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NAVMAN EZY255LMT 5" In Car GPS $57 Delivered Was $169. [ON NOW] 12-1pm EDST @ DSE


NAVMAN EZY255LMT 5" In Car GPS $57 Delivered Was $169. 12-1pm EDST 100 ONLY

With a large 5 inch screen the EZY255LMT is easy to use and gives you features like Lifetime Maps Built in, including safety camera updates, Live Traffic Updates, Bluetooth Hands-free, Premium Safety Alerts and Speed Limit Alerts giving you not only the very best in navigation but also keeping you safer on the road.

  • 5” Touchscreen
  • Lifetime Free Maps Built-In
  • Bluetooth® Hands-free
  • Live Traffic Updates
  • Premium Safety Alerts
  • Landmark Guidance
  • Speed Limit Alerts
  • Smart Find Keyword Search
  • Digital Logbook
  • Premium Language Support
  • 3D Junction Views
  • Smart Route powered by HERE Traffic Patterns™
  • Fuel Type Keyword Search
  • Driver Fatigue Alert
  • Australia and New Zealand maps

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  • tough to find reviews, apart from this very brief one. Sounds like its not a complete dog, I will give it a try (sets alarm for 11:55)

  • Does the feature Live Traffic Updates require a separate purchase / subscription?

    • I don't think so. According to the user manual they are using FM radio data to provide traffic updates. And on their site I can't seem to find any signs that suggests this function req. separate purchase.

      Somebody correct me if I'm wrong please! I'm really tempted to get a GPS unit esp. given this price!

  • Never own a Gps…always rely on my phone…tempted to give it a try coz signal for phone nav suck inside city… Uhm should i give it a try?

  • I've heard bad things about Navman, that being said - for the price it's quite good.

  • Seems it is limited to 100 orders, so best be quick.

  • Also couldn't find any reviews. Although there are quite a few poor reviews for NAVMAN in general. But for 50 odd bucks might give it a go

  • Honest opinions - when are gps any good? I sell a lot of stuff on eBay / gumtree and the number of times people say their gps has sent them in ridiculous 10-20km loops past our place just makes me wonder. And no our place is not hard to get to, it's one turn off a major road and if you miss that one there's plenty more options!

    • Mapping errors do happen, I had somewhat similar problem for years in UBD printed street directory, nothing to do with GPS. Generally I found GPSes absolutely brilliant piece of technology, but one can not surrender full control to them - being aware and thinking is still required (however NAVMAN is not really that good).
      When you travel overseas, once you try it with GPS, there is no way going back (no pun intended)!

      • From my experience, I have not found any type of phone or GPS / car gps to outperform the TomToms when it comes to best route (time saving / speed) and most accurate timing. Even the Google maps / navigation falls behind. I dont know how the Tomtoms do it, maybe its their formula or years of experience and also they have these features where it sort of learns from you and other drivers using those routes i think but time and time again i am really impressed with them.

    • Even with the gps built in to my cheap crappy head unit, I never have any real problems. and i deliver pizza..

    • Dedicated GPS units: their advantages over smartphones is they tend to work when the weather is warm / hot. Smartphones (because they are so thin nowadays) are not ideal to be mount close to the windshield under hot weather for a prolong period of time. Thermal protection auto cut-off for phones may kick in when you use smartphones as GPS for a long period of time. Another advantage of dedicated GPS units is that they tend to include speed camera warnings out of the box (not that you should be speeding).

      Compared to in car / built-in GPS to car: dedicated GPS units tend to have better / more routing options, speed camera warning. However, in car nagivation system can work without GPS signal due to having information about the speed of the car and digital compass (in car ones work inside a tunnel or a carpark).

  • Awesome thanks for sharing I'm going to buy this and sell my move50 for 50 bux :) so I can have live traffic

    Can we pick it up also ? Like click and collect?

  • can I install US and Canada maps into this device?

  • "Lifetime Free Maps Built-In" is only for the products recommended lifespan not unlimited map updates forever
    "The life of the product (“Useful Life”) is defined as the period of time that your device is serviceable and/or supportable by Navman, or until the software is superseded and can no longer be supported." apparently this is about 2-3 years.

    • The life of the product… is about 2-3 years.

      About as good as Coles 'fresh' bread!

  • Are there any other sales? Where's the source? Thanks!

  • 12-1pm EDST = 11-12 Brisbane time?

  • Lifetime Map and Camera updates for Australia and New Zealand. No timed school zones.
    Memory: 4GB internal
    Memory Slot: MicroSD
    Bluetooth: Yes

    LMT = Lifetime maps and Live Traffic updates.
    I think this model was released July 2014.

