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Virgin Mobile - 2GB Bonus Data on 24 Month Plans for Non-Optus Customers (& Current w/Condtions)


Hey guys,
Be kind to a first poster - not sure if this belongs in the deals section.

The link pretty much says it all, but as a quick summary, from Fri 12 Sep (in-stores) or from Sat 13 Sep (online), Virgin is offering a Bonus 2GB on their 24 month contract plans for customers who swap from a non-Optus network to an Optus network, or for current Virgin customers who wish to recontract. (N.B. if you're currently an Optus customer, it's easy to buy a $2 Vodafone Sim and port your number out, and port back. It's actually often safer in terms of porting, as sometimes porting numbers on the same network goes wrong).
Data is billed per kilobyte (kb) including uploads and downloads (not per mb like with Vaya and other 'too good to be true' deals). Virgin uses the Optus 4G network. Obviously no where near as good as Telstra with coverage and speeds, but at least it's affordable. You also get benefits from rollover credit (per month) but NOT data. (Also includes free Virgin to Virgin calls and texts and credit includes international calls and texts).

Below is a little thought experiment, which, depending on how Virgin, and other providers price their handsets, may or may not turn out to hold true.

I know there aren't an overwhelming number of Apple fans on OzBargain, but given this deal lasts for a while, this might be one of the best ways to go about an iPhone 6 (/Plus). As someone who has devoutly bought outright phones and paid for cheap plans (currently on Virgin $20/month w/1.2GB data & $200 credit), with plans becoming increasingly more expensive, paying outright + plan is becoming as expensive as buying phones on contracts, however contract phones tend to be much more generous with credit and data (often unlimited calls and texts in Aus). With a bonus 2GB data, most should be pretty set.

For example, a 32GB iPhone 5s (which should be equivalent (or cheaper than) to a 64GB iPhone 6 as both are the second storage option *) currently costs $60/month on Virgin, ($30 phone, $30 plan) over 24 months = $1440. With $300 included data, and a meagre 300mb of data, this plan is suddenly much more attractive with 2.3GB of data. Furthermore, it's easy to opt-out of Virgin at any time over the 24 months, and only pay remaining handset costs ($720 including what you've already paid). They're also kind enough to unlock your phone for you. If you don't want to tell them you're changing to another provider, just say you're going overseas.
The iPhone 6 64GB retails on the Apple store for $999. If you're paying $20 a month for a plan over 24 months, $999 + (20 * 24) = $1479. (ie already costs more and I doubt you'll get as good a plan for $20).
You may be concerned about the low credit (only $300) but where most use internet messaging services (iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,Viber,Skype…) and with calling from WiFi coming to Australia, hopefully by 2015, I'd definitely be more concerned with Data allowances over credit.

*iPhone 5S storage options: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
iPhone 6 (/Plus) storage options: 16GB, 64GB, 128GB
I believe second tier storage options will be equivalent in cost at release (with the 6 Plus model costing ~$100 more)

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  • Just switched from Vodafone to Optus in Sydney Metro area. Of course, it's dependant on where you live, though I would highly recommend steer clear from Optus/Virgin. I made the mistake of going to Optus on a 24 month contract because they have better reception. Boy was I a sucker for their marketing. My wife and sister are both in battles with Virgin to get of their shytie network. 1 success so far… one to go. I was on Vodafone since 2001 (with a break to go with Telstra 2011-2013) and I was very happy with reception, price, data and roaming offering (and no… I'm not associated, just regretful that I've gone with Optus.)
    Disclaimer… ask your mates who are on Optus/Virgin if they have any problems first. I would recomend go with Voda's month to month sim only $50 plan. It will get anyone by! No lock-in contract and just buy a phone outright if you can afford it.

    • By the way OP… no reflection on your post. You have done well for your first and those interested in the Virgin network are better off with this! Just providing general advice for those around inner Sydney to South-West metro area

    • Im on their old $29 big plan with extra 2gb, with byo so only $19 per month, $450 credit and 2.25 gb data, it is possibly the best plan that ever existed, I personally have no issue with coverage except for in my house but no carriers work there, and also travelling to CBD from the sutherland shire, has only 1 deadspot, that is from como to oately, but I see a lot people stop looking at their phones at that time as well

      • There's better plans (that have existed) for data (especially if Telstra coverage/speed is important) =)
        Good call credits inclusion though!

