This was posted 7 years 2 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xiaomi 10400mAh Portable Power Bank $23.92 Delivered from Mushtato eBay


Mushtatoo has kindly placed the Xiaomi 10400mAh Powerbank into the eBay toys category. Makes it a cheap purchase for local Aust stock without having to wait weeks for delivery from Banggood or DX.

Mushtatoo raised prices slightly when compared to their eBay prices ($28.85 from memory) before the Toy sale started, however $23.92 is still a bargain. Make sure you buy the powerbank from their Toy category listing.

Also cheaper than their previous deal which was hugely popular:

Remember to stack with CashRewards for 2% extra discount YMMV.

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  • bought, thanks op

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      yeah because hackers can steal your data using a battery powerbank.

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        yeah .. don't buy their headphones either it can listen to your conversation

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        It wouldn't be impossible to have an exploit built into a battery bank considering you connect your phone/tablet with a regular data cable.

  • Estimated delivery: Wednesday, Nov. 12

    Been waiting for this.. . Wow watch them fly out the door. Thanks Mushtatoo & eBy!

  • Thanks op, great deal!

  • Genuine or fake?

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      Mushtato wouldn't sell fakes.

      • Awesome, good timing too.

        • Very good timing. My phone is running low on battery. Do you think they'll send it express?

  • Can these be bought on carry on luggage?

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      yes you can…I took it along with me while travelling overseas

  • bought! going to japan soon, this will be great to keep my electronics charged while on the go for maps/transportation timetables etc!

    • are u going to have a baby in the future?
      if yes, dont go japan

      • Why's that?

        • Guessing he's referring to the nuclear reactor meltdown…don't worry, wasn't a big deal so can see how you'd miss it :P

      • Watch out for them banana's too…

  • What is the actual batteries used.

    looks like 18650 and would have to be 2600mah ea

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    No 5200mAh version?

      • Why is this cheaper than the subject bargain!?

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          Because it's the 5200mAh version. This deal is for the 10,400mAh version.

        • @eug:

          Link is for 5200, just drop down for 10400mAh version:

          $21.81 + free ship worldwide, so similar price within a couple of $$

          40 or so days delivery, or select:
          Australia Expedited Air +$2.00 (9 working days in transit typical)

          Total: $23.81 USD

        • Posted below for comment, error

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          @Wiggam: OK, this deal is AUD$23.32.
          From fasttech:

          US$21.81 = ~AUD$25.66
          US$23.81 = ~AUD$28.01

          So this deal costs less, you'll get it quicker, it's local stock so you get local warranty, and it's definitely genuine.

        • @eug:
          Agree with everything you say. But its out of stock, so am trying to give others an alternative.
          Credit wholly to you for finding the 5200mAh version…

        • @Wiggam: Credit to techno2000, you mean… I was only replying to NBAD25's question. :)

        • @eug: You're right. Credit to techno2000…

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    Thanks - going overseas in December and this will keep the kids occupied on the iPads throughout the whole trip!

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      Don't know why you were negged.. iPads are great for keeping kids occupied on the holidays.

      • I meant more for the flights than the holiday itself :-) Only so many Peppa Pigs and Octonauts you can handle before the battery dies on the iPad.

  • Thanks, good Xmas pressy!

  • Can we choose colours?

    • Sorry, only silver colour available at this moment.
      200 units only.

      • It's listed as $29.90 now?

  • +1

    Hi All, this is a Special eBay TOY Sale, extra 20% Off. Limited Stock 200 units only.
    Happy purchasing everyone.

    Please like us on Facebook, we have deals coming.

  • purchased - 146 sold in past hour though so better get in quick all

  • Stoopid lazy Sunday, I've missed out. Good price.

  • Why is the code not working for me? I'm trying to enter it in paypal checkout..

    "The redemption code can't be used for your purchase
    You may have typed in your code incorrectly. Please verify your code and try again."

  • Thanks OP. Deal looks expired now

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    For those locked in the deal, thanks for the quick hands ;-)
    All special units SOLD in 1 hours.

    Cheers OZBargainers

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      Please re-stock!

  • Bought two thanks

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      damn u making me regret buying just 1.

      • I guess I was the last one to purchase.. it ended as soon as I purchased

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    Relist please!

  • dammm missed out too

  • Missed out :(

  • try aud.dx

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    Damn missed it. A true OzBargainer should have had his phone on in church.

    • LOL, we all did that

  • Store rep, any idea when you will get more stock on your website at a similar price to the last deal ($26)? Willing to get one. Or any chance of restocking the ebay listing?

  • Was a great deal thanks OP. I've purchaed xiaomi products before very good hardware I can trust, never trusting cheaper brands ever again. They're reputable amongst the community. Also mushtato last time sent only real ones, batches we're tested for genuine confirmation.

  • This one is for $25 delivered (Sydney stock). Seems legit:

  • Eug's tests above. Credibly supports that this 10 400 bank would charge up readily overnight; 6.5 hours. With 6.42Ah enough capacity to recharge the most juice-thirsty phones, twice, with possibly a slither remaining.

