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Win a Domino's Voucher for a Traditional/Value/Chef's Best Pizza and 2 Garlic Breads from Tap King (1 in 2 Wins)



Closing Date 08/12/2014


Description 9300 x Vouchers for a Pizza and 2 Garlic Breads
No. of Prizes 9300
Total Prize Pool $259,005.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites Email Subscription, Survey/Questionnaire

Enter your details and complete a questionnaire for a chance to win some free food!

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    Got one :)

  • +1

    Thanks. Won too.

  • +1

    won :)

  • +1

    Won, easyyyyy

  • Won thanks! Wondering if everyone who does it wins? Edit: Maybe not

  • +6

    Won. Survey was pretty lame, there is an option for 'I don't own a tap king' and then several questions asking you about your tap king that you are forced to answer.

    • I can't imagine the results of their survey are going to be very accurate

  • +7

    Instant loser…

    • +1

      No win for me

      • +1


    • Keep trying! Use a disposable email address if you want. Took me a few goes but I got one eventually.

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  • This was the easiest win ever thanks!

  • +1

    I won, thanks!

  • Just won, that was quick, cool!! http://2.ii.gl/fVE6GaPCv.png

  • +1

    It's showing a 503 error for me?

    • ozbargained

    • +1

      just checked, "503 Service Unavailable".

    • +2

      Back up now.

  • +4

    Did it 3 times and keeps saying Please answer all questions before proceeding!…

    • Same! I wait until it starts working and now that it does, it's still no good!

    • Mine did that the first time, and wouldn't let me use the same email address. Used a different email address and won ;)

      • Check the date of birth field, that was the problem for me

        • I used a different bod and email address, and still isnt working!

  • Winner here

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    It's not working for me at all! I can't answer any of the questions!

  • Winner!

  • +3

    winner winner pizza dinner

  • Winner here too. Thanks JSQUARED.

  • +7

    Can't click on the buttons on Firefox, Chrome and IE. Only add-ons/extensions enabled was Enhanced Steam.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Same here :(

    • Still the same, and didn't win from 3 tries just by hitting submit

      • +3

        Posted on their Facebook about an hour ago when it was brought to their attention:

        One apologises for the inconvenience Kings Grant, Scott and William, the royal council is looking in to it now.

    • not sure, I was using Opera with no problem.
      Guess very few people here using the same browser as me.

  • +2

    i saw no questions and when i submitted it said i didn't win

  • winner!

    • What browser?

      • chrome.

  • +15

    Just a reminder for all the winners, the voucher has free delivery!

  • winner!

  • Winner winner pizza dinner!

  • Finally got it to work.

  • Finally working, and winner :)

  • Winner :) Cheers.

  • Thanks dinner tonight

  • +1


  • Won and redeemed :-D

  • Thanks JSQUARED

  • Winner here :)

  • winner thanks :)

  • Easiest Win Ever! Thanks JSQUARED! :)

  • +1

    BAM dinner sorted! Cheers OP :-)

  • +1

    I won on the second attempt :)

    • Me too lol

  • Thanks heaps
    I did win and dinner sorted out.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I won. So bad their system can't be fooled by the [email protected] otherwise we could enter multiple times for a definitive win.

    • You could always create alias emails on hotmail and re-enter from there. Or even rally friends/family to the cause. :P

      I actually lost the first two times due to the survey interface not working, and tried a third time a few days later and viola! Functional website and a win.

  • I actually won.

  • Thanks JSQUARED

  • Won on the second go, thank you!

  • I won too. Thanks!

  • I won! Thanks JSQUARED.

  • i won :)

  • Winner

  • I won too :)

  • Got one thanks

  • +1

    thanks op, pizza for tea tonight

  • +2

    Works for delivery!

  • Just won woo hoo

  • +1

    Yay won! :)

  • +1

    yay! my very first competition win via oz bargains. Love this site

  • This was too easy. Feels good to win. Thanks OP and Tapking. I hope they get some business out of this…

  • Free pizza tonight! Thanks OP!

  • seems like pizza is for dinner tonight

  • I put my D.O.B as today for good luck. It didn't work. I would be so upset if it was actually my birthday

  • How do I submit my answers? It doesn't work in chrome.

  • Winner winner Pizza dinner!

  • +1

    My first competition win ever:)

  • mmm, free pizza

  • Nice !!

    Thanks OP Great Find

  • aaaaand I'm fat

  • Coupons still available, just won

  • Lost

  • -1


  • Thanks for posting this! That's dinner sorted for one :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks! i got it :)

  • Won

  • I won. Free delivery too! yay!

  • Easy!

  • I won a Domino's Pizza and two Garlic Breads, yay…

  • Woo won! Took about five disposable email addresses but got there in the end.

  • It's down again :(

    • Maintenance

      This site is currently down due to unexpected demand. The royal council have suspended the Tap King survey promotion for the time being while we investigate a technical solution and we hope to be back online soon. The Tap King Facebook page will be updated as and when there are developments.

  • Won a pizza :)

  • Thanks OP! :)

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