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Belkin in-Car FM Transmitter $14.99 Delivered @ COTD


This is Jill. She comes at a pretty good price and she has proven to be very useful in old school cars without an audio jack.

Compatible with iphone and android phones so hopefully there will be no apple hate posts below…

Also comes with 12 MONTH WARRANTY!

Happy Shopping

EDIT: Here's the manual thanks to grababargain

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  • i hate apple

  • anyone knows the output power of that usb port?

  • Thanks, got one!

  • Damn, I could use one but my cigarette lighter hole doesn't work.

  • Can it route calls through it as a hands free device?

  • Thanks OP

  • Just check online reviews for purchasing beforehand, to make sure it will work OK in your vehicle.

    A shop I used to work for sold these, and more than half were returned as faulty. Reception is terrible depending on the vehicle. A friend of mine bought one and it crackled and popped all the time in his Volvo V50, and sounded awful. We started asking what cars people used, and most of the returned units seemed to be from newer VW/Audi/Volvos. It could be because of where the antenna is mounted, and the amount of shielding between the radio and location of the FM transmitter.

    • Well that's just not smart considering you can buy an FM transmitter (with remote control too) for less than $5 delivered, and it would sound just as bad as this Belkin.

      "I want a FM transmitter and I want a Belkin one" - said no one ever.

  • Does this work with 3GS?

    • Wow.

      • I think the reply you were looking for was yes unless you've updated to the latest IOS ;)

        • That's the update that allows recharging by putting the phone in the microwave on high for 5 minutes. The sparks mean that it's charging really fast.

          Also the update provides water resistance from less than 1m of submersion. You can test this by leaving your phone in a bowl of water for 5 minutes, and then putting it in the microwave to charge.

          I think Neonlight and the people that upvoted his post should test it out. After submersion and charging then the Belkin FM transmitter would work with their standard 3.5mm jack, but surely not before - no way would it work before.

        • @alittlelewd: putting my phone in water completely broke it. Didnt even turn on. Then putting it in microwave didnt charge, instead it broke my microwave. It was like lightening thunder in the microwave.

        • @dan0909:

          Oh that's the super update-update that broke the update.

          Apple provides a fix though:
          1) Apply copius amounts of steam and pressure from a clothes iron. The seeping in steam will caress the electronics into a hibernation state.

          2) Drop the phone from at least 10 stories to wake it up from hibernation.

          3) Press the on button and your phone should now be operational. If it still isn't try covering it in sugar and placing it in a beehive. Leave for 24-36 hours and then take it back out. You can't use any pacification towards the bees, or protection from them as that will put your phone back into a hibernation state and you will need to repeat from step 2.

        • @alittlelewd: You really like taking the piss out of people and when you do, you seem to put so much detail in it.

        • @TheOneWhoKnocks:

          I do what I can :)

  • i like this deal

  • is audio quality at least better than with those cheap dealextreme fm transmitters?

    • I would strongly think not.

      I don't own one, but I own a Belkin A2DP Bluetooth transmitter that sounds worse than the real cheap ones I bought from eBay. The cheap ones also had an inbuilt battery and could recharge from any USB. The Belkin required a +7v input on a proprietary connector from their shoddy AC power pack, so it was functionally horrible in every aspect.

      Belkin products are worse than their deal extreme/ebay cheapies. I've heard worse stories about their routers and WiFi USB sticks.

      If there actually exist any decent quality FM transmitters then I haven't heard them.

      • Well damn, i was hoping this would be a bit better than the cheapy Ebay one i have haha

  • I had the older version of this that I had to retire because I upgraded the phone and this gadget had the old 30 pin connector as opposed to the audio jack. It worked OK in terms of sound quality, and ease of tuning in, but don't go expecting anything magical.

  • Nice deal for owners of older cars. Thank you OP!

    Edit: never mind…

  • Ordered one anyway, my car doesn't have aux and its more convenient than burning CD's.

  • Owned one and used it for a few months - no longer use it. Bought in around 2010 for about $50-100. I suppose it worked the way it was meant to, although even the best radio transmitter isn't going to offer the same quality of sound as a cd/mp3. From memory radio quality is only the equivalent to 44kbps and most mp3's start at around 128kbps - without getting too much into it, i'd be more inclined to be buying a cheap replacement head unit for around $50 as opposed to this. Although this is more cost effective if all you need to do is play music and aren't to worried about the quality.

    Good Deal

  • Bought one. Thanks.

  • Finally a good transmitter. I've gone through 3 cheapo ones from eBay and they're unreliable as hell.

  • Gone… Gone..
    "This item is out of stock."

  • I bought a similar one from JBHIFi, sound quality is hopeless and there is a lot of interference when using it

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