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OnePlus One 4G LTE 16GB $399 64GB $479 Delivered @ DWI and eBay


I was looking around for the oneplus one and noticed DWI selling it for $399 for the 16gb and $479 for the 64gb
its look good price as if you have invite the rrp USD $299 and you need to forward it to Australia as far I know they dont post to Australia.
here is a link to their ebay listing
64gb cheaper else where

also I saw this seller sell it for $339 but I couldnt post it as a deal due to he is not a high ranting seller
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ONEPLUS-ONE-5-5-3GB-RAM-16GB-ROM-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-801-Quad-Core-2-5GHz-/261540989230?pt=ES_Tel%C3%A9fonos_m%C3%B3viles&hash=item3ce50ec92e&_uhb=1 seller changed the price

but it worth look into it. be warned his feedback is 90%

dont forget 2% cashback thanks to wreckedandjealous

As Teal found eGlobaL sells oneplus one for AU$395.38 delivered using code WB10 or winter11 plus you will get OTG Cable & Big Stylus

line to the item

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  • mine arrived from DWI today..
    got it from their ebay store, so I get the 2% ($9.50) back from cash rewards.

    I ordered it late monday afternoon, and it arrived today.

    something to note is that this comes with colourOS (chinese OS) on it, and you need to flash cyanogenmod onto it… this is very very basic.

    • why not using colourOS but change language to english? or cant?

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        because color os has no playstore

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          just download play store

      • You can set the language to English in ColorOS. That's the very first thing it asks.

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      Strange, I thought they were preinstalled with CyanogenMod?

      • Should come with a custom Cyanogen mod installed on it. Or at least the one Jason on twit received had that on it. Perhaps theres an os difference for the chinese model? I don't see why exactly unless it's a fake version of the phone.

        • Yeah the Chinese version comes with color os, some sellers are flashing cm before they send them. You need invite to buy international version with cm as standard.

        • @Ronnnie:
          interesting is it a marketing or legal reason they're selling the phone with an inferior os in china I wonder.

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          I believe google is blocked in china, so the playstore aren't allowed on their phones.

        • @Ronnnie:

          You do not need to buy the international version if you are going to use the phone in only Australia.

          From http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/mobile_phone_oneplus:

          "As far as Australian users are concerned, there are NO important hardware differences between the Chinese version and the International version. If you would like more details please read ahead."

    • Hey mate, is there already a custom recovery on the Chinese version such as Clockworkmod Recovery? Also is this the correct link for the Cyanogenmod 11S?

      so flash the "cm-11.0-XNPH25R-bacon-signed-fastboot.zip" file?

    • ..and for those wondering how to actually install CyanoenMod (OS) on a stock phone:


      …is the easiest guide i've found.

  • Good price. Great phone.

  • +1

    You got the yellow tinge?
    Also not international for those going to USA to use their 4G spectrum….

  • notice the oneplus one had a small percentage with a screen problem dont know if they fix it already or not

    • +1

      There's a DIY fix for the yellow tinge. Use the missus UV nail polish dryer to dry the adhesive that bonds the glass and the digitiser. Not justifying the defect but it's a quick fix if you CBF dealing with the return procedure, etc.

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    Been the same price for a while but good for those who didn't know.

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    • Be warned.. comes with the Chinese OS … although it can be easily flashed. I believe the Chinese version also supports different frequencies?

  • how do you know this is genuine oneplus one? i ask on oneplusone facebook page and they cant guarantee and dont have any reseller

    • +1

      There are quite a few who bought from DWI and T-Dimension which have arrived all good

      Oneplus of course wouldn't want people buying from places other from then… but until they can get the invite system sorted (and actually post directly to Australia), it leaves us with little choice

      • it is invite only phone, how dwi and other retailer can get massive stock without invite?

        • Because this phone is for the Chinese market, not international (which needs invite). Comes with Color OS, International OnePlus One comes with CM11. Got mine yesterday amazing phone for the price.

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    If you are interested in getting one of these, and want to learn more about this phone. I'd advise checking out wp, ton of information there.


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    Not bad but i think ill keep my 32gb nexus 5 a little longer. i wish they would make this phone avalible to everyone already.

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      have invites? share with us or tell us how to get invite in easy way!

      • WP has an invite list you can add your name to, but really there's not much advantage getting the international version over the chinese version. You are more than likely better off just paying a few dollars extra from t-dimension and more than likely get the phone faster.

