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OSMO - Augmented Reality Game App for Kids - PreOrder Pricing (Might Expire at anytime)


Not sure if you guys know about OSMO… I just put in a pre-order (so technically not a true bargain as its always been this price, though the price is supposed to increase at launch) as it looks like a decent learning game for my son…

The website says the pre-order ends 8th Sept but it allowed me to continue. NOT SURE HOW LONG THIS WILL BE OK.

Here's my referral link if you would like to pre-order one and wish to use my referral : http://goo.gl/10lz0y
(Pretty please? I'm buying for my son & nephews =) [Update : I think i must have copied the referral link wrong as it does not seem to work =[

Note that shipping outside the USA is USD$28 for 1 unit, USD$40 for 2 units and USD$52 for 3 units.

Mods - please remove if this is violation of OzB rules.

Some write up about Osmo from Popular Mechanics :

Osmo, a new iPad-based toy by Tangible Play, melds the old-fashioned and new-fangled. While it runs on a tablet, the gaming system is based on a much more ancient technology: a mirror.

To use Osmo, stand your iPad upright and place the mirror over its camera. The Osmo mirror directs the lens’ gaze downward, to the surface in front of the iPad, turning that into a playable surface. There, players respond to on-screen prompts, arranging letters, shapes, and drawing lines based on what’s shown on the iPad. For instance, in Tangram, a shape appears on the display; on the surface in front of the iPad, the player arranges triangles, squares, and a trapezoid to mirror the on-screen image. Aside from choosing levels and difficulty, all the action takes place in the real world, in front of the screen.

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  • Someone correct me if i'm wrong but i don't see how preorder pricing constitutes a deal? In addition the price needs to be in title.