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Remote Mouse for Android - Unlock Landscape Keyboard & Ad-Free Version for Free - Normally $4.13


edit, you must connect it to your pc/laptop first before you can see the fn tab on your phone/tablet. Hint: scroll to the left. Confirmed ad removed

Remote Mouse turns your mobile phone or tablet into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your computer. It’ll surprise you with fully simulated touchpad, keyboard and featured remote panels which make your remote experience simple and efficient.

• Fully Simulated Mouse
• Magic Trackpad
• Multi-Touch Gestures
• Function Keyboard in Landscape Mode (need unlocking)
• Key Combination Input
• Media Remote Panel (need unlocking)
• Changing Volume with Physical Volume Buttons
• Application Launcher & Switcher
• Shut Down / Sleep / Restart / Log Off Remotely
• Numeric Keyboard
• Remotely Typing with Voice
• Connect via IP & QR code
• Password Protection
• Works under Wi-Fi and 3G network
• Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Mac OSX 10.5+

1. Visit http://www.remotemouse.net, download & install Remote Mouse server on your Mac/PC
2. Connect your mobile device and computer to the same Wi-Fi
3. Open App, select a computer to connect

How to Redeem:
1. Click on 'Fn' icon in the Tab bar
2. Click Redeem and enter the code above

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    How to Redeem:
    1. Click on 'Fn' icon in the Tab bar
    2. Click Redeem and enter the code above

    where do I find the 'Fn' icon and where is Tab bar?

    • its Fn tab is in the app you have downloaded in your phone.

      • having downloaded the app, I cant see any 'Fn' tab

        scratch that, just foundit

        • +14

          So all you had to do was Fn look?

  • superb find m8. it works as wireless keyboard too. very happy with it. right now typing from this app on pc. is there any app available for android to android? i mean i want to use my cell phone to control my android tv stick…..

  • when is fn tab. i only have settings, help, share and about

    • you have to install and connect to pc first

      • Thanks it took a while to find out

    • Once connected to the computer, below the area used as a mouse pad is the tabs including keyboard, computer, and media. Slide these to the left to reveal Fn.

  • +10

    Here's an always free solution. It's developed by a WP user.

    • I like this very much
      Planning to use on my new Chromecast from an OzB purchase

  • on the smart phone drag the tab left and u will find Fn. Not on the PC.

  • Just tried this out - great little app. No lag, works well. Thanks OP

  • any android to android app?

  • +1

    Absolutely perfect timing, thanks OP.

    I built a media centre PC this weekend and the wireless keyboard/mouse I got for it have got a pathetic range. This app will help.

  • The best Remote Mouse App so far, feels even better than the crappy touchpad of my laptop.

  • brilliant find…love your work OP

  • Good find OP!

  • thanks op. typing this from the remote mouse app.

    the code redeem fine and ads removed.

    however, if you goto Settings -> Remove Ads, it still asking for $$ to remove ads. :P

    • +1

      yeah it was doing this for me i worked out how to get it to work

      turn the app on and then on the main screen turn the phone sideways it will say u need to pay to access this feature you can then go redeem code and put it there and it unlocks the app

  • Thanks!

  • Awesome find! This is just what I'd been looking for.

  • I would highly recommend checking out Unified Remote for Android instead of this. It has individual remotes for almost every application, runs on Windows/Linux, and has touch pad/keyboard support. You can even "click" the Start Menu from the remote. Operates over Wifi and Bluetooth, and is generally fantastic. I used it for my sister's wedding; I could control the laptop playing music wherever I was in the room, and lower volume, raise it, press play, stop, etc.

  • Works on Windows server 2012. You just have to install the old .net framework before it will work.

  • code is not working..

    • +1

      After scrolling to the Fn tab in the app, I can't find the spot to enter the code. Maybe expired now.

  • noooo, says code is invalid !!!

  • wrong code…

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