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This is the fuel watch thread for NSW/ACT/QLD. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.

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i've been paying attention to the cheap petrol prices in Sydney lateley and correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) in Sydney!

Combine this with the gift cards from the previous 5% off deal (if anyone hadn't used them all yet) and us ozbargainers are cheering!

Non-everyday rewards e10 price: 125.9c
Everyday rewards e10 price: 121.9c

Non-everyday rewards 95 price: 138.9c
Everyday rewards 95 price: 134.9c

Edit 9/5/19: This thread is now for NSW, ACT & QLD (previously was NSW only).


  • you mean cents :)


    Do you mean the 4c discount for spending >$30 at WW or just present an EDR?

  • Cost Co petrol was $1.21 today also

  • Bass Hill Caltex has been this price for the last few days

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    121.3 before EDR / 4c discount
    @ Bass Hill

    Based on their mobile app

  • a bit cut .. i went to metro petroleum down the road from here expecting to spend $20 and getting $10 back from shopsmall amex. But their AMEX POS terminal wasnt working !!

    For those using amex, dont forget you can get $10 off petrol at selected "metro" .. worthwhile! (if it works~!!)

  • Best to support independent.

  • the money i save on this is going straight to Jasmin1

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  • Cheapest E85?

    • The United app says cheapest E85 at their stations in the Sydney area is 107.7 at Yagoona. Pretty much useless, some petrol stations are selling the real deal for less according to MotorMouth.

  • From mambods: E10 109.9c/L, Speedway Horsley Drive Fairfield Sydney

  • From wholesaleturbos:

    • Metro Fuel 1.08/L Canterbury Rd Bankstown (Sydney)
    • Metro Revesby is 1.07/L just after Revesby maccas
  • I have just heard that the BP on Sunnyholt Road Blacktown is selling petrol for 99.9c/L.

    Fill 'er up!

  • Metro on King Georges Road in Blakehurst was selling E10 at 104.9 this morning at around 3AM. Not bad for Christmas Day.

  • All petrol stations in Blakehurst and South Hurstville are 102.9 for E10, including the Shell-Coles Express and Caltex-Woolworths on King Georges Road.

    Eastern Suburbs stations seem to be hanging around 109.9/L.

    • That is probably the most consistently cheap petrol station in the entire Sydney region. Ever since it opened, the stations surrounding it have dropped their prices.

      If you have an EDR or Flybuys discount, the Shell to the north and Caltex to the south are 102.9 cents per litre for E10. Minus the discount, it's 98.9 cents per litre at these stations.

  • From aiyoyo:

    ULD91 $1.039/L at Caltex Woolworths Kogarah NSW(Potentially 4cents or 14cents discount)

  • From Xeon

    Caltex Woolworths and Coles Express - South Hurstville NSW

    E10 97.9c
    91 103.9c
    95 110.9c
    98 115.9c

    (+ 4c/litre discount with grocery voucher)

  • Casula Costco - 99.9c/L

  • Alexandria Metro is currently 94.9 cents per litre for E10, 100.9 for unleaded.

    I caught a glimpse of a sign advertising 98 cent per litre 98 octane premium unleaded, didn't catch when the promotion was on, though.

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    This is the fuel watch thread for ACT. Please feel free to post the latest best fuel prices here.

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    Unleaded Fuel 98.7c/L (with 4c Voucher) @ Woolworths Caltex Canberra Airport
    Cheap fuel at Woolworths caltex at Canberra airport so get it whilst its cheap

    • Can we do a price match?

    • It's cheaper without 4c voucher at 7/11 in Castle Hill, NSW

    • Should be cheaper. 95.9 with coles docket at Warrawong yesterday.

    • Whilst I appreciate not everywhere has the same Fuel prices, there is many places around sydney that are below $1 before the 8c a litre discount offered (91.9c). This may be a bargain in the ACT though so we will see how it goes.

    • Is that a date or a price?

    • $0.987 or 98.7c

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      Or you can get 0.987 at Costco without voucher but with membership. Woolworths is simply matching price with Costco. Everywhere else in Canberra it is 127.9

    • This particular servo has been around this price for some time due to Costco fuel being 100m up the road.

      I think I heard costco hit 98c over the weekend.

    • Is this unleaded petrol cut with 10% ethanol ?

      • No.

        If it was E10 it would be marked as so on the signage (as per ACCC requirements. Same at the bowser, ULP91 at caltex is marked via yellow stickering, E10 is marked with green stickering (and has a little leaf on it)

    • I was over that way on Friday at 2pm and people were queued around the roundabout completely blocking a major road. Bloody nuisance. WOW should discount ALL over CBR.

      • What a joke. Perhaps the area needs to be marked as 'keep clear' and force people to come from the other direction past the pet stores and pillow talk (or whatever it is). Considering the only road into the area is single lane, it's a bit daft to have people blocking it so they can fill their car up.

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      Not sure if the OP knows this or not, but they've been jacking the price back up to the usual extortionate levels every night at 9pm when Costco closes.

      This said, it is cheap by the ACT standard, but Woolies doesn't deserve much praise.

      • Woolworths deserves no praise at all. In the absence of critical comment from politicians and the regulator they deserve consumer condemnation for their cynical manipulation of the fuel market in the ACT and other regional centres. If anyone needed a reminder then this servo should do the job. I joined Costco just to stick it up them and their mates Westfarmers (Coles).

      • If u read so much news, did u happen to read Costco uses petrol as a product loss lead, just to suck in membership fees and encourage people in store. Same tactics as Woolies and Coles with other products.

