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Refurbished LG Optimus G Pro 32GB 5.5" - AliExpress USD $159 Delivered

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similar to a previous posted one except it's even cheaper now, works out around 190 AUD

that will get you the korean F240 version only with some LTE band differences according to last post


having gone through XDA with the band differences i couldnt care less and would throw on a custom rom as soon as i get my hands on it to rid of all the Korean ware, you may think otherwise if you dont want to tinker with it.

there are also few other sellers around this price if you dont want the one linked, just search around, feedback on this particular one seemed great though

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  • Looks like gives my OnePlus a run for its money.
    Powerful beast! Leaves anything local for dead that's for sure.

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      It's a used -refurb- device, not to mention you're buying overseas so there are some pretty major caveats with this purchase.

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        Totally agree. People should know what could happen - well it happened to me.

        I got a refurbished Nexus 4 from Expansys. Turned out to be full of issues. Part of the touch screen does not respond to touch, freezes from time to time. Had to return it back to Expansys. It was quite painful and annoying (that's with Expansys paying for return postage). Also, the customer support lady was unfriendly. I know a lot of OZBers raved about the deal and got a working one. However, my experience with refurbished products are generally quite poor. I should have trusted my own experience.

        BTW, refurbished products often have different / inferior product return policy. Often, full refund (even if the product is faulty in the first place) is not allowed.

    • It carries the panache directly of a component maker (brand), but I agree it merely gives my existing (offshore, forwarded) device a run for its money.

      With Snapdragon 600, a comparable run somewhat.
      * http://versus.com/en/lg-optimus-g-pro-vs-oneplus-one-64gb

  • Where does it say refirb or used I can't see anywhere in the listing ? I used Ctl-f to search the page

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      You spelled it wrong. It's in the Item Specifics section — under Item Condition:

  • Dam that's tempting. But my Nexus 4 still serves me fine. Have a +

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    I am a retard, refurb not refirb thanks for the spelling lesson. Nice Deal I hit the trigger on it, can't help myself OZbargain… I should stop coming back to this page I keep on spending more.

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      google project ara
      its gonna run android

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      Then I remember that decent android phones i.e. good battery life, good camera, good gps, durability and warranty end up costing more than an iPhone.

      I think you did the maths wrong….

      I wish my iPhone would die so I could move to android.

      or, due to their high re-sale value..sell it on ebay before it dies and likely be able to buy a decent android phone with very minimal $ extra (e.g. 1+1)

      or, return to under the bridge from which you came from

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    So buy Korean version or att

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      AT&T is better for Australian networks, but price is higher $US191.

      The F240 version only has 2100MHz 3G (and no 4G), so metro only on Optus, useless on Telstra (which is 850MHz only) and partial metro on Vodafone (they use 2100MHz, 900MHz and 850MHz in metro areas!)

      • Damn, I'm an idiot - I should have checked network bands beforehand… I just bought the F240 - but luckily only last night so I could cancel it. >.<

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    Hey Not that i'm pissed off about it but as soon as we all finish buying out the existing stock of current phones floating around today then they will bring out the stock of new super smart phones that double as laptops / gaming consoles / google goggles / media players / 3D glasses and also 89 speed vibrators and so it goes on and on. " the vicious circle of electronics" don't worry about the environment as long as these people get filthy rich by us continuing to opt in to these things.

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      The proper term you're looking for is planned obsolescence. It's not just with mobile phones, many other electronics including computers, ink cartridges, vehicles, and lightbulbs were designed to have a finite lifespan. Because if they didn't break down or go out of fashion, you wouldn't have a very high product turnover and hardware manufacturing wouldn't be as profitable.

      Google however has set out to make a phone that can be upgraded and modified like a computer by using a modular design - check out Project Ara. http://www.projectara.com/

      • +1 for the lightbulb conspiracy

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    Says option are F240 or E980 aka AT&T. However doesn't list specs for F240??? Does F240=E985 or E988?
    Available as:
    LG Optimus G Pro F240 for Korea.
    LG Optimus G Pro L-04E for Japan.
    LG Optimus G Pro E980 for AT&T.
    General 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 - all versions
    3G Network HSDPA 900 / 2100 - E985, E988
    HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 - for AT&T
    4G Network LTE 1800 / 2600 - E988
    LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100 - for AT&T

    E980 = AT&T
    F240 =? what 3G and 4G bands?

    I have a feeling we need the AT&T version.

    • Probably not, 4G in the US uses very different frequencies and bands.

  • Is the S5 any good in terms of price / network compatibility?? Bit of a mobile newb here :)


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      The only one that will fully work in Australia is the SM-G900F model. (Still it doesn't support Optus TDD 4G, so no 4G for people in Canberra)

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    Hey guys, thought I'd post some quick info as I've ordered a few of these in the past, and here is my advice.

    Get the E980 if you want support for Telstra 3G. F240 is 2100mhz only from memory. E980 also supports much more 4G bands.

    F240 has three models, but I was told buy another seller to the one listed here that they only have the F240L. This makes a difference with frequencies also for 4G. Not at home so can't post the specifics right now.

    Lastly be careful with the quality of refurbs on AliExpress as it is not a factory refurb. The ones I ordered had dust, scratches and non original accessories, as well as issues with the ROM. In all cases I had to reflash for a browser to be included as well as Google Apps.

    I've ordered other handsets that were poor quality refurbs also, and at the moment I'm down about $400USD as the seller I used hasn't ackownledeged return of goods.

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      Thanks I just held off due to your post. I was thinking I was unlucky once and was willing to give them another chance.
      I ordered an ordinary Nokia for ~$15. The phone won't even charge. I contacted the buyer and they wanted me to send the phone back with my own money which was $20 or so. I argued and eventually nothing happend.
      Be warned on Aliexpress sellers. They dont all have a good business ethic or vision.

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        You contacted yourself?! :p

      • :) aussie market is just way too small for these sellers to waste their time with refund, return, or whatever they call it here in OZ.
        These sellers got their hands tied up skimming money in the bigger market eg. Europe, USA, Asia.etc.

        Welcome to Globalization world of skimming easy money. :)

      • Have you tried to raise the case with aliexpress? Worst case will be that you will get 1/3 of the price refunded and not required to return the product?

  • Zerolemon make a 9300mAh battery for this, would be pretty nice together.

  • Not suitable for people like me who travel OS a bit. I need lots of 3G and 4G bands. More the better.

  • Majority of people who bought from this seller are very happy with their purchase.

  • I had an F240s on Vodafone for a year or so. Great phone, beautiful screen and battery life was fairly decent.

    4G worked fine for me in Sydney.

  • Seller allowed me to change the F240 to the E980 version because I accidentally ordered the wrong one. They don't seem to allow you to ship via EMS/DHL however - so it'll take 10-45 days. Asked if I can have faster / courier shipping. Will see what they say! Pretty decent bargain, I need a temporary cheap phone as my current one is dying!

  • Mine arrived after 3 weeks. Came in original LG packaging and looks like a brand-new unit (smells new, looks unused, has all the original screen protectors). All accessories still sealed in plastic bags.

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