    Based on my quite efficient OnePlus, and by a rough estimate, I would expect standby time to avail me the best part of 1-month, backed by=2x3100 charges.

    achievable with CM11S, mostly idle and w. data Off in Android. However, it is a sweet result:- UMTS, WiFi access, paired Bluetooth: all set On. - 7d 12h 2m 29s lighter-usage, & otherwise comprising idle 28%, Wi-Fi 27%, Cell standby 18%, Google Play services/ Screen/ Bluetooth x5% ea.
    "15%" remaining battery so..extrapolating, might only just stop short of total< 9 days.

    • That's quite impressive.. but did you never used the phone for that 7 days? Screen time is just about one 1 hour.?? .Screen time is what is important for me at least rather than the standby time…

      • Yeap - last wk was only '1 hour,' coupled with a few calls, few hundred megs app updates(Wi-Fi) as well as a update CM11S 44S - received today.
        And then much smaller BT communications to LG watch on the side.

        I'm mainly desktop, however it make for an interesting experiment, in longevity-mode. ie: for ages I've wondered what ratio standby was chewing - Vs Wifi, v how much is bt eating, and so on. Incredibly standby alone drained the previous, albeit super-old-3.2" acer mobile inside of 2 days, thus a better upgrade couldn't have arrived for this user.

        OPO's energy simply refuse to run down. Moderate users I sense would will have a decent time emptying its power in<60 hours.

        • yeah that's what I guessed.. may be test for max screen time as well.. With my Note 2 with Note 4 ROM(DN4), in the ultra power saving mode theoretical stand by time is about 15 days haven't tested it though.. . but screen time that I normally get with my heavy usage is about 6 hours.. Quite happy with it

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    Very happy with mine I got last deal, it lasts forever and charges my devices as advertised. I have charged various devices, iphones, Samsung galaxy s5 and a HTC M8 without issues. Great device and good price as well.

    • Yep, very happy with mine too.

  • dammit, pls put more up!!!

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    Was in China last month and these were everywhere selling for 50cny which is about $9.50

    • +1

      probably saw the word "genuine" floating about a lot im guessing

      • RRP from their official store is 69 yuan ($13). The huge markups persist because people have no problem buying them at these prices.

        • Or those $9.50 ones could be the same as the various fakes available online. I'm quite sure if the fakes are available overseas, they're available in China too. That's where they're from, after all!

    • You better find out whether it's LG/Samsung cells and Texas instruments, BQ24195 IC inside ;P

  • more ,more , more ,now.

  • Missed out too :(

  • I missed out on this one but if anyone has any links to similar power banks for a good price please feel free to paste them below.

  • AU $16.14 + free ship, purple only

  • +3

    Just be careful with fakes. Do your research, and if it does not have the code attached, and does not re-set when plugging into itself, it's fake. I bought one from ebay, was fake, so got a refund.

    • There's lots of fakes on the market.
      It's better with LG/Samsung cells and Texas instruments, BQ24195 IC inside and delivery from :)

  • The copy of this powerbank range from $3.5-$7.0. Very hard to tell whether its generic or not unless compare the battery chip and PCBA

  • If anyone who received the item update how much postage cost I can tell from that whether it generic or not.

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    Hi all,
    This is my first post on Ozbargin ..what a great site.. :-)
    With regards to Xiaomi 10400mAh Portable Power Bank as Gmac61 stated do your research.
    I have been looking to purchase this for many months waiting for a good price & have contacted numerous sellers on EBay .. those that have responded have confirmed they are None Genuine.
    There have been warnings listed in numerous Tech forums & Cnet with regards to exploding fake Xiaomi 10400mAh as the controller & batteries are generic dodgy Chinese units
    Xiaomi do not currently have coloured 10400mAh units.
    The following is the what I sent to suppliers for confirmation which may help anyone ask the right questions in confirming authenticity.
    “Dear Sir / Madam,
    Is this a genuine Xiaomi Power Bank with Texas instruments, BQ24195 IC & LG batteries ..?
    I am questioning this as:-
    The picture shows a very grainy rough finish to unit.
    The USB an micro USB are a different colour to original unit.
    The labelling is different.
    Can you please advise.
    Best regards,”

    Hopefully this help an sorry for the long post.
    I have yet to actually grab a deal on anything from Ozbargins as they are gone/closed/ended by the time I get the Email …Dammm

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    Just found this which may be a good deal..

    • +1

      Thanks, I just ordered one. The site says it's going to take a long time to get here with free shipping, but I'm not in a hurry. As long as it arrives this year I'll be happy.

      • Opportunity to tryout a 13K- '7'amperes-hour#generic# for a willing subject. Was about to myself but made two orders of OP's one already (supposing a lesser outside chance for self combustion:D ….Others may work yet.

    • It's a fake. Finally got mine in the post the other day.

      Opened a dispute via AliExpress and got a full refund, and the seller let me keep the product. So I got a fake power bank that still works for free.

  • Got mine 2 weeks ago express post 3 days to Tassie $52 includes post. "works well"

  • noob question but is this a rechargeable unit that charges via usb ?

    • Charges via microUSB.

    • +1

      charges itself via USB/AC ..charges other via micro USB

  • Anyone read the Chinese instructions?

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