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Microsoft Virtual Academy - Various Free Tech Courses (Geared Towards IT Professionals)


With over 2 Million students enrolled, must be fairly good courses on offer.
Hopefully some people will find these useful.
Apologies if already posted, I searched high and low.

Use your existing windows live ID to login and create your training plan.

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  • when do they expire?

  • They're always free. Forever. MS Virtual Academy doesn't cost anything — But they don't earn you any certs either.

    As somebody already mentioned on Lifehacker:

    You don't get certifications directly by taking these classes, but you can definitely apply the knowledge you learn from them to getting certified. Go to the MS certification website to find out the learning objectives for the particular cert you're interested in and watch the videos that discuss that topic. Obviously, these videos will not be enough to get you prepared for passing the cert exams, but they're a good source and it's a plus that they're from MS and free.

  • Thanks Appreciate that

  • Thanks a lot of sharing.