        • yeah I saw the list, no way I am getting invite from the long list hahah. I am going to place an order soon but thinking about to take the risk and order it for $339

        • +4

          The only advantage of the International model is that it can be used on American LTE bands. Band 4 and 17 if i remember correctly.

          The phone works on 1800/2300/2600Mhz LTE bands in Australia along with all 3G bands.

          It doesn't work on Band 28 700Mhz LTE which is what Telstra and Optus are deploying from end of this year, so everyones going to have to get new phones to run on that network.

        • +1

          This is important to note. The absence of band 28 (and other low frequency LTE bands) means that this device will never get good regional/rural LTE coverage.

        • +1

          @crazycs: So if I was to get this phone from the t dimension website, and I am currently on Virgin (which uses optus) I would not be able to get 4g coverage next year but only 3g?

        • +1

          @jonkhorne: Yes you will be fine as the phone supports Optus 3G 900/2100Mhz 3G and 4G FD-LTE 1800/2600Mhz and TD 2300Mhz.

        • @crazycs:

          Great! Thank you, I am just a bit unsure about all the bands and that and while I don't have 4g coverage at my house, I do go into the city a lot (Perth) so I would be able to get some coverage there, so might as well utilize it! Currently on a Galaxy S so a upgrade is needed just the pricing on phones now is way to high and this looks pretty damn good!

        • Also an Aussie Invite Club on the OnePlus Forums, plenty of Australians getting invites. https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/aussie-thread-invite-club...

        • +1

          You may - already - have 4G coverage at your house, but are just unaware of it.

          The national rollout by both Optus and Telstra of 700MHz services is, I believe, set to happen quickly and will become the lynchpin for people who want 4G in outer suburbs/regional/rural all around Oz.

          Some significant 700MHz service already up and running in several regional areas, and Darwin, AND Perth.
          Something that you might be interested know…

          If you want access (in a month or so when it actually gets released), on the cheap, the biggest selling point (at the price) of the newly announced Kogan Agora phone, is its 700MHz compatibility.

        • @crazycs:

          So the chinese version for sale on this deal does not support the american bands, but does that refer to your comment that this will work on aus LTE bands of 1800/2300/2600mhz?

          I thought 4G on telstra and optus were 850, 900mhz bands, or are those technically 3G? abit confused with the bands…

          Is the OS the same for chinese variant versus the international? Just language is in chinese?

        • +1


          Correct - the chinese model works 100% in Australia as of August 2014. However it will not work on Telstra/Optus 700Mhz LTE (Band 28) which begins deployment later this year.

          The phone will work on all Australian 3G bands, so you will have no problems.

          I've answered your question about the differences in a reply to your latter post below.

        • @SaberX:

          Chinese version's OS is ColorOS. Language can be set to English in this.

          International version's OS is CM11s.

        • @crazycs:

          Does international version has it then?

        • Ok thanks. BUt the international version is invite only? So any attempt to buy off these ebay sellers would be the chinse colour OS? WIth no google play store?

          Not confidnet flashing CM as i've never flashed before… so buying one with it built in would be better :P

  • +2

    First time I heard about OnePlus. Do I miss something interesting?

    • +4

      You missed quite a bit. It's a combination of beast hardware and vanilla android OS. I'm lucky enough and typing on one right now. Its just awesome.

      • Cheers, mate. Looking on their website but seems not much company profile available there.

        • I think its part of oppo, premium chinese smart phone

        • +2

          It's a large Chinese company pretending to be a startup. There was a big controversy with Oneplus One being discovered to be a wholly owned subsidiary of Oppo, though the OnePlus CEO went on to say that being a subsidiary of Oppo does not necessarily mean a relation with the Oppo Mobiles division, though if you compare the Oppo Find 7 with the OnePlus One, you'd find that the designs are very similar. It also doesn't help that the OS skin used in China for the OnePlus One is the same one found in Oppo's phones (ColorOS).

      • -3

        I've heard the battery life is a bit lame?

        • My friend loves the battery life on his. He was surprised at how long it lasted. He had an S3 before that.

        • Reports in whirlpool threads have one iffy battery life report vs a ton of very impressive battery life reports (eg 2 days with 5+ hours screen on time)

        • Most comments I've read is that it has great battery life.

        • 5~ hours screen time with quite heavy use vs 2 hours and 40 minutes of screen time on my Nexus 5

        • 2.5 days between charge, 4 hours screen on time, battery life kicks ass.