        • I'm on the same plan as Avenger. 4G connection in most areas I travel to, so speeds pretty good. Never heard of a Telstra plan for $19/mth… (not with a decent quota at least)

      • I am also on big plan 29 with 2gb data. Did urs automatically become byo after 2 years and get $10 off?
        I was told I will no longer get extra 2gb if i switch to byo so am still paying 29 :(

    • On the flip side, both myself and my wife have been on Optus & Virgin (in Sydney) for the past 7 years and we've both never had any issues with the network. As you mention - probably dependent on where you live.
      Prior to Optus I was on Vodafone (where I did have issues - though that was over 7 years ago now so I imagine their network has improved)

      • ditto, ditto and ditto.. my wife, both kids and mum are all on virgin in sydney and have been for 5++ years now, no reason to change. i am on a sim-only plan, paying $30/mth … for the same i can recontract and get a free handset, or for $2/month get an S3… bonus! a no brainer. im waiting for NOTE4 to be listed under virgin and will consider them then.

    • Voda's $50 plan is pretty expensive, although 50% off for the first 6 months makes it more attractive.

      Especially so when other providers give you a phone for that price, which you can simply sell if you don't need it.

    • Currently with Virgin myself, terrible reception at Wetherill Park and Glenwood (NSW)… If you frequent those areas, just go with something else.

  • Anyone that uses the Optus Network can't get this :( Does that mean TPG is a no go?

    • Just geta $2 sim of vodaphone and voila…..Just wondering if you can get 2G with a BYO mobile on a post paid of $20 which givs $250 call and 250MB data PLUS a 2 GB for free

      • Just to clarify the process of temporarily porting to a $2 Vodafone, this would mean rougly 24-48 hours of unavailability due to the porting process right?

        So say you port your TPG to Voda on Monday over the phone, it could take up to 24 hours to get it ported, so only by Tuesday you can sign up for this deal, is this correct?

      • My contract ends on the 17th, with the iPhone 6 coming out on the 19th. Would I have any problems if I ported to $2 Vodafone Sim on the 18th, then went in store on the 19th and got the iPhone 6+ (assuming I can find stock)?

    • It's possible, but not easy. Unfortunately, yes, TPG also uses the Optus network. However, as mentioned above, it's not too difficult to buy a $2 sim at Woolworths and swap to another network, (Voda/Telstra etc.) port your number, and then swap back into Virgin. It's also easier to port your number moving from network to network, rather than porting numbers within Optus - sometimes (but still infrequently) issues occur with the latter. So it might be a bit tedious, but if you're adamant, you should be able to make the most of this deal :)
      I'm not too sure what the deal means by "or for Virgin customers who upgrade to a 24-month plan" to be honest. Better off going in store to figure it out.
      I've heard people on TPG who used to have the best value plans are a bit peeved with them cutting data down to nothing. I also believe that they've bought the rights for 4G, but aren't offering it yet…

  • Does this include the byo phone plans listed here?

    • Virgin is offering a Bonus 2GB on their 24 month contract plans

      So I'm assuming not as the BYO plans are all month to month

      • Agreed. Would be nice if they included BYO and allowed 24 months contract.

        Update: I just rang them asking if they can put me in a $20 BYO but on a 24 month contract and I was told it is not possible. Looks like I will just stick with prepaid for now.

  • Yep just been chatting to them and you have to purchase a phone to get the deal. Kinda takes the fun out of it if you already ahve a good phone

  • so if i get the $65 plan with the Samsung S5, which currently has 3gb data, do i effectively get 5g with this deal?

    This isn't too bad if thats the case, expecially with the kb time and 4g.

