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Nokia Lumia 625 4G Unlocked $148, XB1 Kinect + 5 Games $568, 8X10" Digital Print $1 @ BigW. Thur


Big W Deals. Starts Thursday
Buy iPad Mini 16GB For $298 And Get Bonus $20 Wish Giftcard
How to train your Dragon 2 DVD $16 Or Blu-Ray $25
PS4 Grand theft Auto 5 Console Bundle $498
XB1 Console With Kinect + AC Unity + AC BF + Forza Horizon 2 + Dance Central Spotlight + Shadow Of Mordor $568
Nokia Lumia 625 4G Unlocked $148
Canon 1200D SLR $488 + Get $100 Or $200 Double Cashback Via Canon
HALF PRICE Vodafone Pre Paid Starter Kits $15
HALF PRICE Cadbury Roses 450g $7.35
HALF PRICE Select Bonds
HALF PRICE Square Canvas Prints
HALF PRICE 8 X 10" Digital Print $1

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    The Lumia 625 looks pretty good for its price. Shame I already own a phone and have no need to replace it.

    Also, a little tip OP; it's Dance Central Spotlight. :)


      Cheers Bud :)


        You're welcome!

        A little note about Dance Central Spotlight

        It's only $10 on the marketplace, with 10 songs packed in.
        The game takes on a different pricing structure, where one can cherry-pick ideal (DLC) songs over paying $40+ for ~40 songs with filler included.

        Therefore, some may not want to value that as a 'full game'.


          Unfortunately most places are now bundling with that game, it's like the bloody trials fusion packed in the PS4 Bundles

  • +1 vote

    Thanks, just cant find where the Nokia Lumia 625 is, no catalogue that I see starts Thursday? Any direct link would be great.

  • +1 vote

    Lumia 625 best price. Hope my local big w have it in stock.


    I wonder if I could get my friend who works in the home entertainment department to switch out the game selection.


    I couldnt find PS4 Grand theft Auto 5 Console Bundle $498 in the catalogs :(

    Maybe i will grab this one.


    Is the PS4 GTA V bundle the black or white console?

    I was thinking of selling GTA V and keeping the console.


    anyone know any ps4 deals that come with fifa 15? i see heaps of xbox one deals that are on with fifa 15 but i cant find any with the ps4 :(


    This is weird, it said the deal is ending on the 19th of november while the GTA V PS4 bundle wouldn't arrive until at least 2 more weeks…


    I still cannot see the Nokia lumia deal. Can someone confirm?

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