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Authentic Xiaomi MI 2.1a 10400mAh Li-Polymer Battery Mobile Power Bank - $24.20 @ FastTech


Saw the earlier deal a short while ago and was expired.
Not too much more expensive than that one.


This one is 24.20 AUD.

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  • Is it really authentic?

  • I ordered one months ago from FastTech and can confirm it was genuine.

    It did take a very long time to receive it though

  • Doubt that price very much.
    Xe.com says
    21.81 USD = 25.2629 AUD

    And who gives rates as good as the Xe market conversion rate?

    Also they offer: Australia Expedited Air +USD$2.00 = 9 working days
    If not, have to wait estimated: 45 to 60 days

  • What, cheaper now than last time, save $1.75. Previously $25.95, link here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/162476

    Ordered one, excellent, genuine product.

    Saved me last night using my phone as a Sonos play5 party player, and it easily got me there through to this morning.

    Highly recommend this product.

    • What, cheaper now than last time, save $1.75.

      Save 69c .. US$21.81 is AUD$25.26. If your bank charges conversion fees, it'll be the same price as before. The previous deal was local stock though.

      I agree it's a great product, although I think the 5200mAH one is more suitable as an emergency battery as it's smaller and lighter. Fasttech sell those too.

  • http://www.fasttech.com/products/1424/10008025/1709400-13000...

    this guy seems honest when selling powerbank
    "13000mAh" External Power Source Portable Power Bank w/ LED Flashlight
    actual capacity 7500mAh / 1A+2.1A output

    • I can definitely recommend Fasttech, very good customer service and reps that actually communicate in english.

    • what does "actual capacity 7500mAh / 1A+2.1A output" mean?

      • Actual capacity refers to how much the power bank really has. Fast Tech tested the power bank and finds that it has 7500mah capacity even though the packaging claims it has about twice as much.

        Chinese manufacturers typically exaggerate on the capacities of batteries. Well known brands like Xiaomi or Anker typically don't lie about the capacity. Stick with the more well known ones when buying a powerbank.

        You'll find they'll also pull off this kind of bullcrap on the lumens rating of flashlights and LED's.

        The power bank has 2 output ports, one capable of producing 1 amp current and the other capable of 2.1 amps.

  • Also available from a local ebay seller @ $24.99 http://bit.ly/1tQX0EF

  • Bought from FastTech as all reports say they are genuine.
    Now the wait -
    Ordered 25 October
    Tracking number said "Left HK 9 November - Surface Mail"

    Couldn't wait so also bought one off eBay - If you need it fast (like me) pay the extra and buy from eBay AU Sellers. I think I paid $28.88 for one that will be delivered in two days.

  • Li-Ion, not Li-Po.

  • Can you charge your phone through the power bank while the power bank is also being charged from a wall socket?

    • why not go directly through the wall socket?? and charge the power bank later.

      • +1 vote

        It'd be more convenient if you could do it inline as the power bank would always be topped up.

        Also, some people use it as a UPS for their Raspberry Pis or similar.

    • +1 vote

      Can you charge your phone through the power bank while the power bank is also being charged from a wall socket?

      Yes, pass-through charging is supported by genuine ones.

  • Fasttech double-processed the order even though I only went through the checkout once with no use of back/forward/refresh buttons, so I ended up with two order numbers. I immediately cancelled the second order on the day. Now the Credit Card statement has come and they didn't refund until a day after they charged it, so the exchange rate is different, and I have lost 28 cents. 28 cents due to their stuff up.