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DSE Sale: Samsung 40" FHD LED TV $499, 20% off Select Games, AC Unity $56, Forza Horizon 2 $56


Great sale from DSE Today, Says selected but a lot on sale. Free pick up or $4.95 Delivery
Samsung 40" Full HD LED TV UA40H5000 $499 Save $150
Xbox One Console + Kinect $508 Delivered**
**HALF PRICE Alll Telstra $30 Sims

Forza horizon 2 XB1 $56
Diablo 3 ROS PS4/XB1 $56
Ryse Son of Rome XB1 $56
Dead rising 3 XB1 $56
Forza 5 XB1 $56
EA Sports UFC XB1 $56
Just dance 2015 PS4/XB1 $48
Infamouns first light PS4 $16
Metro reduX PS4/XB1 $48
Rayman legends PS4/XB1 $40
Skylanders Trap team XB1/PS4 $56
Call of duty Advanced warfare PS4/XB1$56
Assassins creed unity $56 PS4/XB1
Sony PS4 Eye Camera $56
Dragon Age Inquisition $56
PS4 Coloured Controllers $64
Destiny PS3/XB360 $56
Diablo 3 PS3/XB360 $40
Gran Turismo 6 PS3 $28
Sony PS4 Stereo Headset $80
Turtle Beach P12 PS4 Headset $56
Minecraft PS3 $16
PS3 Assassins Creed Revelations PS3 $16
Xbox 360 wired controller $20
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U $20
Gamecom Rig Gaming Headset $80
30% off Selected Headphones
20% OFF Selected Games Gaming accessories
20% off Selected GPS
20% Off Selected Soundbars
25 Off Selected Speakers and Docks
20% Off Selected Printers
20% Off Selected Blu-ray/DVD Players
20% off Selected Hifi Systems
20% Off Selected Digital cameras
20% off Selected Cordless phones
15% Off Selected Hard drives
15% Off These consoles
15% OFF Selected TV;S
PHILIPS DJ Over-Ear Headphones Black SHL3100 $17.50
Philips CitiScape Shibuya On-Ear Headphones - Blue $19.60
PIONEER Over-Ear Headphones Blue SEMJ711B $17.50
NAVMAN MOVE50 In Car GPS $74.25
BELKIN iPad Express Dock $45

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • is this the cheapest for Samsung 40" FHD LED TV?

    • +1

      Yes. Previous cheapest was $509

  • Weren't game preorders $59.98? Or did that expire (because 0.8*59.98 does not equal $56)?

    • +2

      The $59.98 pre order deals ended, the last lot were in store only

      • When were game pre-orders $59?
        EDIT: I think you're right thinking on it, they were, weren't they? Why'd they bump them $10?

      • So can you order in store to get that price still or no?

        • +1

          Ok this week the $59.98 games are Sunset overdrive xb1 Halo, farcry and gta 5 :) And yes they are that price in store

        • @TRENT86:

          Oh nice, any idea which store in Melbourne CBD might be best to order / pickup? I can grab in person but need a store which stocks it - what about that big one near the Telstra shop downstairs?

        • @hamwhisperer: I wouldn't know dude im in Perth. Any store should have all the games

        • @TRENT86: Nah we have a lot of 'basic' tricky dickies here, example the one closest to my house I think has no gaming goods at all

        • +1

          @hamwhisperer: ok well easiest thing to do is contact them by phone or ask fb page to see if the store you want to go to has the stock you want :)

        • @TRENT86: Thanks for the help, pre-ordered in store at only $59 AU. With my 5x 10$ cards (25$) my total cost will be $35 out of pocket I think. Not shabby for a brand new game.
          Let's see if they get it in stock launch day in the CBD :/

  • +2

    These http://www.dicksmith.com.au/playstation-4/sony-ps4-stereo-he… are a must buy at this price, especially for PS4 owners. I paid $50 more than this and do not regret it at all.

  • Is the tv any good?

  • The cheapest Dragon Age: Inquisition has been for pre-order so far ($55). Tempted to get it, but want this game on launch day and know what DSE's delivery has been like.

  • Thanks, got CoD: Advanced Warfare for PS4 for $61 shipped.

  • +1

    Why do I keep bothering with DSE?

    Just tried to order something, it said the order failed yet the money still came from my PayPal account.
    Now on phone for 40 minutes with customer service, speaking to some Indian I can barely understand to sort it out.

    • I hate using paypal

      • The guy said I'll get refunded in 48 hours. I told him I don't want a refund, I want the games I ordered!
        He was telling me some rubbish about it being limited to the first 200 customers.
        Why do they bother with these clueless overseas call centres? They a complete waste of time.

        The dick smith website isn't working at all now

  • GTA5 PS4 :{

  • +1

    Quite the effort there Trent - well done.

  • Yeah I bought 3 Sony power banks from DSE's ebay account a month ago when it was on sale and after 2 weeks waiting it was cancelled and guess what? They put it up for sale again but for $30 more each…

  • I was kinda disappointed when I saw Shadows of Mordor go up in price… just in time for the sale. It was $69 yesterday, now $63 with 20% off.

    • +1

      That's Why it's not in post.

  • aww if only it had far cry 4 cheaper, managed to grab dragon age though, thanks for the heads up

  • Do we think the $10 for $5 gift cards will happen anymore?

  • FIFA 15 also $63.98. Cheapest at the moment. Has been cheaper in the past though.

  • meh, preordered cod and asssassin's creed for xb1 (used one of those $5, $10 gift cards). Figure most discounts these days at dicksmith don't include games so took the punt. Won't find em anywhere cheaper locally. Also sunset overdrive that i preordered ages ago for $45.98 just shipped apparently, so should arrive tomorrow (release day).

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