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FREE Lonely Planet Guide eBook [Facebook Account Req'd]


Free Lonely Planet Guide by playing UK or Away game by HSBC.
1. Play HSBC's UK or Away game. Simply identify the pictures. I don't think the score matters at the end.
2. After the game, link your facebook account.
3. Receive your Freebie code and then fill in the form at: https://www.ukoraway.co.uk/
4. You will then receive your Lonely Planet evoucher which you can receive one free Lonely Planet ebook guide.
5. Choose a guide, add the ebook version to cart.
6. Check out and enter the Lonely Planet evoucher as promotional code to claim your free guide.
Important: Make sure you change delivery options to the United Kingdom - I didn't experience this problem because I've claimed it from Germany. Thanks silaszou for the tip/fix.

Choose from one of these Lonely Planet Guides:
* London city guide
* Scotland travel guide
* Ireland travel guide
* Wales travel guide
* Great Britain travel guide
* England travel guide
* Central America on a Shoestring travel guide
* Europe on a Shoestring travel guide
* South America on a Shoestring travel guide
* Southeast Asia on a travel guide
* USA travel guide
* Australia travel guide

Unfortunately, it is only only 1 email address and 1 facebook account per freebie. I have tried to delete the facebook app then relink but it seems the app keeps a record of previously linked facebook accounts and it will give you the same freebie code.
Note: If you really want more than one eBook, then you have to create more than one facebook account and you also need more than one email address. Also, start a browser in private browsing mode for each claim so your cookies are not stored. Good luck :)


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  • Thanks, great find! Got "South America on a Shoestring".

    If only there was some way to either reuse the code, or use it towards a book not on the list! :)

  • Any way to get. This on my iPad? The e-book I mean

  • Awesome! Thanks, picked up Europe on a Shoestring. :)

  • Thanks so much fransisqo! A great bargain. I got 4 but then ran out of fb accounts.

  • just read above all good

  • Thanks OP, nice find!

  • PDF version for the win. Might get my friend to get the USA one (playing fair and all).

    1. The customer can download the digital product they have redeemed up to five times and for a maximum of 60 days from their redemption (whichever expires first). The customer can only use their digital product for personal, non-commercial purposes. The customer may not share any digital product downloaded by them by forwarding or sending it to someone else, or use it for any commercial purpose.
  • Not yet sure how big the files are, but I'm sure if someone wanted one that another on here got that they may share it!!!
    I already have Europe on a Shoestring and USA in paperback, wouldn't mind South America though!
    Edit: Ha, just read above post… Sshhhh!

  • thank you heaps for this, got Europe on a Shoestring which will be very handy! files are around 170 MB for those who want to know

  • Doesn't work for me… did the game, logged in facebook. Got an email with the code… I get this when trying to redeem: 'This code is invalid - please note that codes are case-sensitive'
    Tried a different e-book on the list… still no good.

    • AGAIN, You did read above to change country to UK? Reading seems to be an under utilised skill on OzBargain.

      • Maybe WNK could find us a good free English course from Udemy!!!

      • Thanks brucefromaustralia, I worked it out the code supplied in the email had a letter in white for some reason (which wasn't visible), unless I copied and pasted it.

        Appreciate your tone.

  • Noice
    Picked up the Southeast Asia and Australia ones.

  • I have Southeast Asia on a travel guide

    Really looking to get:
    Europe on a Shoestring travel guide
    Central America on a Shoestring travel guide

  • Thanks I got Europe on a shoestring and South America on a shoe string.

  • Thanks, got one. l made up some UK address in the billing/shipping section. LOL