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[Humble Daily Deal] Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition US14.98


What do you think guys? Bargain?

The definitive edition of the best-selling strategy game Total Warâ„¢: ROME II, the Emperor Edition contains everything the original ROME II did, plus much, much more.

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  • +3

    Game is rubbish to be honest, lacking the artistic inspirations that made the original Rome great. Just compare the music on both games, the cutscenes and narrations, the "advisor" during battle mode. Plus they withheld content on original release day so they can release as DLC to make more money. Not to mention the fibs the creator said during pre-release interviews. Its all hype

    You're better off sticking to Medieval II or Rome TW and the gazillion total conversion and mods made for them

    • Apparently the new Attilla (full priced game) is coming in 2015 to fill the gaps Rome II left

    • Game WAS rubbish at release. It is actually quite fun now and not to mention Rome 2 now also has large number of mods including Rome 1 music replacement.

      • -2


        Why don't you travel back in time and tell that to all of us who bought the game last year, when we might have given a sh*t?

        Expecting attention spans to still be intact a year after launch, in the gaming industry of all industries, is ridiculous.

        The Creative Assembly failed. Period. That they actually resolved to fix anything in TWR:2 is nothing short of an act of God.

        • I cant remember one TW which wasnt a disaster at release (perhaps Empire:Nap). Rome 2 is actually quite a polished game in its current state and well worth the money at this price.

  • +1

    Each to their own Payton. personally I Love the game, and there is a gazillion mods to also improve this game as well. $15 for the full game is a wicked deal IMO

    • How good's that Siege of Carthage where you storm your 2,000 man army all the way up to the Temple on the Hill?

      Oh wait… you can't do any of that, that was only possible in the E3 "Alpha" footage.

      Some recommended viewing for you:

      • +1

        Again, each to their own. I happen to really like the game, I'm not saying its perfect, or that the launch was anything other than a shit storm that took 7 patches to fix, but were up to patch 14/15 now and I think that for $15 its a good purchase.

        • Excellent.

          So when I buy one of the most hyped games of all time with a wank-a-thon, pre-release marketing campaign spanning months, I should expect to get around to enjoying it, over a year after release?

  • +2

    Hm, "Emperor Edition" seems to simply be TW:Rome II: Patched edition? Only comes with the "free DLC" and the Augustus campaign pack. That's a bit of a shame.

    Seems a good deal if you really want to play the game sometime soon. Since I'm in no rush (and have too much backlog) I'll probably wait for the all-inclusive packs down the line for the same price, or deeper discounts later.

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