        • other products

          I wouldn't even go that far. The Costco membership isn't that different considering you need to be an Everyday Rewards member and have shopped at Woolworths to get the Woolies advertised prices. I doubt Costco is making a huge loss anyway based on the price of fuel in other states and the fact Woolworths seems very capable of following them price wise every day.

        • In the unlikey event they do (their prices may be introductory specials but they're being matched elswehere in this country) at least they're actually promoting competition in the fuel market, not stifling it like ColesWorth. Nothing wrong with loss leaders in certain circumstances - unless they're being used to kill competition, standard fare for ColesWorth.

          By the by - we do go into the store when we're out that way. Their roast chickens are bigger, better and cheaper ($6.90 V ~$11) than ColesWorth, their meat is good quality and some of their cheese prices are very good. A lot of the rest is caveat emptor but with Aldi close by to where we live WW and Coles are only used for occasional specials.

        • cloudy

          If u read so much news, did u happen to read Costco uses petrol as a product loss lead, just to suck in membership fees and encourage people in store. Same tactics as Woolies and Coles with other products.

          Yep, and your exact point is?

          I was already a member (the fee of which is now well and truly paid off by fuel alone) and I'm saving more than ColesWorth offers. Also, not once has a Costco fuel visit resulted in me going into the main store.

          Protip: refuel on weeknights after 7pm, gotta be crazy to try on weekends or right after work.

    • How bad is the queue there? I was there couple of Fridays during lunch and there's 30 minutes wait.

      • 30mins wait hardly seems worth it to save $5 or so.. :/

        • It might be if you push your car. Definitely NOT if you set there with the aircon and engine running.

        • I wasn't expecting them to be this bad and my tank was petty much bone dry - the engine cuts out momentarily on cornering…Driving to the Woolies next store isn't an option (equally long queues) and driving to other servo means I'll run the risk of getting stuck.

      • I went one day…probably a weekend (or perhaps it was over the XMas break) and waited about three to five minutes for a single car in front of me. I imagine just like any other petrol station it has it's peaks and quiet times. I'm guessing it's best to avoid it around 5 - 5:30 but.

    • Let me guess, every single major Australian news outlet screaming "It's the end of the world!!".

      And I am right.

      Meanwhile every single other Australian business that isn't Oil related, is doing better.

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      and meanwhile, here in Newcastle the price is still something like $1.15-1.20..
      almost enough price difference for me to drive up and down the highway and still be ahead (discounting obviously wasted time/wear-and-tear)

      • $1.12 before discount all the way from Sandgate to Rutherford.

        • I need to drive a different way to work ;)
          Damn 'twin shells' at wallsend are my daily 'benchmark'

      • It isnt, most places in Sydney are almost exactly $1-1.05 depending on if you want E10 or not)

        Hill&Co drop 10c/L over the night (10-3am) and generally they are the cheapest in the hunter.

        Dont get too worried about it, still 1.35 for 91 at Coonabarabran

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      Can you please fix the title it's just messy.

    • The ACCC won't like the title of this bargain (price should show the pre-discounted price according to them).

    • The 30-45 minute line is not worth the 5-10 dollar saving you will make.

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        But if we have planned shopping at Majura Park or Fyshwick and go in quiet time (early morning and late evening) then it is more than worth. To me it is difference of 30 c (128.9 cents at Gungahlin, ACT with no voucher). With 50 L petrol, there is $15 savings.

    • I live in Coffs Harbour where at $1.35.2 it hasn't dropped at all. It's Jan 19 and I've been hearing for weeks now about regional areas still getting shafted. As usual nothing happens, the media stories die off and it's just rip off 101 as per usual.


      Still 1.35-1.40 here in country Victoria..

    • Was $96.7 over the weekend I believe. Drive past this place to and from work.

    • Mossman FNQ petrol price 1.43 today.

    • Cheapest you'll see over here is ~$1.55 and most expensive is ~$1.80… Ridiculous.

      • At least tradies don't charge $300 an hour over there

      • That's because the nz govt has progressive tax on petrol. We haven't raised excise tax in Australia for ages now, in fact Australia is one of the lowest taxing countries of petrol in the developed world. Even the greens opposed the last attempt to raise petrol tax lol.

    • Discount for my 'If arseholes could fly, this place would be an airport' bumper sticker?

    • you could just check price from http://www.comparethemarket.com.au/

    • So how much longer will we get this ridiculously low price petrol for?
      Tell me it's longer than just a couple of months…

      • Wholesale price of petrol and diesel is still falling in Australia. We may see some bumps up if the discounting cycles are restored but otherwise it's still down hill from here. Oil producers cry, everyone else in the economy rejoices. I like that deal. Those lads were making plenty when petrol was "cheap" at $1.50/L

    • I am wondering….why the transport department look on the fares since the petrol prices come to nearly half.
      A taxi still cost you a fortune… Same with couriers..
      Australia Post should reduce their prices as well. All companies having a major expense on fuel should now reduces their prices.

      • The thing is fuel cost on those is only a portion of the running costs (and in the matter of Auspost at least, they are on contract rates)


    • Merged from (ACT) Costco Fuel U91 $1.397 PU98 $1.537 Diesel $1.427
      Go to Deal

      At majura Costco at the moment and saw these prices for fuel.
      Typical diesel prices in ACT at the moment is around $1.54 So it's worth getting it here.

      Edit: Costco membership is required