Udemy: Post Your Courses Here

Udemy deals are undoubtedly popular on OzBargain. In 2013, while regular users were posting good Udemy deals, reps/overseas users were posting pretty bad Udemy deals. The Udemy marketing team was also promoting dodgy tactics to get their deals on OzBargain. Read a bit of the history here. So instead of a blanket ban, we banned reps & overseas users which worked quite well.

However, we are often getting contacted by reps wanting to post their deals. Some of them good, some of them bad. While we don't want to open up posting again for reps to flood the site, we do want to offer an in between solution.

Reps or anyone else, feel free to post a course in this thread. If an OzBargain member feels that is a good deal, then certainly post it as a deal or add it to a list of deals. We will point all requests to this thread so let's see how this works out.

Notes to Instructors:

  • Please ONLY post here and not anywhere else on OzBargain. (e.g. don't spam the comments of other Udemy deals).

  • If you have a few courses to share at once, combine them into one comment rather than a separate comment for each course.

  • If your course has expired but you have decided to extend the promotion period, reply to the existing comment indicating that the course promotion period has been extended. Please do not make duplicate comments if you have simply extended the course promotion period.

  • Tick the box next to "I am associated with Udemy" when posting your comment.

  • Do not post spammy comments when sharing your course/s (eg. writing "FREE!" 26 times).

    • Spammy and duplicate comments will be removed and you may be banned from commenting in this thread.

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