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FREE $15 Eco Voucher for Completing Survey


submit your thoughts about eco products and recieve a $15 voucher to use on
todae's website

i believe they sell enviro products for the home.

take about 3 minutes to complete

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Survey Monkey

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    Anyone find anything on the site under $15?

  • some gifts under 15 available (menu item), but cannot log in to check out… no register account link.

    no voucher in email yet

  • voucher appears on the website when you are redirected.

  • there are under $15 items in best sellers on right hand side of site

  • Shipping is a bit exxy depending where you are: e.g., it's a minimum $11 to Brisbane if I'm understanding their shipping table correctly. This might be ok if you want to buy quite a few things but not so much if you just want to trial their service using this voucher.


  • lol if ur looking for free stuff…you still have to pay for shipping. $10.99 to Melbourne. You can't use the voucher to pay for shipping.

  • Just make sure you price check the items. I liked the look of the "Glow Bricks" and "Solar Jars" but quick google searches showed them to be 2 to 3 times the price of elsewhere. May well be some good deals in there but that was enough to stop me looking. Ended up buying the Glow Bricks for 21.21 including shipping from r4card. First time I've bought from them though so can't vouch for the service.

  • I've done the survey,

    • The voucher is emailed, not refreshed on the page
    • the voucher says it has an expiry date of Aug 9th…. does that mean its already expired??? or is it 2010 ?!
    • The page is incredibly slow at the moment. Cant even load any of the product pages :(

    Might be good if you already buying something from here, but dont think its worth it if you just want to use $15 voucher with the shipping costs.

    EDIT: The expiry date has been fixed with another email from the store that it expires in Oct.


    Postage still costs you money. Voucher cannot be used to pay for Postage.

    Voucher expires in 9th August 2010

  • Can someone please try & go into their Shop at 83 Glebe Point Road, Glebe near Sydney CBD, NSW 2037 with voucher number, and see if they can get $15 free stuff?

    Can someone confirm that this worked for them?

    No postage applies if you pickup from shop.

  • yup dont know where i can use this $15 when it is not deductible on the postage ($11 for my postage)..any advise on how to use this voucher wisely? ^^

  • dont like this one, voucher isnt for postage and postage for 5 biodegradable pens was about $11, the same amount of poatge it was for the A4 notebook, whcih as stated isnt included in the voucher :[