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Came here to complain about 1080p at 32", then found out it's actually 786p. Hard to see where this would be useful - surely a 24" 1080p...
18/05/2021 - 09:56
I have a few tomtoc products, quality is pretty good for the price 👍
14/05/2021 - 12:48
I do love a big strong long black one in the morning
13/05/2021 - 19:29
Yeah I like oat milk (have it every day with breakfast) and I love coffee, but oat milk in coffee is pretty awful IMO. When I stopped...
13/05/2021 - 18:04
For anyone wondering, looks like this was added in an Intel driver update **for Windows only**:...
12/05/2021 - 13:15
https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i5-4570-vs-Intel-i3-6100/1896vs2617 Seems the i3 is better on single core performance, but the...
12/05/2021 - 12:47
Will this do 4K @ 60HZ? Edit - [Dell specs...
12/05/2021 - 12:36
Showing as OOS at TWD right now, but 220 GBP less VAT equals about $315, plus shipping. Their rates are usually pretty reasonable, so yeah,...
10/05/2021 - 14:38
Plenty of OzBargainers spend much more on a gaming PC, watch, phone, etc. and no-one bats an eyelid. For many, nice pens are as much a...
10/05/2021 - 11:36
Pelikan Souveran M600 & M605 Fountain Pens $356.80 + Delivery @ Peter's of Kensington eBay
Bit of a niche deal, but a fantastic price for this classic fountain pen. Normally retails for $400+. Note that Pelikan nibs are...
10/05/2021 - 11:00
Yeah sorry OP but these 21.5" iMacs were total garbage value even before the M1 came out. They'd need to be around half price to be a...
29/04/2021 - 13:17
They have the standard warranty, most people seem to report they're basically as-new condition.
27/04/2021 - 10:46
[Dell 32 Curved 4K UHD S3221QS Monitor $389](https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324527204372) looks pretty good?
26/04/2021 - 10:21
Currently one left going by boxes on the shelf Fellow ozbargainer in front of us, hey mate with the beanie
23/04/2021 - 20:23
Piece of cake. Remove the cap, push out the puck, rinse for 2 seconds, done. Just make sure you store it with the piston pushed all the way...
22/04/2021 - 15:51
Honestly can't really recommend either, at this price you'll be far better off with a cheap manual brewer (e.g. a V60) and a decent hand...
22/04/2021 - 11:38
Came here to post a snarky comment about the spelling of espresso in the title, then realised Big W have also mis-spelled it...
22/04/2021 - 11:29
10400F and 11400F are good value gaming options
22/04/2021 - 10:09
I haven't worn the Uniqlo so I can't compare, sorry.
18/04/2021 - 15:55
I have some AS Colour shirts, they're really good.
18/04/2021 - 08:22
Yeah, especially given they've stopped allowing pickups and their prices usually aren't super low, means I usually don't even bother...
13/03/2021 - 11:12
The problem with a vacuum isn't so much ESD but literally sucking components off boards (especially capacitors). I've used a vacuum in the...
13/03/2021 - 11:08
> Isn't the point of a business to make money? Yes, exactly. Sony's in it for profit just like everyone else. They're in it for their own...
02/03/2021 - 15:41
I dislike scalpers as much as the next person, but Sony isn't selling PS5s out of the kindness of their hearts. They're "profiteering for...
02/03/2021 - 15:14
Yup, Sony watching scalpers sell PS5s way above RRP pretty clearly shows the supply and demand is way in their favour... Prices aren't...
02/03/2021 - 15:11
Used RX 580s are going for $400+ on eBay, it's wild
01/03/2021 - 11:24