    $1560 for 24 months, less $500 for the phone based on kogan ebay deal, = $44.16 p/m

  • Not bad, just have to wait for iPhone 6 plan

  • I agree with OP's comments, but the bug thing for me is its quite different price you get when you resell your phone at 12mths as opposed to 24mths. I would like freedom to upgrade my phone every year - I have sold my iphones previously after 12mths use at a very good resale price. I don't know if I will be able to get a similar price if I sell at 24mths. Otherwise I agree it's totally much better to go with a plan.

  • Hmmm, for those not after the latest and greatest phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 plan is pretty good value. Cheapest I can find the S3 for is $269 (not incl delivery). The Virgin deal will cost $768 for phone and plan. Therefore, the calls/text/internet portion of the plan amounts to $499 or $20.79/mth but for the 79c you get more than the $20/mth BYO phone plan.

    Now the question is, do I want to effectively pay $20.79/mth for a mobile phone plan… or do I want to just stick with my prepaid plan of $19 which lasts me 3 months (but has squat all 3G data, a non touch screen phone, and crap phone camera)????

  • does this apply to sim only plans as well? if so the $35 dollar sim only plan from virgin is looking VERY appealing $500 worth of calls currently with 2gb of data (1gb extra promotion) + 2gb from porting that would be $500 + 4gb of data for 35 dollars? I'm sold if it works like that

    • Someone's answered this Q above. Sim only plans aren't locking you into 24 months.

  • Does the unused credit only roll over for one month? Or if you didn't use any of your $200 at all, would you have $1000 after 5 months?

    • +2 votes

      only for one month. i.e. with $200 credit, if you use $50 for one month, you have $150 rollover, i.e. $350 for the next month. If you use $100 that month, you only get $100 rollover (it doesn't stack up). Also, no rollover for data.

  • Site is down, but if I remember correctly their $60 plan is currently with 1.5GB of data (without any promotion).
    I signed up to their $60 plan just before they halved all the data allowance last year (3 to 1.5 for this plan), to be honest though this deal doesnt look all that good compared to their old plans, instead the $30 plan is good as you get 2GB extra as well.

  • I'm confused about the 24 contract that isn't.

    Is it right that you can cancel any time and all you have to do is pay the handset off? That doesn't seem right.

    For instance a Z2 is $10 per month on the higher plan so can I just start a contract cancel after one month and get a handset for $240 plus the cost of one month?

    • No. You will need to pay early cancellation fee which will be <$200 on top of the handset fee

    • Actually, Virgin are a bit sneaky here. On top of my current $49 cap I pay $10 for the iphone 5 16Gb. However, in the bill they consider the equipment charge to be $44, my $10 and the 'Virgin Mobile Contribution' of $34. If I want to cancel it is $44 in to the number of months left. There is no early cancellation fee though.

  • You;d want a few gigabytes on any 4g plan, so if that's what this submission is about then it's heading up a good path ([$20].

  • So Virgin would get a bonus/discount from Optus for doing this?

  • anyone know that I can sign on virgin mobile contract directly from Apple store for the iphone6? I am sure that we can do it for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. But not Virgin? Anyone can confirm this? Thanks. Try to get the iphone6 on the 19th, as Apple Store is the best place to get with plenty of stock normally.

  • For the iPhone preorders, does anyone know if porting details need to be given immediately?

    I'm currently on Optus, and while I'd like to port out to $2 vodafone and preorder, I understand there's going to be some lag time between preordering and actually getting the phone.

    So I'm trying to avoid having to spend days (or even weeks) on a crappy vodafone prepaid arrangement. I'd rather just port out to vodafone the day before I port to virgin.

    Any insights? Thanks.

    • I went to virgin today regarding this question. Essentially just port to Virgin as prepaid and choose upgrade.

  • So Virgin use the Optarse network… Silly question but does this mean their coverage, speeds will be the exact same as using an Optus SIM?

    • Optus owns Virgin so I would think speeds are the same.

    • Exactly the same speed / network / coverage. Basically there's no difference if you are on Optus or Virgin, the only difference is commercial (pricing, terms, etc)

  • You also get $35 referral bonus if you can find some existing virgin customer to refer you. If you can't find any, I'm happy to help. :-P

    PM me if needed.

  • Most of the iPhones are sold out now, this offer is effectively expired :-(

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