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[Amazon] Transcend 128GB Storage Expansion Card for 13-Inch MacBook Air USD $70.19 Delivered


One day special (31/7) so it will expire some time next morning. Great for those who impulse bought a macbook air from the kogan deal and wished they've bought a 256GB version instead.

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  • Thanks op, spot on, my situation in description exactly…

  • Great price, I bought one last week for $80. Grumble grumble.

  • Seems a good product but does it offer encryption? I hate to think someone could steal it along with your data.

    • It's just a low profile SD card isn't it? Can't you do block device level encryption?

  • The price is now USD $64.99, awesome price. The read/write speeds are decent in general but not fantastic.
    I saw a YouTube video on these a few weeks ago where the Blackmagic speed test resulted in some extremely low write speeds.
    As per title, this is for 13” Air, other macbooks have different size slots, so the card can stick out. They do other ones for different models.

    For those that want a truly flush system then check out the Nifty Mini Drive, which lets you use any micro sd card http://minidrive.bynifty.com/

    • That was always the price. The $70 USD price is with shipping. Micro SD cards are pretty expensive with those read-write speeds.

      The nifty mini drive is far more expensive (though the micro sd card is replaceable)