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iOS Linkin Park Recharge for Free (Normally $1.29)


• Linkin Park Recharge for free (normally $1.29)

In this fast-paced 3D action game the player becomes part of the Resistance; the last stand against the Hybrids.

In a bleak future, the world we know is no more. Earth is now a barren wasteland ruled by the monstrous Hybrids - hostile synthetic creatures made of metal and flesh. They ravage the world, depleting it of its energy and valuable resources.

Join the Resistance!
•Explore the Wastelands in a fast-paced oldschool action game!
•Unlock songs from the new Linkin Park Album as you play
•Challenge yourself with highly tactical gameplay that will surely test your skills
•No In-App Purchases needed to complete the game.
•No internet connection required
•Connect to the internet and get the latest updates and new game features - automatically!
•100+ different items, just waiting to be found
•Accomplish 60+ goals, each with its own reward
•Win epic loot with the Replicator-Slot-Machine!
•Sell your loot for Crystals to buy even more epic equipment in the shop
•Over 50 Missions to explore!
•Optional Online-Leaderboards show you how much your friends have recharged and how you compare to other players around the world
•Use your Power Glove and Element Attacks tactically to execute massive combos
•Drain your enemies of their power
•Recharge the world with the energy you reclaim
•Make a name for yourself in the Resistance, and reap the rewards
•Play as the band-members of Linkin Park

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