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13 $0 Udemy Courses: Networking, Powerpoint, Android, MySQL, Interviews, Wordpress, Negotiation

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  • Laws of attraction is gone.

    • -2

      Maybe you should get a haircut

      • +1

        Look good, smell good, confidence, a dash of cockyness like you have done it before 1000s of times, then ask alot of questions.

        Getting them is the easy bit. Keeping them is the hard part.

  • "Android Development Essentials" also gone

    • I think you can still enroll, I did enroll.

  • +1

    PowerPoint Tricks is gone

    Thanks TA

  • Thanks TA!

  • Out of interest, how many courses have we all signed up for so far?

    I'm at 70 now :)

    • +1

      how many completed? :P

      • +2

        How many started ? :)

      • Well ahh… I haven't actually started any yet but they're definitely on my To Do List ;)

        • +2

          The first one you should probably start with is How to get started with Udemy Courses. Then probably the procrastination ones.

        • @jaero115:

          Already signed up to 1 or 2 of the procrastination ones…

          The getting started on Udemy is probably the missing link :)

    • 1177

      Done 2

      • +1

        Damn, change your name to Udemy :)

        …or Udemy_Incomplete maybe better ;)

      • Wow how funny is that!

    • 7 done 2.5

    • 488.

      Finished about 10, 20+ in progress.

      Thanks again TA.

  • +2

    wheres the mysql one?

  • Once you register, does it become a free life-time access?

    • +1


    • +1

      Sure does!

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      How many stints in the sin-bin is that now pls?

        • +1

          Not you again.

  • +1

    Any real Hadoop courses, TA? I have "done" some overview ones (basically a blurb), but keen for some "doing" courses.

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