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eBay Free Shipping Frenzy 10-16 August (TGG, DSE, HN, COTD, SCA)


Free shipping applies to purchases made from the following selected retailers on eBay.com.au:


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eBay Australia

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  • Damn, the eBay sunday deals are now going down hill from now… the one after this would be something like "Free pack of peanuts with any purchase made from the selected stores…"

  • I think it's okay if you were planning to purchase something from these stores already. I'm not gonna buy something just because of ~$5 saving in shipping costs.

  • And wait for the stores to add on the shipping cost to be main price… Cough dick

  • Damn, was hoping for another chance to get the Toshiba Encore 8 for $199… Can't believe I missed it last time

  • If there's no minimum order amount, it would be a good time to get small value items such as groceries from COTD. It's usually the shipping that puts me off.

    • Shipping's capped at $9 so the range of items for which this represents a saving is pretty narrow. Either you're buying a couple of chocolate bars, or something big and bulky.

  • Dicksmith future prices.
    $50 off product sale price, but raises shipping to $100.

      • @ShamelessBargains

        Yeah I agree, should be in the forums too. There are no deals specified either…

        Yet you gladly +ve voted for a DSE FREE DELIVERY post:


        Oh the irony.

        • The difference is that there were some quality deals in that post in the comments section. Simply posting free shipping does not constitute a deal. At least the deals I post don't encourage people to purchase fast food or to impulse purchase.

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          Simply posting free shipping does not constitute a deal.

          Lol, then why vote for a deal when that's all the deal listed? I don't think TA is obliged to find every little bargain. I think you'll find a lot of people appreciate this deal and think that free shipping, when they would otherwise have to pay for it, is pretty good.

          TA, thanks again for posting your deals, even in the face of all the complainers.

          At least the deals (a massive 8 deals total) I post don't encourage people to purchase fast food or to impulse purchase.

          wtf. you win? TA's deals aren't good?

        • @ChickenTalon:

          Fair enough, I only post deals that would benefit most Ozbargainers the most. I only joined this site in March, so I don't why you need to criticise me on my limited amount of deals? Thanks for the feedback anyway :)

          May as well positive the deal out since it doesn't deserve the neg.

        • @ShamelessBargains:

          no worries, but i was mostly taking issue with your comparison to TA. I'm a fan of his deals and they've saved me heaps. So i can get pretty defensive. and I was pretty mad about this store rep negging another store's deals

    • The retailers in question normally provide free shipping anyway

      COTD doesn't normally provide shipping.

      It's no different from buying in store

      Not all the sellers listed have a physical store (e.g. COTD), or more than one location (e.g. Kitchenware superstore)

    • The retailers in question normally provide free shipping anyway

      No they all don't, but sometimes they do.

      It's no different from buying in store

      lol. have fun at the COTD retail store. let me know how you get on.

      I also feel that Aceboy884 should declare that he is a direct competitor to some of these stores given he is the store rep for gadgetsboutique.com.au

      • Before you judge

        We don't just post, I also vote. A lot

        When I vote on a deal I'm voting as a consumer not a seller

        That's unless I should create a separate account for personal votes and I've given reasons why it's negged

        There are good deals and there are bad ones

        This eBay "deal" is shit by ozb standards and I'm voting accordingly

        Your only accusation is I'm a seller, /competitor. Seriously how many product from the said stores sell only apple accessories. It doesn't it even cross my mind they are 'competitors'

        like when you fart, you don't think twice. It's just as obvious this deal stinks.

        • wtf does this all mean? It's pretty simple in the rules. You cannot comment negatively on a deal for a competitor. You could have at least come out and said you have a conflict of interest, but you didn't. you waited until others picked it up.

          of course you're free to voice your opinion and contribute, but do it honestly. and if you have a conflict of interest, simply stay away.

          Representatives are free to participate in threads about competing companies as long as they don't
          ■vote on the deal
          ■link to products on their website
          ■negatively comment about the competitors company.

          You've been a member for over 3 years, this shouldn't be new to you.

          As opposed to this deal, which currently has over 21 + votes. Wanna know some really crap deals? Look here. I found a massive list of them with an average score of 5.9 and plenty at zero or lower

      • I negged him because

        1. comparing free shipping against walking into a store is completely irrelevant. Most people dont’t live near a store. And some of these retailers don’t actually have physical stores.

        2. He’s lying and saying shipping is free normally anyway, it isn’t. It is sometimes, but not normally.

        3. But the main reason in negged him is that he’s negging a deal where he works for a direct competitor. He hasn’t declared this. It’s against the OzB rules. And generally dishonest.

        He himself posts some of the most useless deals here. with ~100 posts and an average score of 5.9. He should know a lot about "it's a low ball, like a "deal" for the sake of a deal"

        no, i didn't neg you

  • Anything good?

  • Consoles should be good! They usually cost 25-30 shipping fee

  • The Terms & Conditions say to use the redemption code for this offer.
    What is the Code for the offer?

  • Thanks TA :-)

  • +3 votes

    What's people's thoughts on this ? 8port power board for $20 http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/371102455402?nav=SEARCH

    • looks pretty good for $20 delivered. Only thing would be that some of the plugs aren't far enough apart. Seems like everything wants a lot of space at the plug these days…

      I like that it's got a 2.1A and a 1A USB.

    • I own 2 and am more than happy with them- the individual switches are great :-)

    • I was nearly going to have a go at you for calling us port power but then I clicked on the link :)

  • Whitegoods from TGG give a significant discount. Knocks $40 off. That's the most I could find though.

  • Saved me $9 Thanks OP

  • Pls do note that:
    The redemption code is valid for up to 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.

    • Eeekks I have like 10 items in my cart so far from catch of the day… does it work if i do multiple check outs?

      • I think it is ok to have more than 10 items in one transaction (one checkout). But you can only checkout 3 times.

        • ahhh right… might need to try this soon as i'm still hovering around their store and looking at things…

        • UPDATE: Yes it works… just keep adding all items to cart (it will keep adding postage on each item), then at the end when you checkout, apply the code for free shipping and it takes all postage off), I purchased 9 items successfully.

        • @ezza: Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction. The total discount amount payable is capped to a maximum discount of $100 per transaction :)

  • Typical, free shipping the day after I spend $9 on the shipping. My luck :p

  • damn i forgot to use the coupon

  • Far out! I got charged shipping for the extra transactions :-(
    It wasn't showing up on the check out page. I only noticed it on the email from PayPal.
    Any advice? Should I bother contacting PayPal to have the last 6 transactions cancelled :-(

    • Does it show voucher discount when you click the 'details' link for each payment in PayPal?

        • Update: I contacted PayPal and explained how the check out page on eBay's mobile app would show that the coupon had been applied but in the end I got charged for shipping - which is true. They were happy to offer me a refund :-)

  • Bugger. Wife and I have separate ebay accounts but share the paypal. Didn't realise that you could check out in one hit. Used up all 3.

  • Lifespan_australia has been added to the list of participating stores. Could be quite useful since some of their stuff has shipping charges of $150+ (so long as the item price hasn't been upped.)

  • Brilliant. Nice work!

  • Just a couple of little items purchased.
    6x Baby Mum-Mum Rice Rusks Original 36g $10 - saving ~$8
    GE 50W 240V Halogen Downlight 8-Pack $8 - saving ~$12