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Innovative HUD from Navdy-40% off at US$299 + $30 Postage GPS Music OBDII Gesture


I was really after a HUD GPS and stumbled upon a great concept from Navdy. 2 more days and it goes back to $499 - postage to Australia is a flat $30. Click link http://www.navdy.com/XubWaHg5 and follow through for orders!

The ones I really liked:
- Gesture control + Google Now and Siri (for music, GPS, calls, text, apps….)
- High quality projector
- Use any smartphone
- Safety when driving

More specifications on their site - copied a summary below:

  1. 5.1" wide transparent Head-Up Display (HUD)
  2. High quality projector
  3. IR camera for touchless gesture control
  4. Accelerometer, e-compass, ambient light sensor
  5. WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0/LE
  6. Audio out via Bluetooth or 3.5mm minijack,mini-USB port
  7. Internal speaker and microphone with noise canceling DSP
  8. Dual core processor running Android 4.4
  9. OBD-II power and data connection to car computer, with optional 12 volt power adapter
  10. Portable, bendable, non-marking, powered friction mount, with magnetic connection to the device
  11. Dimensions (excluding mount): width: 130mm,depth: 140mm, height: 95mm (including display)

Please use my referral link and you can too once you order :-)
Shipping early 2015 (Yes, I can wait)

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  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say, it won't work anywhere near as well as it claims to in the video.

    • I'm with you. There's no mention of testers or quality assurance managers in their team. I'm not too keen to pay $$$ to be an alpha or beta tester.

      Am guessing that this system has quite a bit of complexity due to the amount of integration going on. eg. Android OS, gestures, voice recognition, split screen display, bluetooth compatibility issues, real time ODB2, GPS…

      From a project management perspective there is a lot of risk in this project. If there's a deadline to ship early 2015, that leaves 6 months to assemble a testing team and begin testing. That's a lot of of shortcuts to get the task done.

      Large companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony have bigger budgets plus teams yet they release buggy products.

      Hope I'm wrong though. I'd love a HUD display for this kind of price.

    • I would like to think of this as an investment - after all there are no other HUD players offering such integrations and if they stack up well, I could see myself using this device.
      You also have a 30day return policy if the final product does not deliver to its promises!

      • I don't think you understand what an investment is…

        • Investment in time spent to evaluate this product.
          Price I am willing to pay to support such innovative ideas + $30 back on each referral (already paying off)

  • I'm interested to know if the device will show km's not miles as there is mention that it will be a standard model, let's hope that the app has those settings covered.

    Tempting price but one also has to consider the installation cost here in Australia for the data/power cable to get the most out of the device.

  • Nice idea. Ship early 2015 though. Guess it's a peer backing IndieGoGo and Kickstarter type thing. American, so wonder how well it'd go here and in hot Aussie climes and sunlight.

    Postage is $30, so $329. Not bad. Considering it has the OBDCII feature which can be from $20 to $200 it self and require a separate screen to see it all, which is either a spare phone or tablet.

  • Don't forget the poor man's HUD, made by Garmin.

    • Hmm at $179 it makes the navdy a bargain! Damn, it's so tempting, all those apps and the fuel economy feature from OBDC chip.

      • Did a similar comparison and Navdy is way ahead in terms of features and for this price!

        • The Garmin one also require you to buy a Garmin nav app for your smart phone as well (Navigon) for turn by turn nav.
          OK for Samsung users since all Sammys have Navigon preinstalled.

          However, it's only a matter of time before other companies see this and replicate this device with limited feature sets (no OBD for example) but at a much cheaper price (say, $200). I'm sure Garmin will probably retaliate and release a HUD version of their standalone GPS's with Bluetooth sync capability (e.g notifications, taking voice commands and such)

  • Talking about kickstarter kit, I want one of these!!


    • So do I. At first it looks gimmicky, not sure how big the battery is, but get a spare for $40. The integrated design is awesome. Just missing a clamp lock latch for the ute or crowded places with theives around trying to steal your cold drinks and food.

      Finished and ships in Feb2015. Hopefully it'll be under $350 with newer battery at retail stores here for summer next year.

    • Amazing - a kickstarter for an electric esky with a blender on it raises 13 bars.

      It's an outstanding validation of the KS model (crowdfunding is a brilliant idea that rewards entrepreneurs in ways that VC funding doesn't). I can't wait until more synthbio projects start being offered (things even more advanced than Beyond Eggs, for example - into which Li Ka-Shing recently dropped a lazy 23 bars).

      Folks are going to be amazed at how little they can fit into an esky that's already half-full with all the gizmos taking up space: they'll need a regular esky for the drinks, the ice, and so forth.

      Unless they're sisiies… in which case it only has to hold four Bacardi Breezers and a bottle of Midori.

  • Do you have to apply a special film on the car's windshield to avoid the double reflection? There is already a few cheap HUD apps for Iphone and when i test them on my 650i(has got a hud) they look ok but I get a double image on my 525i.

    • How is it on your 60065i ?

    • Just had the chance to watch the video on the site, since it projects the image on it's own panel I don't think there will be double vision issues at all, BUT the first photo after the video is very misleading!

  • The pre-order has been extended, thinking of using the new acquired ANZ amex (thanks to another OzBargain suggestion) but the conditions of the card state they charge 3% on international transactions.

    Looks like in this case being there a lack of a paypal option I may just have to dust off the old Citibank visa debit card.

    Does anyone actually know the cut-off date for the pre-order now?