expired (Expired) Acer Aspire One 751H (11.6" LCD, 1GB) $499 from NetPlus


Thought I would share the bargin if anyone is in the market for one of these things.. this is the cheapest I have see this Acer for…

I think they are offering 2gb module for about $49 extra

Acer is also offering a cash back of $89 until the end of OCT 2009… so it'll bring the price down even more to $410!

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    Price seems cheap but then thats what i always thought of Acer , are these good notebooks ?


      this type of netbook suits me… lightwieght just right for travelling overseas with.. with a bit of grunt and has all the stuff I need like the BT and WIFI

      I do work with Acers as part of my job and I cant really fault them… I guess its a matter of choice and what past expereinces you have had with them.

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    Id rather have a acer over a compaq any day!


      I have 3 HP, one Dell XPS(LCD and motherbord broke down, but service is good, was replaced for free) 1 benq (broke once, the service center is in Geelong, they want me drive there, finally I repair it by my self). 3HP never get any problem, one of them work 24 hours a day for more than 10 months.


    I don't like Acer, everyone around me who owns one wishes they didn't. But it's a good price and brands aside anyone in the market for one of these I'm sure will be happy with one.

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    Vote for good price.

    My first acer laptop disappointed me and kept disappointing me for a few years because of my tight budget. Maybe I was just unlucky, but now I only try some brands other than acer.


    nevermind. But yeah, at $410 after the cashback it's not bad


    Shipping is $19 to outside WA, therefore, 9289's offer look cheaper for those who live outside WA.

    $499 + $11 shipping Australia wide


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    I would never consider buying a netbook with the grossly underperforming Atom Z520. Get something with the N270 or N280.


    Would Z520 be that bad for basic computing and surfing the net on the move….I have got a bigger, better machine at home. Needed a basic netbook, this one looks good. Not sure about processor though !!!!


      Z520 is fine for basic computing, word processing, listening to music, IM, watching SD videos (DivX/XviD rips, DVDs) - no problem. Has Wireless and Bluetooth (pretty sure) so it's ideal for portability.

      The Z520 is slow when compared to the N270/280, but for basic tasks you'll have no problem in the world. Upgrade the RAM to 2GB and it will be a very decent machine.


    These are fine for all basic need's. I just installed Windows 7 Starter on an older Acer Aspire One (Model #: ZG5) and it works great (no drivers needed :) ). Had mine for about 1 year and no problems (I love it) :).

    Good for: Internet, Office 2007, Music, Movies (Not HD), Games (Older type games: Quake 3, NFS Porsche 2000, etc).

    This is much improved over mine: Bigger screen, Proper HDD, 6 cell battery….


    I have 2 notebooks (compaq) and recently buy 2 net book (Acer AOD105 and Acer 751H) There is not much different for all of them if use for surf the net and basic work. I try install 2G RAM in these 2 netbook and the performance not much different too. 1G RAM is fine for them. Cheers


      Yeah well they almost all use the same CPU and without much in the way of graphics chipsets they are pretty equivalent ATM…at least spec wise.

      That said, I find the build quality can vary greatly.


    record Oz dollar really driving these netbooks down in price. great price, not sure about the Z atom, those are for embedded devices, but they should work fine as a netbook.


    hehe Acer Aspirin


    My Acer Aspire One has been a wonderful netbook, never had a problem [apart from the bios which I updated, then re-updated due to a bad update release]

    Great netbook's though, my friend has had 2 MSI Wind's in the same time as I've had this.

    BTW what's an Acer Asprie? Is it similar to an Aspire but aimed at dyslexic folk?


    Is the RAM used in netbook the same as in notebooks?


    There is no black & white answer to your question ManDude.
    The spec's for this deal state: soDIMM … DDR2 667/800 MHz SDRAM.
    This is a RAM type commonly used in Notebook PCs,, but, you'd need to cross reference with the spec's for the Notebook in question to ensure compatibility.

    For a little light further reading, Wikipedia is a good starting point.
    See their articles on SO-DIMM and DDR2 v DDR v DDR3 SDRAM.

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    I just went to NetPlus website, the price is $599 now.
    Is the offer expired?


    Expired? but now it only 4XX after 89 cash back, not too bad, I have a 10' 2140 Hp, otherwise will buy one.

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