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$5 NSW Coles Express Car Wash


Coles Express are offering a $5 Wash Max car wash for those in NSW due to the dust storms.

Offer valid this Thursday and Friday Only

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    Are these any good? Sounds like one of those automated machine washes.

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      If they are the ones with spinning bristles stay clear of them, they do a great job at scratching the paint.

      • Not sure, but is says "Scratch Free Guaranteed" :)

      • Totally agree. Tried it out when I saw the Coles Express deal last time on Ozbargain. My car was still dirty after the wash, even the window was not clean (full of water & soap mark). Even worse, I got a few scratches after the wash, only recognized when I checked the car's outside at home.

        Btw, I did last time at Coles Express in Carlton.

        • Totally agree with you…
          I used the one in Doncaster.
          Now have lots and lots of really fine scratches on the side panels and doors of my 3 yo car…

          DON'T USE THIS unless you have an OLD car…

          • @jv: If it is a high pressure water cleaner then it will be fine as there are no bristles.

            Its the one with spinning bristles you want to steer clear of.

            • @anthony: yes, it's the spinning bristle monster…

              • @jv: The one I use in Mascot has the soft sponge "bristles", not the old style scratchy-broom style bristles. It does a decent job of cleaning the car, especially for $5

                • @baz123: which one is it in Mascot? I didn't know there was a coles express with a car wash here? Is it the one on Botany Road just past Coward st?

                • @baz123: The one i went to had those too… but it left hundreds of really fine scratches in the paintwork. I'll never use an automated car was again… back to high pressure hose and sponge for me…

                  • @jv: I used one of the washes and I was worried too about it scratching my car, but asked the staff there and they assured me that they use the soft brushes which don't scratch. I didn't notice any marks after so pretty happy with the deal..

          • @jv: apparently they "have a dedicated customer service team for any issues that you may have". So why not give them a call, i doubt anything will come out as a result, but meh

          • @jv: mine is barely a 1 yr old car. to date, it has been washed about 6 times. its just a car mate. i would've not considered washing it if it's not dirtying my clothes when i brushed against it. ;)

        • Thanks for the heads up, have a brand new car and was wondering about these (especially with the 'scratch free guarantee'). Will steer clear, not that there's any Coles Express around my way for ages.

    • we have a coles Exprress carwash near us which has a soft rubber cloth
      material in the wash, not the same as doing it yourself, still you get no
      scratches and the clean is not bad, agree stay away from the nylon brushs

  • I can tell these carwashes will be packed. Good money maker. Good deal thou, there is another offer like this somewhere else, that had good feedback


      Its expired now though
      good post!

      • This is a NEW offer that was released today due to the dust storm in NSW
        Offer valid from 24 September to midnight 25 September 2009.

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          Yes i know - i was referring to the other posting being an old offer

        • lol @ leach. Read the thread before making assumptions..

  • No lane cove , bastardo's

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    Remember guys you can get up to 30days to use the voucher!

    So it's really ends Thurs + 30days or Fri + 30days.

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    Hopefully they'll extend this offer to Brisbane tomorrow, because we sure need it too

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    My car got egged the other day, washed it. The next day a bird shat on it and washed again…. and now this!!! I hope they do this up on the gold coast

    • lol, eggings suck, but you could probably just rub the bird poo off with a sponge (as I do anyway).

      • Yea, the stupid eggs chip some paint aswell =[

        Thats what you get for parking on a busy street =[

        and agreed. Assholes!

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        bird poo removal… a bit of water on the spot for about 10 mins, then wet cloth or wet tissues will do the trick. i carry a bottle of diluted wiper wash liquid in the car all the time, pour a bit on it, wait, and wipe off with wet tissue. easy.

        tree saps are the worst enemies, they will refuse to come off even on the glass surface after a hot bake in the sun.

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      bloody bogans are too dumb to do anything else.

    • Automatic car wash won't get the egg off, especially if it's had a chance to set, I know from experience :(

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    These car washes are a waste of money.

  • What about the ACT? The dust came across the border!

  • Hi. I have just been in to a store to get a wash (worked very well by the way - the brushes are the soft brushes, not the scratchy ones) and they said the offer has now been extended to QLD and ACT! QLD ends midnight tonight and ACT ends midnight tomorrow night!

  • Scratch Free Grarantee?? Does that depend on how new the car wash is and the type of brushesused? 85% recycled water? Just how clean is the water really?

    • Does that depend on how new the car wash is and the type of brushesused?

      The only scratch free car washes use high pressure nozzles to blast the dirt off your car.
      Nothing in the car wash ever touches your car
      I have only seen this type of car wash advertise themselves as scratch free.

      The type of car wash with spinning bristles is not scratch free.

      There is also another type with long chamois looking rags which gently rub themselves over your car.
      These are not scratch free however are better than the bristle car wash.

      Just how clean is the water really?

      The water will probably be treated with reverse osmosis so will be clean.

  • NO Coles Car Wash exists in NSW Central Coast

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      you're lucky then…

  • Scratched my car as well. $5 for a car scratching. I paid almost double for my last one.

  • I have used the Coles washes before and they aren't bristles, they are like foam strips, I have never had any dramas with them… definately not the nylon brushes from what I have seen. great that the offer is on the premium wash option, means my car gets a wax and blow dry too. Anyone been there today, what are the queues like???

  • Queues are terrible! more than 12 cars in the queue at the Waterloo outlet. Not worth the effort just to save a few dollars, each wash takes approx 5 mins. Good offer otherwise though!

  • these r great washes soft brushes and super quick, Usually I use the 3 for offer but 5 bucks means I will hold onto those and just pay great value

  • Waited 1 hr & 15 minutes =P Mind you I didn't have anything else better to do. I noticed on the ticket that you can buy it then use it later. It's valid for 30 days… so you could always buy it tomorrow and then use it later when it's not so busy.

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