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Gen. 32GB Class 10 Kingston Micro SD Card for AU $15.70 Shipped @TinyDeal [Log in REQUIRED]


Genuine Kingston Class 10 32GB Full Capacity Micro SD Card on discount! Use our coupon code:tfcard30off and save 30%, the price will become AU$ 15.70 from AU$ 22.43! Nice deal lasts for 1 week!

Ensures that the data stored on your card can be recorded, played back and transferred quickly and easily!
Granting you full access to all your images, videos and other files with little delay!
Widely used in portable device such as digital cameras, personal digital assistant and multimedia players!
High storage capacity for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more!
Easily transfer files between your digital devices and computer!
Optimal speed and performance for Micro SDHC compatible devices!
Speed Class: Class 10
Capacity: 32GB
Gross Weight: 10 g/ 0.35oz
Color: Mainly Black

edit: read speed 45mb/sec

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  • Hi Torben, What is the usual time of delivery for metro Melbourne area?

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      You'd be lucky if it arrives from these guys. I haven't received an item purchased almost 2 months ago. All they say is wait and check the post office. Beware.

      • I bought from Tinydeal yonks ago from one of their eBay sellers and that took about 4 weeks. I just ordered 2 cards and it upgraded me to registered mail. If I had bought just one card then registered mail would have been an extra $2.47. So glad they offered registered mail for free when purchasing 2 cards. (Maybe it's an auto upgrade for purchases over $30 but I didn't bother checking any further)

        Let's see how long it takes.

      • Hello, Jonaseymour.

        Thanks for purchasing our products, we're sorry to make you wait that long.
        And this is exactly why I'm here. I'm here not only for sharing deals, but also will try my best to deal with your any problem during or after purchase. You could leave me a message or send us an email([email protected]), and we'll try our best to help you.

        • Whenever I've contacted you you just say 'wait' and 'check your post office'. Then when I escalate it to a paypal claim you provide a registered mail tracking number to paypal that doesn't match up to anything you've given me before and doesn't match the dates you said you posted it.
          I know you probably make money out of people just ignoring the lost few dollars for a crappy cheap item, and to be honest, it is more effort than it's worth to chase up. But you guys are dodgy.

        • @Jonaseymour:

          Hello, Jonaseymour
          Frankly, we do want our every parcel can be delivered to our customer successfully, so that they'll come back and have second purchase.
          But please understand that when the parcels are sent, they're not under our control any longer. And if the package is without the tracking number, sometimes the situation could go worse.
          So when the order is over US$20, it will update to registered parcel with tracking number automatically.

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      I just picked up my 8gb micro sd from the last deal. As I only check the mailbox once a week at best, delivery ranged from 1 to 2 weeks? Surprisingly good time from China.

      • I picked up mine yesterday. Its quicker than I have expected. I'm guessing because it's packed in an envelope which makes the difference in delivery time.

        • +1

          I am still waiting

        • @minicat:
          Am am I from the last deal. I get it shipped to work so there's no excuse of 'no one there to sign or pick it up' :/

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    Hey rep, thanks for the deal. However, how can we verify that they are genuine?

    I have received the 8gb class 4 micro sd card from your deal last time, the packaging is not sealed at all, the plastic case can be easily opened. The micro sd card I received looks a bit dodgy though: http://i59.tinypic.com/qy8rpi.jpg

    Looks like somebody is trying to erase part of its labelling. Why is that? Thanks

    • Google: H2testw

      Download it to test the card. It will tell you if it's a "less than 8GB" card pretending to be a "8GB card".

      • +1

        What if it's a Brand X 8GB card pretending to be a Kingston 8GB card?

      • The testing result from H2testw v1.4 is good:

        Test size: 7379 Mbyte
        Test finished without errors.
        Writing speed: 4.45Mbyte/s
        Reading speed: 21.3Mbyte/s

      • Thank you bsmksg.
        That's right. H2testw is a profession software that can test the Micro SD Card/SD card/USB Flash Drive.
        You can not only tell the real capacity but also the reading/writing speed.

        • What it won't tell you anything about is the true origin of the card, something that - be it in relation to the flash or the controller chip, might give peace of mind to people who might like their memory card to last a long time before it 'hangs-up'.

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      Dear 'brick007123',

      Kingston memory cards.
      How can you verify that they're not fake?
      Are you sitting down?
      Do you have some time?
      Are you brave?

      Before embarking on a bit of detective work yourself (the OP can't or won't really help you with what you need to do), are you willing to embark on a proper - and rollicking - detective story that may (and should) forever change your perception of the Kingston 'brand'?

