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Cactus Outdoor Spring Sale: Supertrousers $145.77 Shipped


Cactus Outdoor make amazingly durable clothing and equipment. Their WK Supertrousers are world famous in New Zealand, not for everyone but I love their gear and this sale is a rare opportunity to stuff this cheap.

These might just be the world’s best general purpose trousers and they’re made right here in NZ. These trousers can handle a shortcut through the gorse, nailing up some framing, or fitting the chains on the access road. On the flip side they are just as sweet for waiting for your fix at the local coffee cart, stylin’ at a BBQ, or sitting in the office dreaming of better things. There are two types of people out there, those who love their Supertrousers, and those who haven’t bought any yet!

For something lighter we’ve got the Lite Supertrousers and if you think even sturdier is better, the Premium Supertrousers might be for you. If your legs run hot, check out our Supershorts.

Antelope is the darker of the two browns - classy, like your favourite high cocoa chocolate. Ocean is a blue - not quite a light denim blue, but close enough. Moss is a light olive green. All very serviceable colours. Note that all the colours will lighten with use and washing as the natural cotton content of the fabric won't take a dye fixative in the same way as a 100% synthetic fabric.

  • Exclusive 12oz C-Canvas is super durable and great to wear
  • Made by happy people who’ll be even happier if you buy some
  • Handle tricky manoeuvres, be they building houses or a quick spot of bouldering with the articulated knee design
  • Casual styling which can handle almost any social situation
  • Clothing related embarrassing situations are minimised by YKK zips (because they’re the best) and bar-tacks at all stress points
  • Phone pocket for easy access to your digital companion
  • Construction backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship

This review is great:

Wow! And I thought only alcohol could make me more attractive, dance better and give me the sence of humour of an A grade comic, but no, these pants do that and more, minus the hangover. I've owned this pair for half a year now and I still see the envy in the other tradies eyes, those poor fools in their inferior brands never truly knowing what it's like to be man, but the cup of man is a dangerous thing and once sipped from you'll find yourself wanting to neck it like a stubbie on a hot day, and now my supers have broken in beautifully I found myself yearning for the caress of a stiff canvas against my thigh again a canvas that is at home on me as it would be on a tall ship, so I bought the premium super, have been wearing them over a week straight (no showers for I am man) even sleeping in them and they are coming along splendidly but shall report fully in around 6 months, over and out.

Another typical review and echo my thoughts:

Bought my first pair in 2004, and they're just like day 1 (only softer). The only trouser that will outperform their owner…. Any thougher and they would rust.
Deserving of a six star rating!!!

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