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$0eBks: Sensory Play (Over 65 Sensory Bin Topics) and Over 280 Activities To Engage Your Toddler


1) Sensory Play: Over 65 Sensory Bin Topics with Additional Picture Books, Supplementary Activities, and Snacks for a Complete Toddler Program by Gayle Jervis and Kristen Jervis Cacka (Nov 9, 2013), 175 pages, save $10.99

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Amazon's Description:

Sensory Play is the essential Sensory Bin Program for Toddlers. This book contains over 65 sensory bin topics with picture books, supplementary activities and snacks to stimulate your child.

Sensory Play activities provide opportunities to
-Encourage exploration
-Learn new concepts
-Increase creativity
-Develop small motor skills
-Expand vocabulary

The foundation for Sensory Play is on creating sensory bins for your toddler’s self discoveries. Each bin focuses on a specific theme: Colors, Seasons, Celebrations, Alphabetical/Topical.

Who will enjoy these activities?

This book was written as part of our Busy Toddler, Happy Mom Series and therefore is suitable for your child who is over eighteen months old. However, if you also have a preschooler, this book is also really appropriate for your older child since he or she will enjoy all the sensory bins and activities but with even greater understanding of the topics. As in our first book, this book was designed to increase your fun and interaction with your little people.

2) Busy Toddler, Happy Mom: Over 280 Activities to Engage your Toddler in Small Motor and Gross Motor Activities, Crafts, Language Development and Sensory Play by Kristen Jervis Cacka and Gayle Jervis (Feb 27, 2013), 174 pages, save $9.99

US: http://www.amazon.com/Busy-Toddler-Happy-Mom-Development-ebo...
AU: http://www.amazon.com.au/Busy-Toddler-Happy-Mom-Development-...

Amazon's Description:

Do you often wish you had more ideas on how to keep your child stimulated at home? Do you find yourself signing up for expensive toddler programs since they give you the confidence that you have provided all that your toddler needs for his developmental growth? Do you wish that your toddler could be more fully engaged in his play so that you have time to do the laundry? Have you purchased activity books to give you more ideas on how to entertain your toddler to discover that they are more appropriate for groups of toddlers at a daycare or for a specialized program?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this book is for you!

Busy Toddler, Happy Mom has been divided into specific chapters that work on specific skills: small motor skills, gross motor skills, arts and crafts, sensory abilities, books and language development. As these activities are introduced, you are also increasing your toddler's math and reading readiness, her vocabulary, her understanding of language, and her understanding of her world.

So here is your chance to use a toddler activity book geared toward you, the parent or grandparent, who wants to engage her toddler in one-on-one learning experiences, while encouraging your toddler’s ability to play independently.

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