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7 Free Udemy Excel Courses

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  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Good find.

  • nothig that would be of use to me but thanks OP :)

  • Nice post OP!

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  • Thank You OP

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      I like how the original post got negged, but the one 20 minutes after has +8

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        If you're traveling back through time maybe.

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        I like how you can't read

        • Must have been hungover. My apologies.

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    Cheers for embedding the codes in URLs

  • Thank you heaps for this

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    I see once you sign up for a course they stay forever, I still have some Excel courses I added a year or 2 back. Cool, I've added these and will get into them sometime soon, probably.. :)

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      Lol I've yet to complete a course. I said the same thing to myself… 190 courses ago

  • thanks OP.

  • great, just added to my udemy list of 'to-dos'.. thanks for the post OP :)

  • Thanks OP. Nice work

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