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$95 for a single blind motor and someone thought to themselves this was a bargain 🤣 Even at half that price they are overpriced. I’ve…
17/07/2024 - 15:13
Same, reason I did not buy a previous deal. Given the price it like a cheap non name brand tablet
07/07/2024 - 17:19
They assume Opticomm customers are having constant outages so likely don’t need deals. Worst decision of my life buying land in an…
30/06/2024 - 16:43
The correction on Nvidia will be biblical
26/06/2024 - 18:08
Im thinking the same, should have grabbed one earlier when the price was lower.
11/06/2024 - 12:19
BYD isn’t a competitor with its poor build quality and even worse local support and service. Car sales are dropping everywhere even for…
10/06/2024 - 10:23
Pretty expensive as a stand alone lock, at least this includes the hub. I got the A100 Aqara for $274 delivered last year. I’d like to…
06/06/2024 - 15:38
Anz doesn’t have two factor to login only to make large transfers, under $1000. No different than getting in the garage door and taking…
01/06/2024 - 20:20
Do you use internet banking in your phone or computer? Why open yourself to that risk go into a branch
01/06/2024 - 16:05
Returned the Lenovo P11, lack of updates and support is a negative. I’d stick with the Samsung for that alone.
01/06/2024 - 00:03
I have zero interest in a pen so it coming with one means nothing, they wont be giving it away for free, for those that get the iPad…
31/05/2024 - 16:53
Grasping at straws 😂 one update does not make a product good. Not supporting your product shows Lenovo is a poor at software support for…
26/05/2024 - 10:34
Security updates are not OS updates, Lenovo is notorious for selling product even flag ship with 1 update, zero excuses for it.
26/05/2024 - 00:27
Same, got this for my mother in law, she loves it, uses it all day every day, worth the extra
25/05/2024 - 22:56
Low ram and no updates, spend a little more and get a Samsung and years of updates.
25/05/2024 - 22:24
Had to wait for until after our VIC COVID prison sentence was over to go to a wrecker, then wait for them to get stock, then that was…
19/05/2024 - 13:59
Jeep is dead, they cannot make parts for new or old cars. I’ve been waiting 4 years for a part that starts my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee,…
19/05/2024 - 11:27
Lenovo isn’t well known for providing software updates, you may get 1
17/04/2024 - 13:36
The only reason hybrids are taking off is that the big 3 have gone into survival mode before they are gone, Stalantis is already dead, they…
04/04/2024 - 13:17
I was going to go with this as I already have their cameras but went with the Aqara G4 as I have the A100 door handle and it’s…
25/03/2024 - 21:22
Samsung warranty on their most expensive items is a nightmare. Had a $15k ducted aircon system and they took months to fix a brand new…
24/03/2024 - 20:58
I was stuck making the same decision, the "pay Google more" for standard features bothered me to buy this over the Nest, I do think the…
22/03/2024 - 15:05
I ordered one as this seemed like a great price, I see you can use Homepods as your door bell, does this improve the weak receiver/chime…
22/03/2024 - 15:02
Thanks for the update, certainly something for others to consider when dealing with @Wireless1
15/03/2024 - 23:53
Ordered a UDM pro today from a new deal, if its opened its coming back. Not acknowledging the issues is pretty average if this is the case,…
15/03/2024 - 22:06
Got myself a UDM Pro for $665 with the $100 off from the same vendor, I only had $600 of Afterpay so just purchased a $70 eBay gift card…
15/03/2024 - 12:46
Could be worse, could be 99% of movies being woke Star Wars movies
24/01/2024 - 14:28