      It's a four year-old blog now, but ongoing indications are that when it comes to the Kingston brand especially, not much, that's murky, has changed.

      Kingston, as a brand, built its reputation many years ago, at a time when if you wanted spec RAM for your new computer build, or as replacement, many suppliers would give you just two choices: 'Kingston, or generic?'

      The reputation, the marketplace differentiation, that era built for Kingston, has served it very, very, well…

      From coat-tails to cut-corners in a market already awash with fakes, with the Kingston brand always a prime target.

      Blind-eyes turned in various directions as regards memory-card components, both in their origin and in their assembly.

      Do you have a fake? If you do, even if has real and actual capacity beyond initial display, are the flash cells 'genuine' in origin, or are they bogus, with just a genuine controller-chip added? Or is that fake too?
      Will the card work fine for a while and then suddenly die a few weeks or months down the track?
      What can I learn from serial numbers, especially if they look dodgy?
      What about climate change, and the dominance of cats on the internet?

      All good questions.

      Did I mention something about a certain, 'detective story'?

      If you're keen, begin your own one here: www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=918

      Yours sincerely,

      P.S. Have a good weekend.

      • +1

        Just for the people who negged - whether you're from Tinydeal, or you just happen to have happy, functioning, Kingston products (they do exist), I hope just the same that you learned at least something from that linked blog-post, and that you read it in its entirety.

        I'm sure that you did both.

      • +1

        The blog, that's an interesting read Tas. Thanks for sharing. Would be interesting to see test results from Brick's 8Gb card above…

      • Hi Tas,
        Are you from "Tas"mania?
        Thanks for the long post and also the long blog.
        My time reading the whole blog worth much more than the $4 8GB MicroSD card or $15.7 32GB MicroSD card.
        So I decided not to read the long blog and just buy them :)
        Relax, this is just a tiny deal from Tinydeal.

        • I'm thoroughly relaxed, but am slightly confused about not knowing 'tg'/you as having been a 'My Little Pony' character.

          Still, you learn something everyday…

      • +1

        Wow, didn't know a thing about Kingston or sd card until I read about your post and the 'detective story' there!

        Mine one definitely looks like somebody "busily slapping dozens of non-Kingston marked cards into Kingston retail packaging" except one has a Kingston mark but with some dodgy trace on the card.

        I don't have linux to check its CID information, unless somebody wish to tell me how to do it in Windows.

        You have a nice weekend too 'Tas'

        • I read a couple of threads on xda-developers that both still seem to come to a (practical - read, cheap enough) dead-end as regards reading the CID register on cards.

          This webpage very keenly highlights the problems involved.

    • Hello brick.

      Thanks for your feedback. May I know that besides the label, is there something else that went wrong? Thanks in advance.

  • how to use the discount code?

    • Hello.there.

      When you add the product to the shopping cart and check out.
      Then you'll go to a page where you could choose the shipping method and product details.
      When you go down the page,you'll see the order information. And you can add the coupon code right under the order information board. Good luck!

  • +1

    Anyone else getting "Coupon code is valid, but this order doesn't meet the conditions to use it."? I can't seem to be able to apply it, no matter what shipping method I use.

    • I couldn.t find the place to put the code un the check out page

    • Hello, the coupon code has nothing to do with the shipping method.
      When you add the product to the shopping cart and check out.
      Then you'll go to a page where you could choose the shipping method and product details.
      When you go down the page,you'll see the order information. And you can add the coupon code right under the order information board. Good luck!

      • Please see this screenshot: http://imgur.com/WUfFOUM

        I cannot checkout as the coupon is not being redeemed properly

        • Hello, swilsonalfa

          sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again via the PC, this coupon code is not available when you purchase by phone.

  • Ive purchased the small power bank from the last deal this web site, still have not arrived in the mail, been almost 3weeks.

    • Hello. Schezwon

      Plese kindly understand that the power bank was sent from China, so it may takes a little longer.
      It'll arrive soon. Please wait more couple days, thanks!

  • Mine one has not arrived too. Power bank. 3 weeks now.

  • +2

    When it comes to memory cards, so many fakes around, it's better to buy from reputable Australian retailers.

    Many deal site give empty promises and so called guarantees they would never honour.

    Memory cards are so cheap these days, spend the extra dollars and save yourselves the troubles. Or you can always try to price match at OW.

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    I'm sorry to break it but MSY sell this for $19, with 5 yrs guarantee.. Comes with adapter.. So an extra 4 bucks for peace of mind, a free quality SD adapter and less the wait

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