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Kogan 42" Agora 4K Smart LED TV (UltraHD) $599 + Delivery


Just got this in a email, was waiting for something similar to pop up.

Sounds nice check it out

(First deal post; be nice)

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    Same problem as lots of them, only output is coax audio, which is not volume controlled, so can't control soundbar or external amp. Needs HDMI out for that I believe.


      They still make TVs with only coax audio out? Is this 2014 or 1994?
      Still, can plug sound bar into PVR, games, etc. separately but a bit of a pain.

      Maybe it has ARC? There is no link to the manual for this model so we can't tell…


        I'm quite sure that's S/PDIF coax (supporting up to 24bit 96kHz digital audio), and not analog RCA audio outputs like you'd find in 1994.

    • +2 votes

      Don't shoot me, but who uses any output on a TV?? It's an input device.

      Watching Neighbours with surround sound??

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    HDMI and no DisplayPort inputs limits PC resolution to 4K@24Hz. Kinda sad really. Still sounds like decent value for money if you're not fussed about that though.

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    The 1920 x 1080 resolution for PC is the downfall; which is why it was not a instant "click" buy for me. Wish it was 4k for pc also


      I can see the max PC specs is Full HD @ 60Hz but it probably does UHD @ 30Hz. My 40" TCL does. Of course it's not good for gaming but fine for desktop and video. Though you'd want to double check it is just an omission on their online description before buying.


    Also http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/55-agora-4k-smart-3d-led-tv-uhd/ $999+del

    Anyone has any experience with any of these?


    dude, still a ripper price for someone that wants 4K Tv (even though no real use for 4K TV yet, hence kerberos's PC point)

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