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$0 Course: Baking Pi Operating Systems Development by Cambridge University


This course takes you through the basics of operating systems development in assembly code. I have tried not to assume any prior knowledge of operating systems development or assembly code. It may be helpful to have some programming experience, but the course should be accessible without.

The Raspberry Pi forums are full of friendly people ready to help you out if you run into trouble. This course is divided into a series of 'lessons' designed to be taken in order as below. Each 'lesson' includes some theory, and also a practical exercise, complete with a full answer.

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    Can you get Apple running on Pi ?

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      I prefer a Kit-kat flavoured Pi.

    • Yes you can ;) Warning: horrible programmer website design

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        Looks fantastic! Hey, at least it doesn't have scrolling or blinking text.

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    As much as I like to advocate computer science… you must have real dedication to doing something like this because asm is the last thing you want to do when you start out programming. I wouldn't really call this a deal… more like torture for first timers. But if you have some dedication and like this kind of stuff (e.g. me) then you will find it very interesting.

    • What would you recommend as a first language for those new to programming?

      I started out with C++ back in Uni and was terrible at it, but now that I have free time I want to get back into it. Most people seem to be recommending Java as you can port that knowledge to C.

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        One of the higher level languages, perhaps Python or Ruby. I find Java too bureaucratic.

      • C#? // Runs and hides

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      I wouldn't recommend ASM as a first language but I think this course is more about controlling hardware. The programs probably don't require complicated control statements or data structures. In this case using ASM helps you get close to the bare metal.

    • really, I started with basic, then machine code, then assembler, then higher level languages such a Pascal, Eiffel, C, C++, java, etc I found Assembly easier to wrap my head around then say Eiffel & C++

  • No Udemy course? So disappointed! J/k, TA TA.

  • Thanks TA :-)

  • Thanks OP

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