This was posted 9 years 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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XB1 (Kinect) AC Unity Bundle + 4 Games $599, XB1 Call Of Duty AW 1TB Bundle +2 Games $599@JBHiFi


Another bundle deal if you want a different mix of games
XB1 (Kinect) AC UNITY Bundle + Sunset Overdrive + Forza Horizon 2 + Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare + Dance Central Spotlight $599 @jbhifi
XB1 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 1TB Bundle + 2 Games $599 + Delivery

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    No live.. and cod and dance central only. Still believe you won't do much better than the msoft deal you posted earlier. Here's hoping they restock for those that missed the games they wanted.

    • Like I said above, for people who want other else

    • This has 6 games, the other one has 3 games + gold. I'd say its a fair trade

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        5 game + gold

        • We're talking kinect bundles here.

        • @mr kindface:
          Yes, there was a kinect AC bundle with 5 games + gold+ kinect for $579 before out of stock.

        • @couger: The 5 games included AC Unity and Black flag, so it was the xb1 unity bundle + 3 games + 12mth

  • deal isnt working, tried to purcahse but it comes up as $778.93.

    • just wait an hr or 2 the deal must not be live yet :)

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    jbhifi is not competitive anymore. DSE outdoing them on new release games ($60 approx compared to $79+) and their bundles are underwhelming. that microsoft deal will be the benchmark for console deals now.

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      Ok show me the xbox one bundle dick smith is offering? Probably the just the console for $599, jbhifi rule at bundles, dse rule at gaming prices

      • the ones they have offered in the past with the coupons posted on ozbargain have been pretty good. JBHIFI has not had an extra 10% discount or family friend night in ages. These extra discounts are what make a bundle even more enticing. if they made a deal like the $499 one we saw today (or even cheaper with $20 code and cashback) then they would get my money.

    • $60 is pre-order only tho. Non-preorder they are $69 or above and most stores don't even stock 90% of games. Also JB \does have games like CoD for $69.

  • What the… a good selection of games. personally i don't like the control of sunset overdrive

  • Hey everyone; I'm fairly new to Ozbargain, and had a question:

    Based on your Ozbargainer experience, is this kind of deal expected to be beaten at Christmas time, or is this the best we will probably see?

    • think Microsoft will offer cashback on select xbox one consoles like last year.

    • It will chop and change all the way to Xmas and then again after in Post xmas Sales, really hard to tell. This bundle is a great price though if you want these particular games

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    Damn, this is a pretty good deal. I would sell 4 games from this bundle, probably get $200 back, essentially being $399. I like.

  • Has anyone gotten this to work yet? No doubt it will eventually, but wondered if it was just me that was doing seo thing wrong? Adding all items, still showing over $778.93

  • Deal is available instore, just purchased mine. But make sure you get all your download codes, i have to go back and get my COD code.

    • would you mind telling us what games were discs and what were DL codes?

      • You get Sunset Overdrive + Forza Horizon 2 on disc, everything else is DL code. AC Unity is around 50GB download in it self.
        They dont mention it in the ad, but they also offer a discounted price on Xbox live subscription (sorry cant remember price, better price at ozgameshop)

        • If they could find a way to include Xbox live in this deal i'd probably go for it. That or offer a 10% off family friends night.

        • -1

          @nubzy: Lol you don't ask for much

    • Rang them yesterday and they told me it starts today. Went in today and got knocked back by the games guy telling me that it actually starts tomorrow (and it says that on his flyer). Wheeee!

      • It's online now and shows correct price :0

        • Yep, it was online while I was in there today. I'll just go back in tomorrow instead of waiting for delivery and save myself the delivery fee.

    • Which JB, mate? Mine can't seem to find it and won't make it up

  • Yep, it was online while I was in there today. I'll just go back in tomorrow instead of waiting for delivery and save myself the delivery fee.

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    Just picked this up from Knox JB. I was going to by Forza 5 aswell, but the guy chucked it in for free as a download code. Walked out with an XBOX ONE with Kinect and 7 games for $599….

    • any chance you could post receipt? that seems to be about the best deal. Sunset Overdrive was switched out for Watchdogs yesterday. If you got this deal with Sunset and a free Forza 5 that's pretty good. I'd like to try price matching that as MS store does not seem to be restocking their bundles.

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