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Grand Theft Auto V for PS4 and Xbox One $64 Delivered at Target


Spotted this deal at Target. $64 for a brand-new release. My bad.

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Target Australia

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    $55.20 at JB with JB Hi Fi Now Voucher (20% off).

    • I couldn't be bothered returning DSE preorder for $4.80… but my copy only arrived today. Stupid SnailTrack…

    • Can you explain which voucher and where I might be able to get one? Wouldnt mind this game for 55 bones.

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        • Where did that voucher come from?
          I can't see it advertised anywhere.

          Edit: Never mind. Found it. You get it when you sign up to their music streaming service.

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      Who buys an R-rated game for children anyway?

      • Idiot parents.

        Back in the day I worked at a retailer. Kids would try to buy GTA. It'd tell them to go away and get their parents to buy it. When the parents came, I'd explain the rating of the game and the content. Some didn't care, others cared and claimed to have no idea a game called 'Grand Theft Auto' was about crime.

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          I think most kids over the age of 11 can handle a game like GTAV.

          Anyway first person sex isn't even remotely as bad as running over and gunning down people. If a parent feels their child is mature enough to play a game like GTAV I don't see anything wrong with it.

        • @Yuri Lowell:
          Thousands of kids play this game and or watch big brother play.
          Take kids who play violent games and kids addicted to porn and guess which one is the bigger influence. Violent games affect a very very small percentage of players but pornography can have wide reaching effects.
          I spoke to a friend after she allowed her 6 year old to play it and she said its fine.

        • @Yuri Lowell: I have no problem with kids playing the game. But it isn't my job to make that judgement. It's the parent's and I was going to make sure the parent understood the content because it's those same idiot parents who come back into the store and complaint we sold their child the game when they do object (and we had that happen).

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      The game does have an R18+ rating stuck to the front for a reason. If you are buying games for your children without at least looking at the classification then your probably doing parenting wrong.

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      I've also heard you're not supposed to buy guns for blind children with parkinsons

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      Please, don't buy drugs for kids either. They just don't appreciate them.

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    oh go away

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    Same price as big w

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