Tablet Too Sensitive?

When scolling webpages it often zooms instead very frustrating. Anyway to turn the sensitivity down? Its a 10" Pendo pad running Andoid 4.2.2.


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    It's not a sensitivity problem. The issue is the touch digitizer — it's detecting phantom touches when it shouldn't be.

    If you go into Developer settings and select the option "Show touch indicator" you will get indicators that show where a touch was detected. If you see multiple indicators appear when touching the display with just 1 finger then it's a sign that your tablet is a little dodgy.

    This happens on my Cube tablet but it seems to be caused by the tablet's charger which is introducing noise and ripple into the charging current.


    Depending on the firmware you can turn down the frequency the digitiser checks for touches; this in effect lowers the sensitivity.

    '50' is default, my galaxy note got better battery life and was flawless at '20'

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