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$100 Store Credit on $600 Spend: 7800 XT $799, 4070 $849, 7900 GRE $899, 4070 Super $999 Delivered + Surcharge @ Mwave


All time lows on GPU's after taking into account $100 "Mwave Dollars" store credit
Mwave have rejigged their "M-Boost" offer after acknowledging the previous T&C's sucked
You will now receive $100 store credit for any purchase over $600 - regardless of product category - and the credit now has a 6 month expiry instead of the previous 30 days

GPU's to consider include:

Full M-Boost T&C's here:

  • Offer is valid for orders placed between 3pm 18/04/2024 to 11.59pm 28/04/2024
  • Offer is limited once per customer.
  • The $100 Mwave Dollars will be awarded on 11am 27/05/2024 for completed/fulfilled orders.
  • The $100 Mwave Dollars will expire after 6 months from awarded date 27/05/2024.
  • The $100 Mwave Dollars is an addition to the regular mVIP Mwave Dollars Program.
  • You must purchase over $600 worth of items (excluding delivery, fees and service charges) or $500 worth of items with a Finalmouse.

Free delivery applicable for Standard Delivery & eligible Metro postcodes only
Surcharges: 1% Card & PayPal

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  • What are we feeling for a 4K60 build (with dreams to push 144hz on lower settings)? It will be paired with a 7600X CPU in a fairly small case (ITX) so something that runs cooler is ideal.

    Leaning toward the Radeons due to more VRAM for higher resolution but I’m not too up to speed on hardware these days. Ray tracing is a “nice to have” but not necessary.

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      I can't speak with broad strokes (and benchmarks/comparison vids may provide a more informative picture) but I got a 7900 XT mostly for playing Talos Principle 2 (Unreal Engine 5) at 4k native maxed out and it runs comfortably (75-90% utilisation), hitting 55 Celcius at peak. Turning on a couple of performance-saving features dropped GPU usage to 40-55%. It's cool and quiet and a little overkill at the moment, so i'm happy.

    • Comparing the 7800 to 4070, the rasterization performance is somewhat better on AMD and Nvidia is better in ray-tracing by a slightly larger margin. If you don't care much about ray-tracing, AMD seems like the better value.

      The 7800 isn't as efficient though; looks like it consumes about 20% more power (250W against the 4070's 200W) in 4k gaming workloads.

      • If you're on 4k though, DLSS is 10x better than FSR3

        • (profanity) dlss, all my homies hate dlss

        • +1

          Although dlss is better at 4K quality, fsr is the closest it can get to it and it's completely usable, it's when you go down to 1440p and 1080p where the gap widens as the base resolution doesn't have enough info for fsr to upscale with.

          • @scud70: Usable doesn’t equal good or great unfortunately, with frame Gen it’s not even fair

            • @cille745: 4k quality is actually good on fsr, I use it all the time and while playing you won't know the difference or notice it rarely. Shimmering lighting being the Achilles heel of fsr…other than that 4k quality mode in fsr is pretty good.

    • I just built my new rig yesterday, Ryzen 7800x3d with a 4080.
      Gears 5 is my jam, everything on ultra I hit the 120 fps limit I have. No DLSS. Haven't got a new game yet to test the DLSS effect however I have seen it in action and it is a came changer for boosted fps. My friend had a game where it literally makes a game hit 160fps that was otherside 80-90.

      Just get the cheapest 4070ti you can find and you'll be cheering.

    • The 7600X will pretty much never hold you back if you're in 4K, and the RTX 4070 upwards will do 60+ FPS in almost all games in 4K even at maximum settings.

      In a lot of shooters, you'll get 150+ FPS pretty easily even in 4K, especially if you use DLSS 😊

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    When u see sth like this u know Mwave is dying

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    AMD: 7900 GRE is meant to upsell from 7800 XT by offering better value.

    AMD's Aus distributor: lol k

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      Yeah my 7800XT purchase for sub 800 for before the 7000GRe was confirmed for release still hasn’t been beaten

  • Does this actually take $100 off the sale? Or just give a credit?

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      Store credit back and possibly only used on selected products.

  • Is the Sapphire 7800XT model the reference model?

    They don't issue the $100 till the 27/5/24 i wanted to get the 7800XT and a new PSU mines only 600w i needs a new PSU to run the 7800XT. How many GPU deals could come up in that month lol.

    • +1

      Underclock/undervolt it until the credit arrives, it'll be fine. Can also run your CPU in eco.

    • +4

      I use to run a 3080 Ti on a 600w PSU. You'll be surprised how little you hit the peak.

      • +3

        Cheers, most Australian answer ever, she'll be right lol.
        I will give it a go it should be okay i don't play the latest games usually just Fortnite or Battlefield,

        • Working with what you have, it sounds like you'll be alright for the most part. If you have random crashes and black screens, you can probably point it to transient spikes in power draw and it might be time for a new psu. I would say you can get away with this, though.

          If you are playing a more CPU intensive game or capped refresh for example, the GPU load will be lower and power draw more inconsistent (rarely maxed out). AFAIK, the 3000 generation from Nvidia were the worst culprits for this flaw and spiked systems to up to an extra 400W+.

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    Says $100 will be awarded on 27/05. Can’t tell if the store credit can only be spent on select items or is regular store credit.

    7900GRE Gaming OC is $799 at centrecom so not even sure if the extra $30 is worth anything for the credit.

    • +2

      Showing $899 for me. $799 would be a very good price.

      • mb typo

  • Seems that mwave have put that windforce 4070 super oc card price up to $1099 from $999 with the $100 mwave credit


    Edit: nvm offer ended 25/04/2024 according to that link.

    Same card can be purchased from CCPU for $990

  • +2
    • I've been out of the loop, would this be the best value card for gaming at the $1000 mark?

    • Good price, was $999 recently, although if you are looking at a 7900 GRE, the Powercolour Hellhound for $949 has been tested as the quietest and coolest of the lot.
      Nitro+ does look cool with the side RGB though.

  • +9

    Just give us a proper discount, you clowns.

    • True. Can't find what to spend the $100 on lol

  • Deal updated, price drop on:

    Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 7900 GRE 16GB GDDR6 $899 ($799 Effective)

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