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Dual-Sim Flip Phone US $15.43 Delivered at DHGate.com


dhgate are selling groovy retro dual sim flip phones for US$15.43 delivered

Item specifics

colour:     red yellow black
Display Size:     2.0
Operation System:     No Smartphone
Sim Card:     Dual SIM
model:     I897
Chinese Brand:     No Brand
Network:     GSM900      GSM1800     GSM1900     GSM850
quality:     high quality
feature:     tv
Language:     Portugal,    Spanish,    Russian,    French,    German,    English
warranty:    6months
Feature:     MP3 TV,  FM Radio,  Bluetooth,   Dual Sim Card

Product Name: Car Cell Phone with 2.0inch screen quad band TV I897 WEIL

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  • Hehe, cheap plastic flip phones. Remind me of Sol the dodgy lawyer in Breaking Bad. Just buy a few of them and keep them in your private drawers. Once you have made some dodgy phonecalls, you can just snap and destroy the phones.

    P.S. Just noted English is not listed as supported language :D

  • Eh?

    Language: Portugal, Spanish, Russian, French, German, English

    Edit: you beat me to it cookie_lu

  • These phones run on the 2G network only. That limits the longevity of this device since Telstra will start shutting down 2G networks by the end of 2016 and re-purpose the spectrum for 4g. Voda and Optus I assume may soon follow. Still, 2 years is still a long time.

  • Operation System: No Smartphone
    quality: high quality

    That made me laugh.

    I guess, going by the pics, this is a phone you'd give to your kids?

    Also, ebook reader!?

  • "Retro… flip phone" I'm old

  • +2 votes

    Personally, i would avoid anything being sold on dhgate. Had very bad experience with a few of the sellers there. And the dhgate staff themselves are very unhelpful. I had raised an issue last year, and keep getting bounced around, have to explain my issue all over again each time, and still not resolved until now. Buy at your own risk, dont trust any of those dhgate "guarantee" sign.

  • this has a tv tuner? pretty sure it's going to be analog tv which has been turned off here

  • Cheaper than a toy phone!

  • what does " Dual SIM dual standby" mean?

    • probably just a spare slit in the back of the phone to hold another sim? haha

      edit: A more serious response is that I'm pretty sure standby means you can switch between the two sims but can't actively receive sms etc on both at the same time?

      • Dual standby phones, such as those running on Mediatek chipsets, allows both SIMs to be accessed through time multiplexing. When making or receiving calls, the modem locks to the active channel; the other channel would be ignored and thus unavailable during the duration of the call.[19] Two examples of Dual-SIM Standby smartphones are the Samsung Galaxy S Duos[20] and the Sony Xperia M2 Dual. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_SIM#Standby