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DeWALT DCS355N-XJ Brushless 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool with 29-Piece Kit $185.93 Delivered @ Amazon Germany via AU

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Don't pay $322 for the skin-only version at Bunnings, get it via Amazon for 58% of the price AND with a 29-piece accessory kit thrown in too.

I've used Ryobi's, AEG's multi tools but my current DeWalt is far superior operationally. If you like the DeWalt quick connector for the multi tool blades, it's an added bonus, but I'd give/take that feature. I find it a little clunky, but perhaps I'm just used to the standard connectors on other multi tools.

This is international stock, shipped from Amazon Germany. Amazon had local stock last year when I ended up buying via price beat at Bunnings for ~$215 (Inc 10% price beat), but I had to be a real pest to get that approved by Bunnings. The manager couldn't believe the price Amazon offered for (at the time) next day delivery. Given Bunnings doesn't seem to stock the 29-pce accessory kit with this one (and that it's via Amazon Germany), good luck getting them to price match. I wouldn't want to anyway if it meant losing the accessory kit. The blades you get are probably worth at least $35 if bought separately.

If you don't have a multi tool, consider getting one. They're amazingly versatile and - once you have one - you'll find yourself cracking it out all the time for little odd jobs here and there. Sanding, cutting, grout cleaning and more.

Here's a good article to explain just a few of the many uses:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +26

    add 2 other qualifying items and get it for $139.51

    eg added these 2 items for a total of $159.22 for all 3 items

    • +2

      we can cancel the unwanted items too yeah ? i remember someone else mentioning it in another deal

      • can anyone confirm this works?

        • Please let me know too. I just tried to cancel the hair gel because I don't really need that one. But I only authorised $160 payment

          • @Exprise: Did it work? Or whole order cancelled?

            • +1

              @JamesLucas: Cancellation of singular item denied. But order still going ahead.

      • +3

        Canceling brought back the normal price. Ordered 2 other items in the end

    • This just isn't working - what am I doing wrong. I've added all three to my cart and it's showing $222.30

      • +2

        Hi, go to the final cart page.

        • Thanks - works as expected!!

    • How are you getting $139? I'm adding two items but only dropping to $158.

      • +1

        The $158 probably includes the 2 items. So you're getting the tool for $139 and the other items for $19.

        • Including the 2xhair gel, I'm getting $158 for the tool and $175 total

          • @JamesLucas: Have you gone to the last stage of checkout? Mine came to $186 and applied a $51 discount to bring it to $153.

    • Holy shit, not the items I was expecting but great price!

    • Total bargain. You could easily sell the multi tool skin on marketplace for $150 l, I feel.

    • +1

      Thanks. Bought 2 of https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B073SH5GJT

      Order total: $153.52

    • I'm getting $235.23 for the tool and these 2 other items, what am I doing wrong?
      Edit, looks like deal is over

  • +5

    I dont need it but $159 seems like a bargain

  • I'm actually waiting for a sale on the Ozito PXC multi tool.

    I assume a battery for this DeWalt is expensive.

    • Ozito is only $64 anyway. It's not brushless, though.

  • +7

    Note this is the unit without the speed control. The trigger has to be used for controlling speed. The later model, DCS356 has a 3 stage speed control on the base.

  • +2

    $153.52 with x2 of the hair product, instead of 1 of each listed above.

  • -1

    Care to share how you use it to clean grout?

    • +3

      Probably not for cleaning, more taking it away.

    • +1

      Yes, removal and then re-grout. Or, if you're gentle and careful enough, just to strip away the top dirty layer and not bother re-grouting.

  • good deal if you need it.

  • +1

    Great deal, thanks OP. I have a DEWALT drill that came with 2 x batteries so this is perfect. The hair gel is just a bonus.

  • Good deal based on the price history but worth it over the Ozito one for 3x the price for personal use?

    • I've not used the ozito, but I can tell you that in comparison to Ryobi and AEG, this is quieter, feels wayyyy smoother in hand (fewer vibrations) and, in terms of performance with the same blade, cuts faster and cleaner too.

      I'm no expert, so couldn't say for sure, but I suspect it's too do with how many oscillations it does per second. Not sure if it's more or less, but it definitely outperformed others I've used. The plus side is that it chews less blades too.

    • Depends how much you're gonna use it. I have DeWalt drill and driver but ozito multi tool - I use the first all the time, the latter once in a while. Yeah this looks like s good deal and is tempting but for a few uses per year it doesn't make sense to me.

    • The Ozito one's I've had burnt out during a reno and just got sick of returning them.
      This Dewalt one is still going strong after a few months.

    • I have used and abused the ozito one. So far no complaints with the skin. The included blades are absolute junk so bin them. The original scraper blade is the only one worth saving as it does the job.

  • +2

    The version at Bunnings is DCS356N, less vibration transfer to the hand and more efficient. It has 3 speed settings near the handle.

  • +2

    Thanks dude, I've been so tempted to get a $99 Ryobi skin, this is the deal I've been wanting for 6 months.

    • Isn't Ah just the capacity? I don't think it should matter, as long as it's 18V… And it's an XR battery (connector type)

      • That's what I thought. 🤔 I think it was a way of letting you know that 2ah is just not suitable for angle grinding. My batteries are 18V and so were his, the only difference was the ah, his was 5ah and mine was 2.