    • what is Live Traffic and how does it work?
      How is it Live?

      • Free Live Traffic Updates
        Don’t be fooled by hidden fees or letters like ‘HD’, when you can have live traffic news and information from Navman with absolutely no fees. We use real-time traffic information that measures traffic on city roads, reliable information from Suna sourced from nationwide traffic authorities, as well as road sensors and cameras to update you about conditions ahead every 3 minutes. All fee-free.

        • Live traffic not available in all areas.

          SUNA GPS Traffic Updates are transmitted across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra metropolitan areas. Within each broadcast area, we transmit traffic updates for major arterial roads, freeways, and tollways.

          In cities where the SUNA service is operating, you will enjoy one of the world’s most comprehensive real-time traffic services

        • @g12345567: Dam that's pretty good, I didnt' think they would have that much info across Aus

        • @g12345567:
          The website clarified it, is FM radio - cool:
          The current frequencies are:

          Melbourne – 104.3 and 101.1
          Sydney – 106.5 and 103.2
          Brisbane – 97.3 and 102.1
          Gold Coast – 105.7
          Adelaide – 102.3
          Perth – 94.5
          Canberra – 106.3

          It is generally not advisable to manually lock the device onto a single frequency as receivers are designed to automatically search other stations carrying the SUNA service. Also if the frequency changes, or you travel to another state, the unit may not work. If you continue to have difficulties with the unit automatically finding the frequency, please refer to the retailer of purchase your device manufacturer.

          If you are using a connected device such as a Smartphone application, SUNA Live Traffic Updates is broadcast via a mobile data connection.

  • To buy or Not?

  • I use HERE traffic Traffic Patterns™ on my S5 (there's a nokia app for it, free!) and I have to say I like it a LOT more than google maps. The only minor issue I have with it is that it forces you to type the entire address whilst google maps will 99% of the time suggest the correct address after you type just a few letters.

  • Apologies for this very lame question. Is the sale over already? Confused about the "EDST time"

  • +1 vote

    EDST is the acronym for eastern daylight savings time, so the sale starts in VIC and NSW at 12pm, 11am in QLD

  • I've tried a Navman EZY200LMT and found it pretty good. I usually use an older TomTom Go 720.

    The Navman has a bright screen (lots don't), speed warning (can save you the purchase price in one shot). I do find the female voice used a complete irritating bogan (compared to the lovely Irish voice I use on the TomTom). Changed to another language just to avoid hearing it. Pity they don't have a greater range of voices.

  • I will attempt to buy, looks like a good device to replace my very old TOMTOM - which asks me for AUD80 extra each year for maps.

  • silly question: would this device have a HUD mode?

  • Website is already slowing down - lol. Bugger off people - don't jump the queue ;p

  • Page says $55, checkout says $169…

  • puts it in checkout but price goes up!

  • Wait a few more mins for cart price to change

  • Well that sucks. Same again, full price on checkout page.

  • any code? checkout still 169?

  • Trust dse to stuff it again

  • I wanted to get this before I go to lunch! Damn you Dick! wasting my lunch time!

  • I went back to view my car and it's showing subtotal $ 55. However when I tried to pay, it's showing full price of $ 169????

  • Please be patient, DSE employee's are buying the stock whilst we wait for the price to update in our carts.

    • Its to create a mad rush to buy at $55. Those who think that they are buying and if not good sell it off. This wont even fetch $20 :P

  • Having the same issue. Checked with Bing Lee ( Refused to price match!

  • Fixed!

  • stuffed.

  • what….stilll says 169 on checkout

  • working now

  • Done $55

  • and now the site is down!!

  • on last page it says $55, purchased one


  • For all of you newbies this is what happens every time dse has a time deal, they make it live but it always takes about 4 mins to activate in cart :)

  • super dick strike again……. failed.

  • my paypal is now hung… :(

  • Made it through the checkout… eventually! $57 delivered. Got a blank screen at the end (no order confirmation screen), but the email acknowledgement came through, so…

    • you got lucky

    • Same for me, after seeing the full price for nearly 5 minutes!
      Thanks lots to the OP, but DSE must be getting close to being kicked out here.
      All sold in less than 10 minutes makes a mockery of a one hour buying window.

  • Stuck at the checkout page.. trying and trying :(

  • sold out

  • Goddamnit, get in the line - don't push me around!

  • sold out… wtf

  • LOL… Temporarily out of stock

    Typical Dick!

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