Oh, and Plex Home Theater also accepts AirPlay content from iOS devices, you can send it YouTube videos, etc. It's all pretty sweet.

  • Was keen to get it until I found out my Synology DS213j doesn't support Plex :( fortuantely their (synology) DS audio and video apps now support chromecast!

    • You can always run it on a PC that you have the NAS drives mounted on, it means having two devices powered on, but it's worth it.

  • So this is the same as the free PC software except this is on your Phone? (and its not free…)

    I still dont get what this is for besides giving you pretty pictures and sorting your (piratebay) downloads for you.

    So you can log in to your network shared files away from home? I think… why would you need that?