        • +1

          Just get dewalt batteries from fb marketplace. Tons of 5ah there

        • They both had XR on the battery?

          • @pennypincha: I thought they did. Sydney_kings just figured it out. I just had a look at my batteries to check if they were XR and also discovered that there is battery level indicator button. 7 years with this product and I just discovered this thanks to you 😊

    • +1

      Yes it will work with the 18V XR battery.

      DeWalt also has a 54V FlexVolt battery system, I would say you tried your battery in a 54V FlexVolt grinder.

      If you're buying batteries, try to buy the FlexVolt batteries as they are compatible with both 18V and 54V skins.

      • That's it. I can confirm it was the 54V FlexVolt grinder. And correct, the FlexVolt batteries are compatible with both, because I could use my dad's batteries on my drill, but not my battery on his angle grinder. Thank you 😊
        So my batteries should be fine on this oscillating tool.

  • What a deal, was tempted to buy one on the last sale at ~$250ish.
    Signed up to Prime to get the deal down to the $153 and free express shipping.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • This tool is unbelievably handy and very worthwhile at this price.

    I've already got one and have been using it for a house reno. It would've been much more difficult without it.
    Worth getting https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01JRQ77TE?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_… with it

  • Thanks OP. Got one. A great deal to build out the DeWALT kit a bit more. Not sure the variable speed trigger is such a bad thing. Time will tell how much I use it!!

  • Nice price. Got the same multitool with 5Ah battery kit when Bunnings marked it down to $236. Very nice tool to have in the toolbag.


    • +1

      Yours is different from this one. Your model is 356 and this one is 355. Yours is better than this.

      • Ha, I wasn't aware. Bonus! Back then, the discussion on Ozb was that the 356 was the same tool but different inclusions.

    • +1

      Thats a great deal you got with 5ah battery and charger

    • +1

      it is great deal, but cannot get it anymore.

  • I was lucky enough to get this kit on clearance for $120 about a year ago at my local Total Tools. Works well. Vibration is a bit of an issue, but can be lessened by adjusting how you hold it. A speed switch would be nice for when you lock it on, but not worth paying twice as much for that feature.

  • I don't have any dewalt batteries or chargers at all. Is this sitll worth it? Probably cost me at least $120 to get a battery and charger.

    • Get 'em on Marketplace. If you're in Brissy, I can sell you a battery and charger if you're interested?

    • +1

      You can get adaptors for other 18V batteries to convert them to the dewalt connection from aliexpress etc .

    • Buy a battery adapter.your can use your battery no need to buy a dewalt one

    • Get ozito adaptor and buy ozito battery

      Works really well

  • +3

    not sure if I need it, but got it anyway.

    • +1

      The Ozbargain way 👌

      • Yes, tis the way of our lord

        • … and on the eighth day the lord said, let there be OzBargain.

  • Any deals on prime membership? My trial has ended 😢

    • New account, free trial.

      • Works on same addy? That’s awfully generous.

        • +1

          Same name and address. Different email and phone number.

  • Despatched in 1 - 2 months lol

    • Says "free international delivery by April 18" for me?

      • Amazon UK - no discount there.

    • Same here, arrival June……..

  • I have a OZITO multitool. is this much much better?

    • +1

      Depends how much you're using it. If just occasional, I'd stick with your ozito

      • thanks.

    • I have ozito too, big problem is vbration.

  • Can anyone confirm if this deal is still available as my cart isn't showing the discount with additional two items.

    • +1

      Go further after selecting which payment option but before Go.

      • Gotta say, OB ppl rock. Thanks for the additional step @CalmLemons and snagged the extra discount. Well worth it for DeWalt.

    • Same here.

  • Couldn't get it to discount further to $150 with the 2 item added.

    Anyone confirm they can still get it working?

    • +2

      It's defaulting to the Amazon UK item. If you look at other options the Amazon Germany one is back. Try adding that to cart.

      • tks, finally got it to work but not as much discount. Yup, had to go Germany under other seller.

        All up $172, which isn't too bad.

        Shame I couldn't get it working earlier for $153.

        • Are you a prime member? If not, new account and a free trial. It was showing $172 for me without prime.

  • Thanks OP, paid $172 for 3 items, the multitool and 2 creams which I'm going to use:



    Promotion(s) Applied:-$57.65

    It was supposed to be 10% off but somehow it is more, can't complain.

  • Great price! Especially considering this is a 18v model.

    If I wasn't so invested on the Milwaukee environment I'd have snapped this up too… but with work providing me with free Milwaukee batteries getting a DeWalt would be a dumb move for me. I do love their tools too though, great quality!

  • just tried and not getting discount anymore after adding the other items

  • +1

    think all need to be from Germany, but skin is only showing as from uk

  • +1

    got it now… had to click on "other sellers on Amazon" dog!

  • doh

  • I couldn't get the the promotion to applied no matter what items I added in. Is there any box I need to tick?

    • I get it now. The link by OP took me to a different seller that sells for 188$. Had to change to 185$ one.

  • Thanks OP, bought two other things I needed/wanted and the total discount was basically 25% off. Not in the DeWalt ecosystem yet but I'll keep an OzB search alert for DeWalt now and hopefully some skin I need that comes with a free battery and charger goes on sale (I'm in no rush anyway)

  • This is also a good price for a pro level router (but corded) https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07PYFQDKV

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