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Logitech Wireless Keyboard & Mouse MK220 $10.00@Officeworks in Store Only


Package contents: Keyboard (K220), mouse (M150), USB receiver, batteries, and user documentationThe compact keyboard-and-mouse combo with all the standard keys, extended battery life and reliable, long-range wirelessMuch smaller design, same keys, advanced 2.4 GHz wireless, 128-bit AES encryption and whisper-quiet keys.

Update 29 Aug: Price drop from $10.69 to $10.

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  • Great deal, only issue I do not like is no on-off switch on mouse but the device may handle that issue.

    After the cost of the batteries the hardware would only be $8 or so.

  • eneloops inside ?

    • Nope, standard Alkalines. This mouse does not charge the battery — it doesn't have a cord option.

      You will get eneloops for the M950 mouse, as the mouse itself is a battery charger.

  • wOW, and it was cheap last time @ $15.
    Great bargain!

  • Got this last time for $15.
    It is okay, plastic feels cheap compared to $20+ models from logitech.

    The keyboard-keys are a bit jammed together and keep hitting incorrect keys.

  • Darn. Got it recently while it was $15.

    Anyway, the receiver is the big kind, the keyboard is very, very small. Good if its your thing, not so good if you have big fingers. I'd prefer a more standard size keyboard. But its seriously portable.

    • Got one today… been using a similar Logitech set which cost a little more…
      This kwyboard is compact, the mouse is heavier because it take 2 aa's where my better set mouse other only takes 1 and still lasts a long time.
      It all works ok but the keyboard compactness is a bit odd.
      Unless you need the compact keyboard then pay the extra few $'s for a better Logitech set.

  • As a general question, why are companies still releasing products with tiny USB wireless receivers that can easily get lost? Why wouldn't they just use bluetooth? Or has bluetooth not been widely adopted by PC/laptop manufacturers?

    • I have a bluetooth mouse at home. it has its drawbacks too. Sometimes it get disconnected by itself and reconnecting is a bit of a hassle, particularly to ppl less IT savvy.

    • Bluetooth has it's own issues… disconnections, interference, range, power usage plus having to pay for BLE licensing and royalty fees.

      That's why most wireless KB and mice still use a proprietary 2.4ghz signal, it solves most of the above issues.

  • Went to OW at lunchtime after seeing this post. Asked a staff member (Gerry) about the keyboard and he initially said they didn't have it and then saw it on the shelf and it was listed at $14-, to which I said it was $10.69 (again) on the OW website. He insisted that wasn't correct and that he had relabled that morning. With that he simply walked away and just stood chatting to another staff member.

    I walked up to one of their computers on display and brought up the OW website with the %10.69 price and called him over. He then got out his scanner and scanned the box and then agreed it was $10.69 and that it must have changed since this morning and that I should go to the counter to purchase. He then resumed chatting to the other staff member.

    Upon going to the counter, the counter person could not get the cash register to scan at other than $14-, she called over to Gerry who confirmed the new price. She still couldn't get ti to scan correctly and eventually got the store manager over to override the price.

    • That's quite a bit of spirit of OzBargain!

    • that's a bit of determination to save a dollar — I can't help wonder if someone could try to use the Officeworks price-matching policy to save 5% off their own prices, by price-matching their own sale price… bringing the total to $10.15 — it would only probably work where their own price was different from the website, like this example.


    No stock in Hobart :( This might be an ending line.

  • The only stock near Hurstville is at Taren Point store, I might go there and grab one for raspberry pi.

  • Out of stock at Keswick and Marion [SA], but Norlunga had ~5 out on display around lunch-time. They are $14.90 on the shelf but scan at $10.69. I thought it was a bargain at the earlier price, especially as they come with batteries.

    Excellent for net/notebooks and tablets, and fit my 15" lappy bag inside pocket just right.