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SanDisk Extreme PRO 480GB ($204US) + Free Shipping When Pay by AmEx (Amazon)


One of the fastest SSD in the market, Lowest price ever seen!

Local stock cost at least $299.


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  • comes with a 10-year warranty

    Thats pretty sweet.

    I'd say it would be through SanDisk, I wonder if its a international warrenty or not.

  • How does this compare to the 840 Evo/Pro?

  • That pesky Australian Dollar.

  • I have Intel/Samsung/SanDisk SSD's. SanDisk are the worst, plasticity, poor software and performance wise they are all very similar much like competing hard daik brands

    Wouldn't recommend them as you can tell the company isn't held to high standards

  • FYI - the warranty is international warranty, 10 years.

    In terms of performance, Sandisk Extreme Pro is (auguably) currently the second best of all consumer SSDs (first is Samsung 850pro). Plenty of reviews there, please google a bit.

    My experience with SSD is that I have / had / use(d) Samsung 830, 840 pro, OCZ Vortex 2 (ages ago), Crucial M4, MX100 and Sandisk Extreme Pro. And also Plextor m5p. So not new to SSDs.

    • Do you have a link with the international warranty?

      • I purchased a Sandisk MicroSD card last year from Amazon, it failed on me a couple weeks back. You contact the Australia Sandisk help desk with the details and attach your proof of purchase, they give you a RMA number and you send in the item to a Botany PO Box. Within 7 days, they confirm they will issue you with a new product that gets sent from the US. Took around a week in postage.

  • Do you guys think I should pull the trigger for this or wait till black friday?

  • Given shipping is $6, will it be cheaper if I pay using Amex (for free shipping), or use my 28 degrees mastercard?

  • Also Crucial M500 240GB is available again for $89.99 (need to add something for $10.01 for Amex free shipping and it looks very attractive if you are not looking for the latest) - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BQ8RM1A/ref=oh_aui_detai...

  • $USD247 now?

  • Is tracking working for anyone?

    • Tracking not working. But it arrive today. Ran a benchmark against my original extreme 240g, it has double the speed when dealing with small size data. For large file it is about the same.