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Kogan Free Shipping (24 hours)


Email from Kogan about free shipping on ALL orders.
From Today (26/11) to 2am on the 27/11
No minimum spend

Free Shipping Terms & Conditions
26th November 2014

Purchase any product/s from Kogan.com/au/ on the 26th November and we will ship your order for FREE!*

* The Free Shipping offer is not applicable to:
Pre-sale products with an advertised dispatch date on or later than 10th December 2014.
Commercial or wholesale orders
Orders to delivery addresses outside mainland Australia (Free shipping is applicable to Tasmania).

Offer ends at 02:00am AEDT on 27th November 2014, unless otherwise extended.
Kogan.com reserves the right to not ship to rural or remote locations where a remote carrier surcharge applies. In the event that Kogan.com does not ship an order, a full refund will be provided within 48 hours.

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  • +1

    Sony RX100 is down to $359

  • As previously noted by other OzB members, Kogan is known to up their prices when giving away free shipping. Anyway, it's Kogan!

    • I looked at 2 TVs yesterday for this forum post
      Prices are same today as yesterday, so doesn't appear to be the case this time (for these items at least).
      Therefore I will +1 this deal

      • This 55" has gone up $130

          • The Free Shipping offer is not applicable to:
            Pre-sale products with an advertised dispatch date on or later than 10th December 2014.

          and the price has not change it is still $549 plus shipping since there no free shipping for this TV.

        • @holden93: weird, it was coming up as $679 earlier this morning.

        • @muncan:
          was coming up as $679 + delivery, with delivery date 'after 9 Dec'
          Now delivery is moved to 15 Dec to avoid terms of this free shipping offer (and price has reverted to 549)

  • +1

    Has anyone received the cable from Kogan from the previous deal ?

    FREE Micro USB to USB Cable or Lightning to USB Cable from Kogan

    • +1

      Apparently some people did, but i never saw mine.

    • I received mine a couple weeks ago. They sent an email where you had to click to verify that you placed the order for the cable about a month after the promotion. If you used a one-time email address, or it filtered to your spam folder, or unsubscribed to their emails you probably wouldn't have received this.

    • No i didnt.

    • I received mine.

    • I received mine a couple of weeks ago.

    • Got mine. Surprisingly not total junk, was expecting one of those cheap Chinese ones with ultra thin cable.

    • I haven't gotten mine yet. On another note, I finally received the stainless steel card from Gearbest.

  • +1

    Logitech m950t wireless mouse


    Cheaper than MSY and Amazon+delivery.

  • +1

    Prices gone up!

  • Is the electronic pest repellent works?

  • $19 is a good price on a USB travel charger. I paid $40 at Officeworks.

    • +1

      For the same thing? In that case you are a better man/woman than me cos I can never find anything at Kogan that I can't find cheaper elsewhere with a couple of minutes searching.

  • +1

    I liked it when Kogan focussed on what they were good at - Electronics. Now I'm just sick of the spam - they now seem to stock any and all crap that can be drop shipped from China. Looking for a good deal is like looking for a needle in a haystack now. Meh. Thanks for posting though OP as at least now it's a needle in a haystack with free shipping!

    • I liked it when DSE focussed on electronics!

      • I liked it when they still sold their funway into electronics packs, they were the best, now they are just a shop

        • Yes - I remember those as a kid. And going in to buy one resistor after spending half an hour translating the colour bands!

    • Totally agree. Same with Ozgameshop - I just want what the name says, not crap plastic toys and trinkets. I know the margins are good but they genuinely make me lost interest in looking through the store.

  • +1

    I'm coming to the conclusion that Kogan is only for the lazy- 2 minute search will find a better price- or the stupid. Unfortunately that would be me- I got a $100 voucher for $85 with the eBay deal and it is looking like terrible value even at that price.

  • $100 Robotic Vacuum cleaner is tempting but is it actually reliable? There are no reviews. It's round so how would it clean corners?


    • My uncle has one and loves it, he said the first one broke in a couple of weeks but after returning it the new one has been fine for nearly a year

  • $689 for a Canon 24-105 F4L…. seems like a pretty good deal with free shipping.
    Can't find better value and second hand examples routinely sell between $550 and $620.
    Anyone know of a cheaper to get one of these?

  • Nexus 4 for $169?

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