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I think his hinting for you to buy it for him... ;)
20/01/2019 - 07:21
and the holes that it comes with... make sure you kindly note the holes... for wifi to work more better
19/01/2019 - 21:47
Screwing something bit right?... Lolll
16/01/2019 - 18:12
Yeh I believe there's a deal between them and air Canada, in some cases it's a qf flight number but ends up as an Canada air flight n vice...
11/01/2019 - 10:30
Your only real option for direct flights to Canada (Vancouver) otherwise it's to US then Vancouver. Canada heavily regulates what airlines...
11/01/2019 - 10:18
lol damn kids... can only go around school holidays! which means 0 chance of a decent price hahaha
09/01/2019 - 12:01
Actually this is quite plausible and it's not malware or chips as such even though there are components that can do such things that are...
27/12/2018 - 06:35
Nothing to us personally but as a country I tend to agree with the ban on Huawei...although anyone they choose will likely find a way to...
27/12/2018 - 06:29
Lolll... Same devs who made the ET game for Atari wrote ME.... Only OS that would crash while in the middle of a crash
26/12/2018 - 14:33
Scares me because it's my favourite game of all time, even surpassed zelda ocarina for me which to me was a masterpiece of gaming. Just...
22/12/2018 - 20:35
That's a long time... Lol Christmas blues
22/12/2018 - 13:48
Yep typical LG main reason I moved away and stayed away.
19/12/2018 - 18:44
Horrible... Pizza huts all u can eat buffets back in the 90s tasted better than the crap they served.
18/12/2018 - 19:35
like Chronograph SSC265P Le Grand Sport ? lol
17/12/2018 - 16:29
precisely what i went for! ... i do recommend the advent case (so far all the beers have been good to great) 30% off with advent30 code +...
12/12/2018 - 10:42
No prime sale BF sale was a bit higher in price I think but more stock than prime ... just luck I got it on prime day when they added more...
07/12/2018 - 05:29
More backhaul antennas (4 vs 2 and speeds 1.7gig vs 877mb) also faster triband AC3000 (1733 + 867 + 400Mbps) AC2200 (866+866+400Mbps) rest...
06/12/2018 - 15:52
here's a quick side by side.. :)
06/12/2018 - 14:13
yep ubiquiti stuff are great switches to AP's use them a lot at work and have been using them since they started out, i went with Orbi for...
06/12/2018 - 13:52
Might be worth getting price match at HN and using Amex for $50 rebate :)
06/12/2018 - 13:49
...... i did not know that was even possible and why anyone would!
06/12/2018 - 11:40
5,600 velocity points worth around $180 ?? wow really? so my 10k velocity points is nearly worth 300+? when did this happen! thought it was...
06/12/2018 - 11:16