This was posted 9 years 8 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[STEAM] Arma 2 Complete Edition $7.99 USD Save 80%


come with Arma 2 and Arma 2 operation arrowhead plus some DLC packs, save $51.96 overall

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  • Does this let you play the DAYZ that you would be playing if you just bought DayZ on its own?

    Is ARMA 2 any good on its own?

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      According to the Arma 2: Combined Operations page.

      The Day Z Mod requires Arma II and Arma II: Operation Arrowhead, both are included in this bundle, however for the best experience (including high detail textures for all models used in the DayZ Mod) purchase Arma II: Complete Collection.

    • yes its what you need to play Dayz mod and since its the complete edition itll be in better res

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      The Arma & Operation Flashpoint games are good if you are willing to spend time learning the control scheme and keyboard shortcuts. It is refreshing to play games that are completely devoid of "consolitis".

      The original Arma 2 introduced a lot of free roaming campiagn missions but sometimes are a little buggy. Operation Arrowhead has a more traditional & linear mission structure. The game has 2 built in benchmarks which are useful for testing hardware, the first more a test of GPU ability and the second more CPU focused. I haven't played the DLCs yet. You can download custom missions for Arma as well, so there is a lot of enjoyment to be gained from the $8 admission price.

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      if you're into the whole day-z kinda thing, but want a more up-to-date game, get arma 3 + breaking point mod ( basically the same, just different naming (copyright, etc).

      arma 3 + breaking point + epoch mod + battle royale mod, etc etc… much nicer than arma 2 imo (i also thought about getting arma 2 bundle, but opted not to)

      but if you want something to play on the cheap, then sure get the arma 2 bundle, then download the day-z mod. :)

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    Anyone looking at getting into DayZ?
    Get this bundle. Don't waste your time on the broken standalone ($30).
    The mod has so much more to do.

    Heck even Arma 2 alone is worth the price, great (though clunky) game!

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    Great deal for those who want to play DayZ mod. Keep in mind the mod is over 2 years old now and the community is dwindling a bit but if you can get a squad together you should have a great time.

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