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New KFC Vouchers (NSW and VIC) - Ends 24/08


New KFC Vouchers for people in NSW and Victoria to use. Includes quite a few of the family meals, as well as the popular $6.95 Burger Combo Deluxe and $10.95 Double Combo.

Staff have always accepted printouts of the past vouchers, even just showing them on your phone is usually fine. Hope you find them useful!

EDIT: Uploaded a better version of the coupons, should be easier to print or show on your phone :)

MOD: There are reports of some stores not accepting print outs of the vouchers, please see comments for more information, certain stores or staff members may refuse to honour the voucher.

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  • Finally ! It's been far too long !

  • You can show them the voucher on phone and they will accept it???

    • I've never had problems and never seen reports of anyone else having problems. :)

    • They hardly ever take and keep a coupon when I show them. Usually handed back straight away.

    • The 24hr KFC at west gate freeway Port Melbourne wont accept phone pics. the guy would check print out expiry dates like a hawk too. avoid that if your in Melbourne.

      • IV been there when ppl throw their food back at him, avoid it at all cost. Food is crap their

        • Same with the staff at KFC Caulfield. They don't accept phone pictures of these vouchers either. I checked with the manager too - according to her it was "company policy."

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      FYI, Seven Hills NSW store doesn't accept printouts or phone pics for any deals.

      • +1 vote

        I can confirm this - asked them yesterday while ordering something else off the menu.

        Still no reason to neg the deal though. The Seven Hills store is just uptight :P

    • The George Street store near Market City wasn't willing to accept a phone voucher… Shift manager said I should've printed it off and handed the voucher in, so I asked if it was possible to let it slide this time and I'd have printed coupons next time, and he said OK, so that was nice of him. :P

      T&Cs do say surrender coupon to redeem, so it's within their rights (just doesn't make much sense I suppose). Hope I don't get told that only colour vouchers are acceptable, now that would be a what the fusk moment. :|

  • Anyone tried or going to try use these in the ACT?

  • just in time for my bulking up cycle

  • My local one is a bit of a hit and miss with showing them on phones, no problems with printouts though

  • I thought is said NFC

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    i never use coupons or even show them on my phone, knowing the correct name of the voucher is all you need it seems as they are all already programmed into the register as if it was regular menu item.. (this is how it is at my local stores at least)

    • yep…been using the vouchers from 2 years ago…they are all the same. The counter lady told me they are programmed in their system and deals run throughout the year u just need to ask them or tell them the name of the deal

  • can you ask for hot and spicy instead of the original recipe if you're using coupons?

    • Yes. KFC are, these days, generally pretty OK with swapping like-for-like. they've softened up a lot.

      For example, the little-known "Dinner Box" is (under) promoted as ten pieces of chicken and two large chips for $20. They'll happily swap out the two large chips for any combination of large sides; large chips, large potato-and-gravy, gravy, large cold-sores, whatever. They'll usually ask whether you'd like spicy or original, unless the particular store doesn't do spicy.

  • KFC is dead to me…….unless they bring back Hot and Spicy to their NSW stores.

  • Bunch of FAT bastards!

  • ^^ The Colonel says them's fightin' words, boy

  • Would be great to see more one person meals go on special :S

  • KFC at Rockdale do not take all coupon….bloody hell.

    • Princes Highway between about St Peters and Sylvania is a fast food dead zone. It's not just KFC, ALL of the fast food outlets in The Zone (tm) have messed up ideas about how they handle promotions (and staffing, and anything to do with giving customers what they want for that matter!). Start with the mega-mixed-up KFC and Hungry's at St Peters and work all the way down in to the Shire, there's problems everywhere! It would be impolite of me to suggest that there's something racio-cultural going on in that area with fast food, but I must confess to wondering about it.

    • I had the same voucher issue with the Carlton (VIC) KFC as well. In addition, they didn't take Visa unless it was over $20 and their chicken was really old and yuck. I complained and they apologised, audited the store and fixed up the reported problems. I'm really happy with that store now and would absolutely go back. Maybe you should tell head office? If you fix it once (hopefully) you fix it for good. Also they gave me a $20 KFC voucher too ;)

  • Good lord, look at the inflation, man, thank world police for exporting them by printing money,
    Go checkout the prices of early 2013 to compare …

  • Pity we don't get deals like that in Qld. Then again we are lucky to get hot and spicy, which really should be re-badged to crispy because they sure have scrimped on the spice.

  • How come they never do deals on 2 or 3 piece feeds!

    • They do a Streetwise 2 piece feed for $5.95 (no bun/potato & Gravy).
      I am disappointed they haven't had the 3 piece feed deal (with bun & potato & gravy)for a while.

      • I can't remember ever seeing that in Victoria, but doesn't sound like a bad deal.

  • Just printed the menu for dinner tonight. Thanks OP.