Phil Hughes Passes Away :(

Sad news. He was in great form and looking to grab Clarke's spot in the first test, was 63 not out, and now he's dead.
HIs mother and sister were at the game too.

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Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia


  • Gutted and cried when I heard. Too young! But at least he was doing something that he loved.
    Thoughts are with friends and family!!!

  • So sad :( I am lost for words and have been for the last hour :(

  • Oh no!

    Really thought he'd get better. What a freak accident.

    Schumacher, Marussia's Jules Bianchi in Japan and now this? Hopefully Michael and Jules recover.

    • they keep calling it a "bouncer" ……. i dont follow cricket at all really, but i assume a bouncer is a deliberate bowl to the upper body of the batsmen instead of going for the wicket in order to intimidate them? Why is pegging a solid object at someones head considered sportsman-like? …

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        Well, yeah, it can be used to intimidate. A bouncer can also be used to gain a catch from a miscued shot. It can be used to vary the deliveries, so the batsman doesn't get used to the same length ball. It's a legitimate tactical delivery for a fast bowler. Normally, the helmet is enough protection from a bouncer. This was an extremely unusual set of circumstances that resulted in tragedy. It's so sad.

        Man, I'm bummed out now. I had no idea the injury was this bad. Totally shocking news! Can't help but think of his poor family.

        • Have you seen the video? He looked pretty bad, and the way his arm kept falling lifelessly to his side when they put him on the medicab. At that point he practically did die, they managed to keep him going on life support but no dice :(

        • "Normally, the helmet is enough protection from a bouncer"….. can easily see it happening again, since its natural instinct to turn your head away to avoid something hitting you in the face.

      • Well it's a deliberate ball yes, but the freak or freak accident part is the unluckiness of where he got hit and the helmet doesn't protect that neck part.

        It's part of the sport and always will be.

  • Very sad news. He was a champion cricketer. My thoughts and prayers are with his family

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    Sad news RIP Phil Hughes thoughts with family & friends ,Sean Abbott too none of this is on him

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    Heard this when we were at training tonight, everyones' head dropped, it was terrible news.

    The guys started to bring the fact that he was an Aussie into it, but I had to tell them that it wasn't about that, this went far deeper than country boundaries. Even as a kiwi, seeing this happen to anyone is tragic, it's hits home that the sport really is dangerous, regardless of what anyone says.

    I must admit, I always felt a bit disappointed when there was an Aussie team announcement without him in it, I loved watching him bat, and will miss that alot.

    Rest in piece Phil, you were a delight to watch.

  • Very sad for everyone:( RIP Phillip Hughes

  • Such sad and tragic news.Far too young.Rest in Peace.

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    I read this on the cricket Australia tribute page, its very touching.

    "Australia has lost a favourite son,
    Who made his fun, making tons.
    Always playing with a cheeky grin.
    And a heart of gold for an Aussie win.
    Just as he was finding form
    He leaves us with his pads still warm,
    His life unfinished and runs to make,
    Hours to bat and catches to take.
    His unique style, questioned by some,
    Proven wrong with countless runs.
    An Australian cricketer through and through,
    A Striker; a Red and a Blue.
    Number 408, in our minds and hearts,
    The cricket world torn apart.
    Hughesy you'll be missed no doubt,
    Forever 63* not out."

    • yeah. just "cute"… until the last line, then I choked. They should make a movie of his life "Forever 63"

  • Truly a sad day.

    Forever 63*

  • Personally I don't like Cricket, I think its a stupid, boring game.
    However I did feel sad for the death of this young man, such a tragic accident.

  • 405 people/day die in Australia and we never hear about them.

    • Media & TV has and always been an entertainment machine. Dont get too hung up about it. Simply turn it off.

  • I'm not getting hung up about it but a state memorial service FFS, he was a guy who hit a ball.
    And at what cost to the public is this state funeral?
    Dont get me wrong, a sad event and a life cut short and condolences to family and friends but really?.

    Thousands could have been killed in Bangladesh and no one here would have a clue because of one guy getting hit by a ball making front page.
    We even have posters here saying a movie should be made, surely Australia had better role models to worship than sports people.
    Its a sickness Australia has and we need to get our priorities right.

    In other news today,
    15 killed in Dafur
    5 soldiers and 35 civilians killed in Nigeria
    Suicide bomber kills 6 in Kabul

    • Yeah, your hung up about it. I suppose you get the shits when the top news story on channel 7 is who's made it through in "dancing with the stars" that week.

      • If its an indication of the mentality of the general public today then yes it does give me the shits as more often than not these days I feel like the smartest man in the room yet I didn't think I was particularly smart, but after observing people in public and reading comments it's apparent that I am.

        Heres a movie for you that is fast becoming fact, I don't think you should take pride in it.

        • The difference is thousands die overseas every day. You'd be feeling down forever if you mourned everyone who died. Every day is the same thing: another bombing, another idiot leader, another army taking over… it doesn't end, and it gets rather repetitive and boring. "Oh yes, I can't wait for news tonight, can watch the same story for the ten thousandth day in a row".

          Vs the first person in professional Australian cricket to die in a game. Someone people have actually heard of and watched.
          Malaysia Air getting shot down.

          Things that are out of the ordinary will be more shocking then the same old.

  • RIP phil hughes good seeing everyone at the Macksville together

  • ive noticed since this incident, cricket now fills the ad breaks, even for supporting the local team whereas before there was next to nothing. Bit sad to think the marketing team is riding on the back of the recent coverage….