        • @salem: screen on time for me is 8 hour solid before it drops down to 5%. Due to nature of the CM rom this phone runs so fast and efficient that i almost feel like I'm using an open source iPhone 5s. (Well at least with the help of theme engine :p). Oh and don't forget the privacy guard as well.

        • What are you talking about? Battery life is amazing! This is coming from my own personal experience with using the device as my daily driver as well as almost every other review out there.

        • @fatal: Just saying what I've heard. I guess I heard the other part of the 'almost every'.

        • Been using mine for ~3 weeks now and I'm very impressed with the battery life. I play games, stay constantly connected to wifi at uni all day, listen to music and after a full day I'll be at around 60% (at the lowest). If you go out of your way to conserve battery, e.g turn wifi off, set power mode to save battery, then I might only run it down to 75%. Can easily get 2 days and I'll see how I go for 3.

  • DWI's eBay store had the Oneplus One 64gb White for $460.00 Delivered but they've changed the pricing now.

  • Anywhere to buy the black colour? this site only seems to stock them in white..

  • +1

    The eBay link is showing $452 for me.

    Also, any opinions on this compared to the Note 3 for ~$500-550?

  • +1

    My mate bought the 16GB version… then I told him that the 64GB version is better bang for buck… he asked DWI to change the order, and they replied back that they were awaiting stock. This was just yesterday…

    My advice with DWI, always check that they have stock.. if not, be prepared to wait for a while.. this of course comes from my experience with ordering camera gear with them.

  • The 339 ebay low rating seller link is euro?

    • its its in euro but the seller changed the price now.

  • +1

    T Dimension 64GB/Black

    $443AUD shipped (Free shipping is via Toll Global Express)


    • thanks, just purchased from t-dimension.

  • Check out the wiki. Way pass the invite list. There are lots of info on the phone and where you can purchase it.

  • equals two

  • +1

    One plus one review from twit.

  • Do we trust DWI now? I thought they had a pretty bad rep, otherwise I'll be getting the AT m50x's for $160

    • From my experience DWI have been good. Only had one problem with them, they marked a product as in stock but it was actually on backorder and a month away from being in stock but they provided a refund in that case.

  • The specs on this phone look really good. How would I go about getting playstore on it?
    Want to be able to move my games from S3 and not lose my progress.

    • Flash the phone with cyanogenmod.
      There are countless tutorials online for this.

      • The DWI link states that :

        "* This is the Chinese variant of the mobile, Google Play installed prior to order fulfilment and NO headphone was included in the box"

        Is this true?? or just incorrect marketing then?

        THe chinese variant will obviously only be in chinese language font etc?

        • Mine came yesterday in English with Google Play

          I flashed it over to Cyanogen mod after

    • Get the International version which is cheaper & runs Cyanogenmod out of the box (inc Play Store)

      • only if you are lucky enough to be invited.

  • Phone looks like it'll come in ColorOS … friend just turned his DWI purchased phone on and is ColorOS…

  • If anyone thinking about getting this phone I recommend waiting for the xiaomi mi4

    • +1

      What's mi4's advantage over this? Specs are near identical, and this runs CM which is the only thing I'd take over stock

      Plus mi4 just look like an iPhone knockoff… their design team is getting lazier

      • I'm looking at the Xiaomi Mi4 or the ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini. Hopefully there will be some reasonable prices on both of these phones soon. Worth a look for those that want a 5" phone instead of the One Plus One which is 5.5". Be interesting to see how far off the Snapdragon 810 phones are from making it to market (Adreno 430 graphics) and a few other goodies.

  • @hweita well looks are subjective but the thing i like about the mi4 is the sleeker design, yes it does look like the iphone 5/5s but still differentiates it self,
    also the capacitive touch buttons instead of on-screen ones. and the 5" screen, 5.5" might be a bit too big for some, btw I have a gs4 from day one, so unless something really good comes along ill hang on to the s4 for a while

    • +1

      They both have capacitive buttons, but everyone seems to turn off the ones on the OPO because they're outdated and backwards.

      • From what I can tell the mi4 will cost more than the 1+1, but have similar specs.

        • Have the LTE bands been revealed yet?

  • What's the camera like?

  • Any comments with regards to the screen quality and camera?

    This will be a bargain to be had with I'm going to ditch my S4 when the time is right.

  • I gave up on this phone long ago as I believe it is impossible to get such 'invite'. Wouldn't have thought that it can be purchased off ebay though, seeing this on OzB did surprise me.

    • I got one, as a matter of fact, I've had 2 invites, the second I shared with another Aussie.

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