NRMA Disappointing Car Repair Process

I am currently experiencing a pretty disappointing claim experiece with NRMA.

On Saturday 11th Oct I was rear ended by another driver while stopped at a roundabout.

We exchanged details and I lodged claim same day with drivers details. He was apparently fully insured with Suncorp.
Monday chased up the smash repairs I was assigned to see if car towed there yet. Car finally towed on Tuesday afternoon. Quote finalised on Friday arvo for $10,900. Car insured for agreed value of $12,350 on a 2007 Mitsub Outlander. Told by smash repairs will take another 4 weeks to repair. Rang NRMA to see why so long and speak to assessor who said he will go look at car on Monday as that amount of quote needs his approval.
Assessor rings me this afternoon to say their preferred repairer is unable to fix car so he is getting it towed to another repairer for another quote. I spoke with the smash repairer very day last week following up and they NEVER said they were unable to repair the car. Why suddenly does the assessor say they can't?
Ideally I would like the car written off for the agreed $$$.

Seems very strange and fishy to me.

So I have been out of a car for a week while they stuff around for another quote.

I rang the claims department and escalated it. Spoke to someone who was very helpful but not sure what is going on.

Anyone have a similar experience??

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  • Check out compass claims. They will give you a hire car if it's the other party's fault, and charge their insurance.

  • kk, are you third party or comprehensive yourself?

  • Sounds like they are trying to push it to a cheaper repairer doesn't it? Doesn't mean it's bad, but you are getting dicked around a bit.
    $10k isnt a massive amount for repairs nowadays really.
    If you don't like what they are doing escalate it and don't just agree with what thy are saying.

  • Accident happened in Sep.
    With Woolworths Insurance, after one whole month of lodging the claim, still have not got a confirmation whether there is a claim.

  • OP, since you are not at fault, think you may be entitled to a free hire car at the expense of the other party's insurance, so you don't have to be out of a car for another month.

    • YES, and I could be wrong, but I don't think you necessarily would have had to go with NRMA approved repairer, given that it's not they who will be footing the bill, but Suncorp.


      OOPS, didn't see Mattie's post below

  • This is what i would do,tell NRMA you will no longer be requiring there assistance in this claim and to please have the car towed to your house. Go and see the repairer who first quoted the job and ask him for a copy of the quote, pay him if you have to, $100 should be enough. Obtain the suncorp claim number from the at fault driver, ring suncorp and lodge a third party claim, they will then send an assessor to your house to compare the damage to the quote (he may trim it down a bit) suncorp will then pay you that amount direct. You will then have the option to sell the damaged car on gumtree, ebay etc. or have it repaired for cash probably for 5000. note: If your car is written off by your insurer you will also loose the rego and the balance of your insurance premium.

  • Thanks all for the advice.

    It will be handy to have this info up my sleave for when they call me tomorrow.

  • Normally insurances do not pay out cash if the car can be rapaired. They just get it repaired, so I do not think Suncorp will give you the cash.
    NRMA is notoriously bad for seeking the cheapest repairer they can find (they auction the repair online and give it to the cheapest). This is especially annoying when, like in your case, they are your insurer and they are only handling the repair on behalf of the other party's (ay fault) insurer.
    Same thing happened to me (NRMA my insurer and Suncorp other party at fault). Suncorp are a lot more generous on the repairs and yet NRMA screws down its own customers giving them a cheaper repair.
    Lodge the claim directly with Suncorp and good luck if they liquidate the damage in cash, otherwise get them to carry out the repair (you can choose between they preferred repairers which are normally quite good) and do not cut corners like they do for NRMA.

    • From your post above, could it be that NRMA is still charging Suncorp the high price for the repair then auctioning the actual repair for a cheaper price. Therefore they keep the difference and add to profit?

      Not saying it happens but it could.

    • 3rd party claims they will give it to you, they ask do you want money deposited to you or the repairer.
      …reply to Maxi

  • And I forgot…CHANGE INSURER…
    I did

  • Don't NRMA have choice of repairer?

  • Yes but I was told that if your repairer is more expensive than the best quoted price they have and your repairer does not want to do the job for the lower price you have to pay the difference. But yes you can choose your repairer…you just have to pay the difference!!!